Being an entrepreneur is a journey and it takes years to become really good at what you do to become successful. Most business gurus and moguls have taken years to accumulate such lessons. But here’s a heads-up for you. I have gathered several tips which when followed religiously, will help you become a really good and successful entrepreneur.

                                    “Your success as an entrepreneur depends on your mindset.” – Enoch W. Kabange

  1. Be optimistic and make no excuses

You either live your dreams you live your excuses. Being optimistic will help you to smoke out negative thoughts and talk. This is why your success depends largely on your mindset. Failure starts from a mindset then the excuse game comes in. Once your mindset is corrupted, you begin to sabotage yourself by giving excuses which eventually lead to pessimism. Pessimism kills self-confidence and your believe in your idea and ability to do great things. Believe in yourself

  1. Commit yourself to lifelong learning and constantly challenge yourself

The entrepreneur’s success depends on how fast they can learn. It depends on how fast they can Understand their industry and the major players, how fast they can learn about their customers and accept feedback. It depends on how fast they can learn from feedback and correct mistakes. Some entrepreneurs keep a book of mistakes they have made. This way, they can correct them and never repeat them.

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                  Learn all you possibly can. Learn each blessed day!

  1. Love what you do.

Once your motivation is something worth more than mere physical possessions but love, you don’t care what the results are. You are constantly working on only improving instead of the negatives and failures you encounter. You end up Delivering more than expected because you love what you do. Your Love for what you do will also give you courage to face your fears.

                                      The only way to do great work is to love what you do – Steve Jobs

  1. Build a strong network of great leaders around your company

As your business grows into a large organization, you will need more people to help. One thing to keep in mind is to recruit people with character. They must also share the same vision as you do so no conflicts arise later on.

                                     Your network determines your net worth

  1. Have a great product

Don’t fall in love with the product you create; your idea. Fall in love with the problem you crave to solve most. Most people make the mistake of creating a product and falling in love with that they fail to continually improve, change, tweak it. This way, your product is always great.

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  1. Develop a strict work ethic and stay focused and determined in you work

One way to move from one successful venture to another is to Constantly challenge yourself. Once you constantly do this, you will have infinite challenges to deal with. While you do this, Take the risks and by all means Take action. A strict work ethic routine will help you achieve this. Be a person of action.

  1. Track your spending very well and Reinvest

It’s easy to get in and over your head when huge returns begin to flow. You buy new cars and houses. This is usually a bad business practice. What’s important is to reinvest. It may be difficult but it’s worth it in the long run. Also, Plan how your capital will be gained, spend wisely and do so according to your budget

  1. Have a strong sense of vision

Desire is the beginning of all great achievement, says napoleon hill. Once you have a burning desire and that is to tackle the problem you have identified, there’s no stopping you. You will make no excuses and accept no non.

  1. Know this; Ideas are easy. Implementation is the work.

Most think that once you have a great idea you are in to make the money and be successful. This is wrong thinking. Remember this; ideas are easy. What matters is the work you put in, how you do it and for what reasons. If your reasons are not strong enough, forget it.

  1. Be disciplined
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Discipline is everything. You may feel like being an entrepreneur and be all passionate. You may be able to keep this attitude when things are good. But in hardship, discipline is what will keep you going. If you don’t feel like it, discipline will drive you. When you cultivate discipline in your work and business, you will have control how you react to things.


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My name is Enoch Weguri Kabange, I am the CEO & Founder of WordInspired Media. I am a dream chaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by motivating them to their greatness that resides within them.

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