Jeremiah Buabeng is one of the leading motivational speakers in Ghana. He is a multi-skilled professional who operates as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, preacher, author, corporate trainer, consultant and publisher. His core competencies lie in marketing, communications, concept and content development, motivation and human capital development. In 2015, he was voted by his peers as Ghana’s No.1 Young Speaker under the auspices of Speakers Bureau Ghana. He has also been voted twice in the 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaian rankings.
Source; Jeremiah Buabeng’s Blog

Here are my top picks from Jeremiah

1. In life, what you are looking for is not looking for you. You have go out there and look for it. – Jeremiah Buabeng


3. Keep your eyes on what you have and keep building. – Jeremiah Buabeng

4. It is my humble opinion that those who have tried to accomplish something significant in life and have come against the vicissitudes of life do not talk recklessly. – Jeremiah Buabeng

5. If you want to be king in this world, you must look the part. Dress well. – Jeremiah Buabeng

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6. If you just want to be popular and have everyone feel good about you, you can’t lead. – Jeremiah Buabeng

7. Knowledge does not operate on autopilot. It demands the discipline of the possessor in order to make an impact. – Jeremiah Buabeng

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8. Anything that you stop using deteriorates. When you stop working on something, it deteriorates into chaos and disorder. It’s the law of entropy. – Jeremiah Buabeng

9. A world-class professional who lags in his practice will soon become a run-of-the-mill performer. – Jeremiah Buabeng

10. If we focus more on what we have than what we don’t have, there is so much that we can accomplish. – Jeremiah Buabeng

11. Some of the people or forces we fear are not as strong as we think they are. They can be defeated. They also have weaknesses. They don’t have it all together. – Jeremiah Buabeng

12. If you choose a career based on your unique talent and interests and continue to stretch your capacity and improve your game, you will shine. It doesn’t matter how many others are in it, if you excel, you will succeed. Go forward and shine! – Jeremiah Buabeng

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13. People who can ably speak in public are more likely to be selected for leadership opportunities than those who cannot. The world has the unfortunate weakness of interpreting eloquence as competence. Take advantage of it. – Jeremiah Buabeng

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14. The mark of the superior mind is the capacity to have a healthy space for faith and spirituality as well as logic and wisdom; to drink from the wells of a thousand books and understand reason, strategy, systems and structures in addition to a grasp of faith, grace, mercy, the supernatural and the divine. – Jeremiah Buabeng

15. The universe does not operate on the “tyranny of the OR”. It operates on the “genius of the AND”. It’s not one against the other. It’s one with the other. Selah. – Jeremiah Buabeng

Bonus Quote for you

Jeremiah Buabeng has inspired thousands of people into massive action and success. I hope this collection was beneficial to you. Kindly share with me in the comments section your favorite one.

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