“You were born alone and shall die alone.” Rather dark for my taste but it tends to be worn in the mouths of more than not. For others it is a motto they live by, a slogan they placed as a compass to their hearts.

Society places a lot of expectations on human beings from the moment you were born to the moment you die and even in death your memory faces critique. You have to leave a legacy! What you are “supposed” to do while growing up, how you are “supposed” to look, and what you “shouldn’t” do. A bunch of these voices feed into the society and in the eyes of the society you are not right. We have tradition & customs, current trends (the most rampant), religion, the elite, education systems among many others pulling you in different directions as to how you should think, act basically how you should live.

The inner man is neglected, it arrived in world ready to flourish, bring to the table its uniqueness, and fight with fervor to birth an inimitable being. You are you! And there is no other that can ever be you.

It is easier to conform to societal expectations because you came into a world where that is the only known right. It is stress-free to do what will bring least friction. It is more tranquil to just fall in line. Your spirit, your heart, and your soul slowly fade in the background as you slowly become a perfected carbon copy of whom or what should be at that time.

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In times like this you need not cower down to conformity but instead reform the society of the many errs gone silently unnoticed as the norm. Bring to life your spirit and with a strong-willed heart combat what takes away the exceptionalism from you. It is indeed the time to heal the society the time to reform.

What fire burns within you? What brings disdain to your spirit every time you encounter it but is considered the norm? What can you do to be the change the society silently cries to have? How can you heal? These are the questions, when answered can lead us out of conformity to reformists.

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