Weight loss is a very relevant aspect of healthy living. An individual who wishes to be strong and healthy should be aware that staying within the right Body Mass Index will help facilitate that goal. The focus of this article is to illuminate you with some practical ways to lose weight in a short period of 60 days. Let us delve right in.

4 Practical Ways To Lose Weight 

1. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises are usually viewed as strenuous tasks, and this general view discourages individuals who have the goal of losing weight. 

There are two broad categories of aerobic exercises; a low-intensity exercise that is less strenuous and suitable for beginners, such as brisk walking, swimming, pedalling on a bike, among others. 

The other category of aerobic exercises is high-intensity exercises. Examples include running, jogging, and mountain climbing. These exercises are very effective in burning fat, and they can easily be squeezed into an individual’s schedule. 

You can opt to take the stairs instead of an elevator or dance to your favourite song instead of singing along only.

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2. Nutrient-Rich Diet

The food you consume affects the state of your health tremendously. A balanced diet should be your daily meal target. Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage and nkontomire (spinach) and fruits should be a great part of your diet. You should also drink at least eight glasses of water daily. 

It is also relevant to note that contrary to popular belief, skipping breakfast can cause more harm. This is because when you skip breakfast, you are more likely to try to make up for the meal you skipped later in the day. 

Eating late at night is another bad habit you should avoid. Not eating after 7 pm is an excellent resolution to make. I am sure your body will thank you for it. 

3. Sleep Well And Reduce Stress

In today’s world, it sounds impractical to tell someone to avoid stress altogether. The days, weeks and months are saturated with many activities and deadlines that need to be met. Stress has become the default mode of many individuals, especially the working class. 

Research has indicated that heightened stress levels may cause people to be involved in lifestyles that add weight. Stress may not be eliminated, but it can be reduced drastically when an individual adjusts to certain daily routines such as sleeping well, listening to good music, planning the day and avoiding procrastination, amongst others. It is also important to note that doctors have observed a direct correlation between stress and high blood pressure. 

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4. Weightlifting And Strength Training

For overweight people who are just beginning on the journey to lose weight, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a certified fitness trainer before enrolling in any weightlifting programme. Strength training has proven to be a very effective method in losing weight, staying fit and sculpting a toned body.

This method requires a lot of discipline, and it is recommended at least three times a week. You can walk in a gym near you and sign up for a fitness programme that works for you.

To Draw The Curtain

It is relevant to state that before one begins an exercise routine, one should consult a doctor, especially in cases where underlining medical conditions may be present. The body you live in is the only house you have on earth. Take good care of it, and feel good in it. 

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