It’s very common to find people racing against a deadline at the last minute to submit a project or assignment. It could also be a task assigned to us at by our superiors. What stands true is, we procrastinate with such big as well as other small things like eating, brushing our teeth in the morning and studying for an exam.
The evils associated with procrastination have already been written about in one of my previous articles. Society has condemned procrastination already though it has its huge benefits to humans too.
Procrastination is one extreme and so is the term pre-crastination. I first came across this word while doing my research for the advantages and disadvantages of procrastination. I was surprised I could not find it in my dictionary so I decided to look more into it and hopefully share with you, so here we go.

Procrastination as the opposite of procrastination
Pre-crastination is considered the exact opposite what procrastinating. So procrastinators do things late and oftentimes right before deadline while pre-crastinators do things too early once they are given the task. When it comes to doing several tasks, most will do the easy or small ones first. But for the pre-crastinator, they do things regardless of the difficulty level as quickly as they can simply for the satisfaction of completing tasks.
The term pre-crastinations got its first scientific proving from a research involving students in what is called the economics of effort. College students were given the task to carry a pair of buckets, one on the left side of a walkway and one on the right side of the same walkway. The rules were that they could carry any of the buckets which they saw to easy and would enable them get to the end of the walkway.
Now here is the catch. The students were expected to carry the one nearer to the end of the walkway since less effort would be required but they didn’t. They carried the one nearest to them and far away from the end of the walkway. When they were asked why they made such a decision, they said they wanted to finish the task right away though it didn’t in fact help them achieve their aim of completing early.

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After looking at both procrastination and its benefits and disadvantages as well as procrastination, I’ve realized life must be lived with moderation. Its not mostly beneficial to be at the extremes of tings which these two terms are.

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