Why Are People Afraid of Success?

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Why Are People Afraid Of Success?

Many people acknowledge they have a fear of failure. However, there are equally a lot of people who have a fear of success. Your fear of success may deter you from pursuing your dreams. It is wise to identify if your fear of success is holding you back so that you can work towards addressing it. 

In this article, I will be looking at four reasons for this fear. Also, I will make mention of five remedies to this problem.

Let’s dive in.

Top Reasons Why Most People are Afraid of Success

1. Spotlight

afraid of spotlight Spotlight

Being successful in any area of life raises interest in a person’s life. Other people aspire to have the same level of success and become interested in everything the successful person does. 

Some other people become fans of the person. These fans may want to know every detail of the person’s life. This is where the news media and bloggers provide coverage even sometimes invading the privacy of the individual. Some individuals are generally secretive and private. They prefer to be low-profile. 

If being successful will jeopardize their freedom, then they wouldn’t venture into anything that will put them in the spotlight.

2. Bad Past Experience

past bad experiences

Once a person is successful, the tendency is that the person may want to repeat the trick. However, if the experience was not something particularly pleasant and rather depressing, the person won’t want much to do with success. 

A case in point is when a successful person in a field does not get the approval of their family or friends from their new found fame. Their family or friend may resort to name calling or completely shun the company of the successful person. 

The consequence of this may be dire based on the extent of the criticism and the value of the loved one to the successful person. The successful may become depressed as a result. 

3. Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

To be successful in an area of life requires consistency and mastery of that area. Some people are of the notion that they are not as good as other people may think they are. They doubt their competence and skills. 

This is imposter syndrome. This leads to fear that they would not be able to maintain success if they achieve it. They feel that one day they will be exposed as a fraud. This may lead people to be afraid of success because they are afraid they will be exposed.

4. Changes

Changes - why people hate success

One of the reasons some people are afraid of success is their fear of change. People believe that being successful will lead to certain expectations about their behavior and opinions. 

Because they have a fan base, they might have to please them by condoning or supporting certain causes they may not believe in. Essentially, they become people pleasers just to stay relevant. 

Some people don’t want this. Also, successful people may have to spend more time away from their loved ones because of other obligations. Again, because some people value family over anything else, they do not want such a situation. 

How to Remedy the Reasons Why You are Afraid of Success

1. Know Yourself

know yourself know thyself man

Being successful has upsides and downsides. An important question to keep in mind is whether you can handle the good side and the bad side. Assessing the situation helps individuals prepare for the undue and unexpected pressures of being in the spotlight. 

If individuals cannot deal with this pressure, then what are they to do? Does this mean that they must give up on their dreams?  In some situations, maybe. This has to do with situations where your ideas are bad. By no means. There are other things that can be done. This leads to the next point.

2. Believe Yourself

believe in yourself faith

Whatever you do in this life, there will be people who will be against it. So successful or not, people are going to criticize you nonetheless. That should not deter you from pursuing your goals and dreams. 

If other successful people listened to naysayers and did not pursue their goals, then we would not have many of the beautiful things and inventions right now. Most of these people achieved their goals by believing in themselves against the odds.

Believe in yourself in the face of criticisms, changes and obstacles.

3. Seek Professional Help

seek help when you need help to succeed

One option to deal with your fear of success is to seek professional help. This remedy should be sought by those dealing with trauma from past experiences. This is because it might be difficult to identify the root cause of your past success trauma. The individual may even not accept that they have this problem in the first place. 

It is imperative that the individual finds a trauma expert to help them deal with this. Individuals can easily find trauma experts by searching for the nearest experts in their search engines along with their location.

4. Stick to Your Values

stick to your values to succeed in life - achieve all you dreamt of

As I already stated earlier, change is one of the main reasons people fear success. This is a quite normal phenomenon. 

Many people change their lifestyles and beliefs once they attain success. Some people change their looks. Others alter their outlooks on life. Changes may be good or bad. And overtime, people change. It depends naturally on the individual and their value system.

If you don’t want to change, then you should know your values and stick to them.

In this case, then you don’t have to worry about changing.

5. Develop a Tough Skin/Ignore the Hate

Develop a Tough Skin Ignore the Hate

In order to deal with the criticism and hate and trolling that comes with success, you have to develop a tough skin. You need not pay attention to everything you read online. This is because some of the comments that people pass online can be very heartbreaking, disgusting and depressing. It is the sad truth. 

You can also ignore the hate and keep on grinding and hustling.

An extreme alternative is to do away with social media altogether.

The negative impact of the fear of success is akin to the negative consequences of the fear of failure. It is important for people who have the fear of success to address it accordingly in order to fulfill their full potential.

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