Food, air, water; these things apart, we can’t arguably do without music. Music is for every occasion and every emotion. Music is for the ordinary moments of life where we sit in a chair or lie in bed or stare at the rising sun at sunrise or gaze at the moon at night. Music is also for those moments where space becomes intangible by virtue of the fact that our emotions makes the spaces we live in, different and special. There are the joyful times, the happy times, the sad times, the angry times, the distressing times, the anxious times. It will always be about music. So, this is a compilation of some of the motivational tracks which can be good for you in whichever situation and emotion and find yourself. While some speak to your heart, some speak to your mind and yet some lure you out of your shell into the open. Feel free to add your own list in the comment section! Will be glad to hear from you.  

  1. What a wonderful World- Louis Armstrong

This is an all time classic. The renowned trumpeter speaks to us through his distinct, deep voice about the frailty of life. What a wonderful world tells us about how ordinary things are special and how all things are beautiful only if we find within ourselves, the effort to wait, stop moving, go deep within, reflect, seek and find the beauty within life. Life is as beautiful and ordinary as trees of green and red roses. We will also grow and see things happen and happen again. Things may be different but the essentials of life will remain the same. Children will be born, and children will grow and learn much more than we will ever know. That is why we must know that the beauty of life is something that must be cherished anew every single moment.

  1. Lean on Me -Bill Whithers
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No matter how strong we are, we will always face the trials, and anxious moments of self-doubt. Sometimes it may not be the mere need for strength to overcome trials and anxious moments, but rather plenty of strength to overcome pain. Bill Whither’s all-time favourite is a song which tells us about a brother’s or sister’s willingness to help another carrying a load he may not be able to bear. It tells us of that shoulder we have always been looking for to lean on, that warm embrace, the warmth of a palm or a kind word or two. If you ever feel alone, this song can lift your spirit by opening up your eyes to realise that there still humanity in people; and no matter how bad it gets, you will and can find someone to lean on. Only ask, only seek.

  1. Don’t Worry be Happy- Bobby Mcferrin

This song has a very jolly tune. Bobby Mcferrin, unlike the more reflective song of Louis Armstrong, takes it a step further by telling us not to worry about life at all. Whether we cannot pay our rent, or we have no money or we have no place to lay our heads. We should not worry, we should be happy! That does not mean we should not work at our problems, but then this song helps us to see that worrying over our problems in life will only make us sad by dampening our spirits. In whatever situation we find ourselves, we should be not worry, we should be happy!

  1. What are Friends For -Dionne Warwick
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With Steve Wonder, Elton John and Gladys Knight, this song could not have been better. This song also tells us about the need for friendship. We will always need friends. We cannot do without them. this song tells us to keep smiling, keep shining, keep working because we will have a friend to always lean on. What is more? That is what friends are for! We can provide support to one another physically or emotionally.

  1. Glorious – David Archuleta

This song, soft and heavy on the heart tells us that no matter how or what life becomes; that is when we feel hopeless and do not seem to find our way home, we have potential, we have power and we have strength. We are glorious!

  1. Dream Big- Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand

We dream in square boxes and little circles many of the times. This song tells us to dream beyond and above boxes and squares and be truly free! We should be as boundless as the ocean, we should be as free as the seas. And when we dream, it just might come true!

We hope these songs motivates you. If you have heard them before, that is fine. If you have not, try doing so. It is going to be a worthwhile exercise. This list is not meant to be exhaustive or competitive in terms of arrangement. There are a thousand and one motivational songs. These are some of those that stand out for their unique message. Meanwhile, which motivational songs do you enjoy? Share with us in the comment box.

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Compiled and written by Prosper Batariwah

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    • Enoch Weguri Kabange Reply

      Interesting. I was actually thinking of we writing on local motivational songs. Kindly suggest those you know and I’ll check them out.

  1. Alagskomah Lord Reply

    I’m going the reggae way .
    Bob Marley – Don’t worry about a thing .
    This song says don’t worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be alright.

  2. Noel Domah Reply

    I was about studying and decided to pass by and trust me this has given me some boost up for the journey😂
    You guys are doing great
    Thumbs up👍

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