There is no perfect life. There will always be negative things and circumstances which will try to drain our energy and sap our aura. Likewise, there will always be positive things and circumstances in our lives, which add joy and bliss to our lives. Being positive is a choice we have to take each and every day and moment of our lives since we can focus on the bad as well as the good at each point in time.

Attitude is affected by thoughts so make your thoughts positive and your attitude will almost always be good.
I’ve seen many poor people who are actually happier than people who are rich and have many goodies in their lives therefore we will be tempted there the happy ones. There is a story a friend posted on his Facebook wall from an experience he had while travelling.

He stopped to buy roasted corn from a little girl who was alone along the bushy road. She smiled as she served him and as she was about handing him the corn, she added one extra corn and said this if for “Jaara”. When asked why, she explained that she already considered him her friend which allowed her to serve him well. She focused on the positive instead of any other thought which occurred to her.

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Why be positive; How emotions of negativity and positivity work in your mind

1. Being positive makes you feel good about yourself, others and the things around you.
In general, it gives you a positive outlook on anything you focus on. This helps you develop happy and sustainable relationships as you make very good first impressions when you meet new people. Negativity on the other hand will keep all the imaginable bad things in your mind therefore increasing the presence of such events and people on your life

2. Ability to cope with hard times and provides you more energy for productive times.
Once we focus on the positive, the good, we see good in every situation even though others may see it to be a bad thing. This mental hack allows us to see the light at the end of every dark tunnel. We learn to adapt to the dark times knowing that with time, success shall be ours.

3. More courage and higher self-esteem.
Our Attitudes determine much of how our day turns out to be because it determines our reaction to what happens around us. Attitudes and thoughts affect how you feel about yourself. All thoughts and attitudes are dictated by mind from which comes positivity and negativity. This is our choice daily, to be positive or negative. Choose rightly.

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4. Good general health
Good health comes from healthy thoughts. Healthy thoughts are positive thoughts which provide us courage, hope, the feeling of love, etc. Such emotions give us a reason to live. Some way somehow, our body can read our thoughts and act according if we so much desire good things in our lives. Research shows that people who practice positive thinking generally have healthier lives and relationships than others who are loaded with negativity.
From now on, remember to ” Remember to remember” that the results you achieve are as a result of the thoughts and feelings you have deep within. It’s the reason why sometimes you are able to say “I knew it”


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