Out of fear and anxiety, death is one thing humans don’t want to talk or think about. Unfortunately, like tax and rain, we all know death is inevitable. Over time, the number of deaths we see has increased astronomically. To the extent that the pain that comes with it is gradually fading away. This situation has even worsened since the outbreak of COVID-19, which has taken the lives of many people. No matter how we try to dodge, nature will find a way to remind us that no matter how long it takes, Death will come for us.

How Death is Like Power Outages

Yesterday, ECG took our lights from 9 am to 5 pm. And as I laid on the bed waiting for the light, something crossed my mind: the similarities between Death and power outages.

I realized that regardless of the wiring, meter acquisition and payment of bills, one in his power, cannot control cuts. In the same way, no matter the exercises, routine checkups, diet regulation, etc., one on his own can never avoid death. I as well observed that just as materials and wealth are of no use on your death bed. Electrical appliances don’t matter when there’s no light.

The striking of the observations is the similarities between how both power outages and deaths occur:

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There are times ECG, inform clients that light will be taken at a given day and time. This can be compared with a person affected by an incurable disease. A Doctor has given an idea as to when he/she will die. With such a situation, you have enough time to prepare for the inevitable. Unfortunately, these ones rarely happen to consumers of light and victims of death.

In some instances, lights are taken due to fluctuations and inconsistent flow of power/current. This can as well be compared with a person who dies as a result of a long period of illness. With this, you watch and pray; hoping for the best but knowing that the worst possible and likely. Even with this, you may still have the chance to correct some wrongs before death finally comes for you.

The last form of a power cut, which is the most dangerous, is the type that comes without notice. This form of power outages can destroy a lot of electrical gadgets. If this were death, it would be referred to as sudden death. Just as you shout “Ah ECG” when this type of power cut occurs, we scream and say ” Ah Death! You are wicked ”. With this type of death, you are not given any chance to prepare or even say goodbye to loved ones. It comes with a lot of pain and can destroy the plans and future of those left behind. 

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Power outages, just as death, is a painful situation that would be avoided by all, if possible. Unfortunately, the bitter truth is no matter how long it takes, Death, the leveller and respecter of no man, will one day come for you. Just as you are writing /wrote RIP on someone’s wall, someone will someday write the same on your wall. The same way you mourned loved ones who died some time ago, your loved ones will equally mourn you when you eventually say goodbye to the world. Just as you consoled families, your family will be consoled by others when your breath is taken away from you.

Death is Inevitable

Mary Jo Putney once said that If death is inevitable, one should try to die well. From this, put in place both physical and spiritual preparations so that when the inevitable happens, there wouldn’t be regrets for your soul. Upon sober reflections, I think the discussion should not be on how and when it will happen. But how prepared we will be when it eventually comes. If we are not sure of the time and the form it will take, shouldn’t we prepared for what lies ahead of us? 

A More Important Question

In your death, Will the family be safe, protected and continue to develop even in your absence? Are there plans for the continuation of those businesses and investments in your absence? Most importantly, when death eventually calls, where are you going to spend eternity? 

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