Time is one of our greatest asset. Everything we plan to do is time bound and cannot be achieved without the proper use of our time. Have you ever thought about the fact that we all have 24 hours? Therefore, why is that within these 24 hours per day that we all have, some people are able to distinguish themselves? Most of it boils down to how we use our time. While we all aim to use our time effectively, time wasters steal away our productive time.
Everything we do is time bound. If we aren’t being productive and happy enough, we must consider what we do with our time. Part of solving the problem of bad time management is to identify our own time wasters.

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Social media and online activity
With increasing use of social media in this information age, it is very common for us to check our social media several times within and hour. It’s not much of our fault since we feel better anytime we have a notification and we have to check it out. Anytime we yield to notifications, we have a release of dopamine, a chemical which makes us feel good. However good this feeling makes us, it is time stealing and serious time waster most of the time. Our overall online activity such as reading articles, watching YouTube videos, social media, etc. must be greatly limited and watched carefully. This is because we easily fall into an unending loop of checking this and that online. Most of these things aren’t very important and don’t add much to our productivity efforts.

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Multitasking/Juggling stuff
Multitasking can be very productive and yet can be very time consuming. When we multitask, we don’t concentrate fully on a single thing. We are constantly trying to do a number of things at the same time. This steals our concentration which could astronomically increase the amount of time we use to complete each task. It is sometimes to concentrate on single tasks especially when such tasks require much attention for maximum productivity.

I believe this isn’t new to you. Constantly delaying your tasks from execution is very time wasting. It also greatly kills overall productivity. This is because when we procrastinate, we aren’t actually doing anything worthwhile. We are simply delaying and instead we may be doing stuff like playing games, replying to messages and emails, trying to write a long to-do list or simply worrying. It’s funny how much procrastination we can do especially when we are worrying about how to start instead of actually starting.
This could be motivated by the desire to create perfect things. This greatly steals time and reduces our productivity.

So many often unnecessary extra-curricular stuff, saying “yes”
It is very easy to get sucked into doing a lot of unnecessary things. Almost everybody is trying to get us to join something either to make money or to help some NGO. These are important things and we should try to take part in them. However, we end up joining many of them that we don’t even have time for ourselves and our dreams. Eric Thomas said

“Procrastinating a day on your dreams could move them several years into the future simply because of a day procrastination”

No planning and not prioritizing yourself “Me first”
It is said that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This squarely applies to our day. When we fail to plan our day we end up wasting it on less productive stuff. It’s been proven that striking out each to-do out of our to-do list releases dopamine, which makes us feel good. This feeling makes us want to cross off more tasks on our list for the day. However, we may have a to-do list and yet under deliver on it.

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Most of the reason we do that is that we don’t prioritize our personal tasks. We often find ourselves saying too many “Yes” that we have to give all our time to help others instead of balancing the two. It is one thing to have a plan and it is anther to implement it excellently. Your goal should be to maximize the days’ time no matter the obstacles and time wasters.

The world is a busy place. It is therefore easy to get sucked into the world of social media and the internet, procrastinating and in general subjecting ourselves to such great time wasters. One of the quotes to get you acting is one from Eric Thomas who said “If you want it as bad as you want to breadth, then you would be successful”

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