Who are you? What is your personality? Knowing yourself is the greatest advantage for you as an individual. It holds the power to guide you, aid you make better decisions, and direct your life to what you desire.

Having a good grasp of your personality will enable you to know the world, and to see life the way it is. In addition, it exposes you to ways that can help you feel more fulfilled and happy forever.

One of my students, Eddy, respectful, hardworking, and sacrificial, the class prefect in one of my classes, arrived one day at my office, feeling troubled. “Madam, I cannot understand who I am. 

This makes it difficult to live life as a class prefect and relating well with my mates as I wanted. I can’t get it out of my head,” he said. It was saddening. It turns out Eddy is someone who struggles to know his personality and who he is at all times. 

When he left the office, I felt tense while pondering his questions. Many of us might find ourselves in the same shoes as Eddy. We wonder about our personality and how we can know who we are to keep our hearts happy and fulfilled.

In today’s article, I will share with you what I shared with Eddy about what personality is and how to discover who you are.

What Is Personality?

What Is Personality

To define who you are, you need to understand what personality is and some of the personality traits that you possess.

The word “Personality” originates from the Latin word “Persona”, which refers to a mask. A mask is worn by performers and projects diverse roles or covers their identities. It comprises the inner parts of psychological experience which make a person unique.

Our personalities make us who we are. It is a characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Personality involves moods, attitudes, and beliefs and showed in interactions with other people. 

It is your personality that determines whether people are attracted to, or wary away from you. Your happiness will result from how well you carry yourself or you interact with 

When people come around us, the first thing that moves us is how different they are from one another. People are silent, while others are very talkative. Some are selfish, whereas others think about others and are cheerful givers. Some worry a lot, others almost never anxious and fun to be with. 

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When you are talking about words like “ silent,” “talkative,” “selfish”, “sociable”, or “anxious,” to describe people around you, then you are talking about a person’s personality. Eddy, being respectful, trusting and hardworking, and a sacrificial class prefect describes his personality, who he is, and makes him different from others.

Personality Traits 

Personality Traits

Personality traits reflect basic dimensions on which people differ.  Researchers and psychologists believe that there are five core personality traits, often referred to as the “Big 5” personality traits.

Each of these traits measures a unique aspect of one’s personality.

The big five personality traits are openness, extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. 

  1. Openness: People with this trait have the tendency to show appreciation for a variety of experiences. They are curious about the world and other people and eager to learn new things and enjoy new experiences.

  1. Extraversion: an individual being positive, assertive, outgoing, sociable, energetic, and talkative and has high amounts of emotional sensation.

  1. Neuroticism:  Is a trait characterized by sadness, moodiness, and emotional instability. People with this trait easily experience unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, swings, anger, or depression.

  1. Agreeableness:  People with agreeableness traits are kind and happy to help others. They can kill themselves for others to live but are arduous by indecision when attempting to complete complex tasks.

  1. Conscientiousness: This is a measure of how individuals plan ahead, are careful, think about how their behavior affects others, and are mindful of deadlines.

For example, I will measure Eddy under the agreeableness trait because, he is very cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and respectful toward teachers, your peers, and the class environment but sometimes, manipulative and frustrated when his goals are not achieved.

You are the only one who sets your personality up. Your personality comprises the actions you take and the decisions you make. You alone have the power and ability to build and develop your personalities how you wish. You may not change your personality type totally but by hard work, taking determined and active steps you can change aspects of your personality to become a more balanced and unique person. When we develop ourselves to be the best, we contribute to our own, as well as making others of others. 

How to Discover Your Personality Traits 

How to Discover Your Personality Traits

I asked Eddy to ask himself the following questions that will help him discover his own personal traits.

  1. How would I describe myself?
  2. What brings me joy as a child?
  3. What brings me joy now?
  4. What’s my biggest accomplishment?
  5. What’s my biggest dream?
  6. What’s my biggest fear?
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How Do l Know  Who l Am?

How Do l Know Who l Am

To know who you are, first, know that God has created you uniquely, has good things planned for you, special gifts and qualities in you to fulfill life. Life is glorious when you know your true identity in life and who you must live to be fulfilled and to please. I know there is no fast track to finding yourself but an adaptable way of living that will allow you to know yourself and live your best life. 

When you know who you truly are, the need to compare yourself to others would become highly unnecessary. 

Edmond Mbiaka

Make Yourself a Priority 

I regard priority as a thing that is more important than others. Prioritize yourself by giving yourself the full attention, love, care, time, and energy that you deserve and the other will follow easily. Putting yourself helps boost your self-worth, mood and makes you feel good about who you are and what you need.

Believe In Yourself.

Even if you fail, it doesn’t mean you will continue to fail. Be able to say you believed in yourself and kept trying. Everything that is successful will begin with you believing in yourself.

Don’t Limit Yourself 

How will you know who you truly are if you limit yourself to a small share of the world? You should explore and experiment and try different things and opportunities out but don’t be discouraged Instead, practice acting on your new, positive beliefs about yourself every day, try new hobbies, read more books, travel around the world, new jobs, change your looks and dressing styles.

Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.

Mary Kay Ash

Follow Your Heart 

I advised Eddy my student to follow his heart in everything he does, he should always trust and pay attention to his inner voice and allow himself f to be led by his own intuition. This will help him decide between good and bad and guide him in making vibrant life decisions in discovering his true self.

Be Passionate and Happy About What You do.

Another way of knowing who you are is by finding what you are good at and doing it happily. You might love singing, writing, cooking, dancing, helping others or maybe a gift or talent, if you do it, do it with your might. That would help increase your drive to do more. 

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is a place where “you don’t have to do anything new. your comfort zone is a place of stagnation, which keeps you from grasping opportunities for knowing who you are and the many different things you can do for self-growth. Get involved in something unfamiliar, whether reaching out to a new job or skills, starting a passion project, or taking a small risk that could push them toward their goals.

Ask Your Friends for Feedbacks

Asking friends closest to you helps gain additional information about yourself. Ask them questions like; what do you think of me, what do you think are my strength and weakness, etc. Understanding what people think about you is a serious hint of the personal identification process? Feedback is set as a mirror for understanding yourself.

Think Positive 

When you think positive thoughts and fill your mind with positive things your life naturally becomes positive. To discover your true self, it is best you remove negative thoughts and distractions in your life. There is a saying that “Your life is your voice, and what you say about yourself reflects who you are.

Take a Test

There are lots of online tests to help you find your personality type. The detailed ones are often more helpful as it isn’t easy to determine personality with only a few questions. However, different tests use different theories. Some will only be able to tell whether you are extroverted or introverted. While others such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can tell your personality quite in detail from its 16 personality types. 

Benefits of Knowing Your Personality Type

Benefits of Knowing Your Personality Type
  1. You will be happier when you know the kind of person you are.
  2. Dealing Less inner conflict. When your outside actions are in accordance with your inside feelings and values, you will experience less inner conflict.
  3. You are able to make better choices about everything.
  4.  When you know yourself, you have the insight to know which values and goals can lead to fulfillment.
  5. You are able to resist social pressure and stand for what you believe. 
  6. Self-awareness helps you to respect and be tolerant of others. 
  7. Knowledge about yourself guides you to solve various life’s  problems

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