The mind is the most powerful tool we have as humans and the psychology of the mind helps us to understand and harness its power. We all want to become successful and achieve our wildest dream. And the mind is the number one tool we have to help us in achieving success at the level we want.

Throughout the ages, different generations have understood the mind differently and our generation is the most advanced in knowledge. 

When we focus on the new psychology of success, we actually rewire and renew our mind to think in more positive ways, eliminate negative thought and begin to see more opportunity and learn how to take actions to create our success. 

What Does Mindset Mean? 

A mindset is a frame of mind. It is a belief that directs the way we handle situations, the way we sort out what is going on and what we should do.

Our mindset helps shape our actions and our thoughts, as well as how you perceive and respond to situations, Mindsets are not just any beliefs or thoughts. It is about the beliefs that make a shape our lives, the beliefs that distinguish people who are successful at what they do and those who are doomed to struggle. These thoughts, beliefs and worldviews are key to the kind of life one lives. 

The New Psychology Of Success

The new psychology of success is about how we shape our mindset allowing it flexibility in seeing the various possibilities and ways needed to achieve success in all field of life. 

The Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck (2006) popularized the idea of mindset, the psychology of success into two categories, the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

A fixed mindset is when people believe their basic qualities, intelligence, talents and abilities are just fixed traits that cannot change. People with this mindset believe that talent alone leads to success. 

Conversely, a Growth Mindset is when people, believe that their talents and abilities can be developed over time through experience and mentorship, so they push themselves and “go for it. 

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They’re not always worried about how smart they are, how they’ll look or what a mistake will mean, they challenge themselves and grow. Our internal success mindset, our “psychology of success,” determine which behaviours we choose in order to achieve success.   

How To Develop The New Mindset Of Success

How can one develop his/her mindset of success, “new psychology of success is needed to achieve success, to perform excellently at work, improve oneself, and experience rich and healthily relationship in life?  In this post, I would like to for a few points about how to develop a new mindset of success. Let’s begin!

1. Build a Growth Mindset 

The most important thing you can do to develop a new mindset of success is to embrace a growth mindset.  With a growth mindset, you believe that your talents and abilities can be developed over time through experience and learning, so you push hard.  You don’t worry about how smart or what a mistake is done, you challenge yourself and grow.”

2. Having A Positive Attitude Along With Perseverance

A positive attitude means positive thinking, it a mindset that uses the words, I can, and it is possible. Having the attitude that focuses on the bright side of life, having these positive thoughts can improve your perseverance. With improved perseverance, you will have an extra push from within to achieve success.

3. React Differently To Failure

Instead of being devastated by failure, you enjoy being challenged by difficult situations. You travel through difficulties by adopting the mentality of a learner.  When you fail, you look for what went wrong and discover ways to improve. “How you think when you  lose determines how long it  will be until you win” Gilbert Keith Chesterton

4. Believe In Continual Improvement And Hard Work

The culture of continuous improvement and hard work depends basically on commitment, self-motivation, continuously learning, growing and thriving for success. Usain Bolt the world‘s record holder in the 100-200 and 4×100 meters relay, the fastest man, run so effortless and always wins his race, once said in an interview ‘it isn’t about how talented I am that makes me a winner, if you train hard and work continuously you will be mentally prepared, physically fit and the best of shape, to always be a winner.

5. Having A Proactive Mindset

The new psychology of success is about having a proactive mindset. Proactive mindset is associated with taking control of a situation and prepare for situations ahead of time.  Proactive people don’t waste their energy or time. They focus on what they can manage and think through situations and focus on the future.

6. Realizing The Positive Possibilities

This is about taking a look at yourself and figuring out the steps you can take to adapt your mind toward a more successful way of thinking. It is the belief that positive changes can happen when we take the steps to make it happen.

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7. Think Big

To be successful a person must make time to think big by considering your ultimate goals and examine your progress and make it happen. Winners make things happen; they don’t just watch and let things happen.

8. Stay Around Positive People

Surround yourself with successful and influential people.  Unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself and start spending time with people who are ambitious, supportive and creative.

9. Stop Complaining

Rather than complaining about those problems, focus your attention and energy on the solution that can resolve your problem.

 10. Take Responsibility Of Your Own Success

 Rather than depending and focusing on what others can do for you, look inward at yourself. It is impossible to have a success mindset without self-awareness. Make sure you are pointing fingers at yourself in all situations and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

 11. Read More Books On Success

Approach reading as a fun and transformational activity that will impact your life. Be intentional about the books you read by picking out those that will lead you to success, by being intentional about your reading list you stay focus on your ultimate goals and organized Make a list of books you want to read each month or even a year and be proactive when you read. Don’t rush through, but take out time to understand and engage in the reading process.

12. Surround Yourself With Positive Reinforcement 

Make sure that the things you see and touch often bring you positivity and encouragement, Keep inspirational notes, post them on your computer, phone, walls and doors where you can see all the time Speak your success as a present fact and don’t stop taking it and listen to motivational speech most of the time and gradually you become and harvest that which you have to fill your mind.

How A New Mindset  Can Make You Successful

The New Mindset That Allows You To Dream Big And Achieved Your Goals

With a new mindset, you dream big and push the boundaries of your ideas, actively seek learning opportunity which results in more career success and improving your ideas to new levels. When our new mindsets become habitual, they define who we are, and who we can become.

1. Shape The Behaviors We Use To Achieve Success

The psychology of success shows which behaviours you choose in order to achieve success. The behaviours and reactions of people with the new mindset believe that attitude and effort determine success.

It’s easy to deduce how someone thinks about success by how they behave and the results of their behaviours.

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2. New mindset serves a number of cognitive functions

They direct our attention to the essential cues of life so that we can handle situations, they suggest sensible goals so that we know what we should be trying to achieve. They prime us with most reasonable courses of action so that we don’t have to puzzle out what to do.

3. Develop Health Self Esteem

Having the new mindset is very important in developing healthy self-esteem which reinforces our most intimate attitudes, beliefs and feelings about ourselves. When self-esteem is healthy, you feel good, and have a balanced and accurate view about yourself and see yourself as deserving the respect of others making your success in everything you do. 

4. Your Mindset Plays An Important Role In How You Cope With Life Challenges

When facing a problem and challenges in life, the new mindset contributes to higher achievement and increased effort, result in hunger for learning and the desire to work hard, grow and make a change. It helps us to replace the negative thought with a new one that serves to success.

5. Having a new mindset improves your learning skills for success 

Reading is a powerful tool for success. It a tool  that helps a successful individual to learn and push hard, and faster, it also exercises the mind,  Every time you read, you get to access to the fresh prospect you hear other voice and you make your world bigger


Mindset is crucial to succeeding in anything.  I believe our mindset and belief system affects everything in our life, what we think and feel, what we do and how we react to the environment around us. It is the belief that through hard work and effort one can grow and learn, even in the face of failure.  With a growth mindset, you have the belief that talents and abilities can be developed over time through experience and mentorship, so you push yourself and “go for it.” you’ll see that in reality a genius is made, not born

Let’s develop our mindset with this new psychology of success mentioned above and climb up the ladder of success. 

Take Away

  1. Become more aware of your mindset, it is the mindset you use to view your ability and success. 
  2. Develop the growth mindset that views failure as an experience to learn from.
  3. Surround yourself with successful people who can teach you new thing and who can encourage you to grow.
  4. Developing a successful mindset can take time. Start by training your mind to focus on new skills and putting yourself in new situations leading to success.
  5.  Have the proactive mindset which makes people focus on what they can manage and do at a time. They don’t waste their energy or time. 

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