Mensa Otabil is perhaps the most influential motivational speaker in Ghana. Over the last decade, his wisdom has inspired several people to greater heights. He is the founder and general overseer of the International Central Gospel church (ICGC). He is also a profound philanthropist, entrepreneur and theologian.

Here are his top 15 quotes which will inspire and motivate you

1. The key to our development does not lie at the bottom of the ocean; it lies at the corner of our heads. – Mensa Otabil


2. Generational leaders respond to a calling and have a deep sense of purpose. They start new paths, break old patterns, set new standards and become a pattern of successors. – Mensa Otabil


3. It is your choices and not your circumstances that determine your destiny. Your choices are far more powerful than your circumstances – Mensa Otabil

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4. You are designed for excellence. Do not settle for a lifestyle of mediocrity. – Mensa Otabil


5. The lord sustains and provides us with our needs in due season. He satisfies our mouths with good things. – Mensa Otabil


6. You cannot be lukewarm about a venture and expect to successful, – Mensa Otabil

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7. Use your words to resist the pressure of life’s winds. Change your circumstance by making positive confessions. – Mensa Otabil


8. To accomplish anything significant, passion is required. – Mensa Otabil


9. The race doesn’t go to the swiftest, but to those who don’t give up. – Mensa Otabil

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10. When people tolerate your mediocre performances, they indirectly limit you to your comfort zone. – Mensa Otabil


11. Anything that promises a quick-fix solution without any serious effort does not offer lasting promise. Don’t go for it – Mensa Otabil


12. You cannot solve your problem with the same mental state that created it. – Mensa Otabil


13. Our lives speak louder than all the bible verses we can quote. – Mensa Otabil


14. You are capable of proving your doubters wrong! – Mensa Otabil




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