While at the SHS, I wondered what Career Choices for General Art Students were available for me.

Often, I was confused. “Did I choose the right course?” I would always ask myself. I thought, “well, let me just read. I’ll get something to do when I complete”. Six years after school, I’m in one of Ghana’s Girls’ Schools as an English teacher. I realized there are so many career options for general art students.


Once you decide what you want to be, all you need is to be passionate about it. Get the skills required, and do your thing. I’ll take you through some of the career choices available for General art students in this article.

The general art course equips the student with varieties of skills to venture into any field they want. 

Depending on the subject combination available in your school, you’re either a social science or languages student.

Interestingly, either of these courses opens an excellent career choice for the general art student. They set you up for a broader range of careers which you could choose from.

A Walkthrough My Personal Journey to a Teacher

ghanaian african students learning-min

I was in the languages class with four electives, namely, French, Government, Economics, and literature, combined with the other four core subjects. 

The social science students had to choose 4 from the following subjects; (Geography, Economics, Government or History, CRS or Elective Math).  As already explained, you could only combine the subjects available in your school for a particular course.

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I continued to the university to read a Bachelor of Arts in English Education. I applied to GES with my certificate when SHSs opened their portal for applications. That’s how I became an English teacher.

Should I decide to do my master’s, I can pursue an aspect of the English language. Then I could eventually become a lecturer in any university-provided I have the requisite skills. I could also divert if I want to be more than a teacher. Career paths are available. You only have to choose from them.

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I’ll take you through 7 career options available for the general art student in the following chapters. You could decide what you want to be out of your course combinations. Get a higher degree or learn what you need to know and be it.

Along the way, you can start your own business while maintaining your career if that’s what you want. It only gets fascinating and exciting all the way.   

7 Career Choices Available for the General Art Student

What are the Career Choices for General Art Students in ghana to study pursue career after wassce-min

1. A subject teacher at the Senior High School Level

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With your general art background, you could decide to teach any of your core or elective subjects at the SHS level. 

If you love to teach and talk like me, you can specialize in reading about it coupled with other educational courses at the university. 

By this, you’re on your way to becoming a great teacher. It feels good to be one. Once it’s what you want to do, you should do it.

2. Journalist

african journalist - career options for arts students in ghana wassce shs school-min

Most language students prefer journalism to teach. Well, that’s great. Reading English and literature equips you with some communication skills. 

After high school, you could go for an internship with a good radio station to learn more about it. 

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You could also start your own blog, read and write. Use your creative skills to build a brand for yourself. Also, get a higher education. 

A degree or certificate in communication and journalism wouldn’t be bad at all. Keep learning and be everything you want to be. You’ve got this. 

3. Psychologist

psychologist - What are the Career Choices for General Art Students in Ghana-min

According to careerexplorer.com, a psychologist studies mental processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people relate to one another and their environment. With the right combination of general art subjects, one could get a higher knowledge and become one. 

For instance, subjects like economics, government, or history and geography help increase one’s general knowledge base and develop critical thinking skills for academic and professional studies. Just be sure this is what you want and pursue it.

4. Administrative or Executive Assistant

secretary executive assistant - What are the Career Choices for General Art Students in Ghana-min

Careerexplorer.com defines an administrative assistant as someone who carries out everyday clerical and organizational tasks. They are also known as an office clerk, receptionist, or secretary.

 Most people think that business students are supposed to do this job. But the general art student does it better. 

With excellent oral and written communication skills and excellent organizational skills, one could be a fantastic secretary. A degree in administration will only suffice your skills for the job. 

5. Air Hostess

cabin crew, air hostess, travel assistant, aeroplane help - africans air hostess. Career prospects for general arts students in ghana wassce shs-min

Provided the general art student is passionate about this option, they could become one. You will have to tend to passengers on a flight, bring passengers’ requested items, serve them food and ensure they are comfortable throughout the flight. 

Also, one has to perform other duties related to the field. For requirements, at least a tertiary degree is required for an air hostess. Usually, preference is given to graduates of hospitality, tourism, or management-related courses.  

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One would also have to enroll in an aviation school to take some basic training courses. Aside from being fluent in English, it’s important that one learns a foreign language such as French or Spanish.

6. Town Planner

town planner, planner, land economist, rural urban planner - What are the Career Choices for General Art Students in Ghana-min

If you’re passionate about preserving the natural environment and ensuring that development is sustainable, you could be a town planner. 

With your background in geography, reading a top-up course related to this career won’t be a bad idea. As a town planner, you may work on the management of towns, cities, villages as well as rural areas. 

Again, you’d have to put your analytical skills and knowledge of the environment into use to improve the existing structures around. You need to also find answers to environmental problems as well as ensuring new changes are in line with various rules and regulations.

7. Human Resource Manager

human resource manager, hr, hrm, people, jobs, manager - What are the Career Choices for General Art Students in Ghana shs wassce-min

Do you have an interest in planning, directing, and coordinating the administrative functions of an organization? 

If you answered yes to the above question, being in the general art class is the best decision you made. After high school, it is necessary that you get a degree in Human Resource or other related courses. 

Hold on, you could read our article on Starting a Career in Human Resource to be more informed about it. You need to get the relevant exposure and skills to stand out in this career.


There are many career options available for a general art student. You only need to be passionate about your choice. Research into it. Get the right education for it. Meet the requirements. And be skilled enough so you could stand out in your chosen field. All the best guys. 

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