I believe our mental capabilities play a great role in what we become in our lifespan. As I like to say, “It’s all in your mind”. Just imagine the vast mental capabilities we exhibit. Most often, it is also said you can become what you want. I will like to bring this idea as close to reality as possible for your understanding.

The mind is a complex system of consciousness from which feelings, thoughts, ideas, and perceptions are aroused and also serve as a storage facility for both knowledge and memories or experiences. The world revolves around our minds.

Let’ dive into this…

A classic example is when the moon was perceived to be revolving around the earth. At that age, humans held this to be a fact and their thinking was often based on this truth of theirs. Their actions, feelings, and ideas concerning the earth had this idea at the core of their minds. I’m pretty sure they taught their kids as well to believe so. However, when Copernicus brought his theses which were against this idea, most people were at first adamant to his claims until he started to make sense. Their reactions came as a result of the fact that they believe and held what they knew at heart to be true and any idea otherwise false. So is the power we give to ideas we hold at heart. We give them the “god-mode” privileges and perceive them to be above reproach.

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The mind is as tricky as the trickster.

This is why the trickster employs your perceptions to make sure you are deceived. The trickster plays on the beliefs He knows you hold at heart to his gains. Then he gains the applause.
Sometimes I wonder how certain things are even possible. But there it is a reality. Anything fishy? We are limited by our thoughts. This explains why things which we think are impossible actually are real. Going into the mind of Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors the world has seen. What do you think kept him going even though he had tried over 1000 times and failed to get his light bulb working? Personally, I believe it was his mind and his perception. He believed because his mind was convinced about the possibility of a light bulb becoming a reality. So no matter how many times he failed, he lost no enthusiasm and belief in his invention. The question is how long can you hold on to your beliefs, dreams, and aspirations even when the toughest of winds blow?


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Life’s journey is full of trials and temptations as well as mindset and lessons. There are failures in life and there are successes. These definitions have their own dictionary definitions. But in our individual lives, they’re very subjective and depend heavily on our mindset and the perception we have about situations. I listen to a lot of successful people and most of them believe they are what they are because of the failures they went through.

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The question is how many people actually want to be failures in life? I don’t want to be one and I guess neither do you. The reason why failures are eschewed and no one wants to fail falls on what we think and perceive failure to be. Most people perceive failure to be inability and worthlessness. Failure to succeed at something doesn’t mean you are not capable and this depends on mentality.

I haven’t failed; I just found a thousand ways that don’t work! – Thomas Edison

Failure means you are on a journey to someplace. And like travel, you may run out of fuel, be attacked by raiders or be lost at some point. The secret to success lies in this particular moment when the pressure on you to give up mounts to the highest you can imagine giving up. The secret lies in staying strong and not giving up, don’t throw in the towel. The secret lies in maintaining your resolve to be what you want to be. The secret lies in moving from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm for your dreams, without going back on your resolve to succeed. The secret lies in your mind, your perception.

You can be what you want to be!

Dreams are like thoughts and like thoughts, everyone has dreams. Most dreams are shaped by experiences of the dream holder and what he perceives to be possible. Down the lane of memory, many people have had dreams which became a reality after their demise. This happens especially to scientists who had strong believes that certain discoveries of theirs could be brought to life. Most often, realizing this dream of ours or not depends on our mentality, perception, and mindset about what is possible and what is not. After all, nobody chases a dream they don’t believe or even think is possible. The rest depends on discipline. This is why at the start of most dreams, the majority of people who hear your dream have doubt and disbelieve in your dreams. Because they don’t think it’s possible. Self-believe and believe in the workability of your dream has the power to take you through such affronts to your dream. The mind expresses ideas through thoughts in the form of self-talk.

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Silence the negative talk within you!

Most often, self-talk is full of negativities. Thoughts that your dream is not possible, thoughts that no one will help you and thoughts that “You are not capable of achieving your dreams” are the mentality we have. This is based on our subconscious reasoning, and thoughts. These all can be beaten and overshadowed by how we perceive things. Therefore, how you interpret such thoughts will play a critical role in your dream.

You have greatness within!

The mind works for who controls it. What we experience and believe has a lot of influence on what our minds tell us. This is why Les Brown advised that we stay away from negative people because it is contagious and can affect the quality of our lives. Staying openly minded to ideas working to see them come true will be determined by such factors.

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My name is Enoch Weguri Kabange, I am the CEO & Founder of WordInspired Media. I am a dream chaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by motivating them to their greatness that resides within them.

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