I guess a lot of things run through your mind as soon as you saw this headline. What do you do after failure? Probably you think there’s no hope after trying several times or your degree of expectations were not met. Below are some of the factors that will help you right the errors. 

Think of Life as a Process

Life is a process that everyone has to go through until death takes us away. Some go through the process for a short while, even just for a minute. That is to say, they only experience life at the stage where they came out of their mother’s womb. And said a final goodbye, with their very own booming cry to their mothers. 

Here’s a story illustrating this better

A young boy lived with his parents in Accra the capital of Ghana. On one particular day, his parents did not return home after work. The boy was very anxious. He waited for some weeks weeping and hoping that he would hear news of his parent. The boy heard in the news that some dead bodies have been discovered in an open gutter. Unfortunately, his parent bodies were found too.

After this incident, he had to go and stay with his uncle who promised to help him continue his schooling. Unfortunately, that dream did not become a reality. He ended up as a house help, that was what his uncle actually made him. The boy tried to find ways to enjoy a little bit of what his uncle’s children enjoyed. Finally, he decided one day to escape from the house and go somewhere else far from home. He started hustling as a truck pusher working under one known man in the truck pushing business. And also found himself in school too.

After school, he continued with his work as a truck pusher. He managed to buy his own truck, that was a great achievement because he could work independently on his own. The boy now a man decided that he had to further his education and upgrade himself. He had admission at the university. By then, he had had quite a number of young boys who worked under him. He had the idea of developing his truck pushing business into a transportation business. Like what we have in the country now like ‘’yangoo’’.

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It wasn’t easy at the beginning; he lost a lot of money. Managing the people he worked with and his education was difficult. This caused him to lose some money. But he persisted and identified all the factors that made things fall apart. He finally took his team through training to instil teamwork in them and other good qualities. He was able to manage his company with ease and grew at a faster rate after graduation. And became known in the country as a quality and trusted transportation agency. 

What to do after failure: 3 Things You Should do After a Considerable Failure

1. Understand what that failure means.

I guess you would be wondering what at all is failure? People we often look up to have varying views on the definition of failure. Most of their definitions I believe are based on their experiences.

Whiles researching on the topic ‘’failure”, I discovered what Wikipedia says about failure. “Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective and may be viewed as the opposite of success.”


‘’Failure is part of the game that is life’’ says, Karl Smith the author and founder of Business Networking, South Africa.

We all need to understand that failure is a part of the game of life. This is so real and for that matter, we all have to accept it. At a point in life, there would be a fall or an error. When it comes your way, you don’t have to blame yourself or others.

Our world is full of people who have made it in life through a lot of failures. Look at the lives of Thomas Edison who failed 10,000 times before the electric bulb was made. Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC who in old age created Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). George Weah who used to sell doughnuts, popcorn and Kool-Aid every day after school. This same man went on to become the president of Liberia in 2017. This was only achieved after he went back to school to become qualified to hold any flagbearer position.  

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Based on the researches I have made I can boldly say that failure is just like death. It wholly inevitable and that is what we need to understand. Knowing that others have been through failure will also prevent us from blaming ourselves or others.

2. Pin point the lessons learnt: 

Most of the time people focus so much on the pain and the things they have lost in the process of embarking on a project or making their dreams come true.  Well, there are a lot of lessons, failure present to us. You have to start identifying the lessons in your previous failures. Because they don’t just knock on your door empty-handed. They come with a purpose that is for you to sit down. Go back and draw out certain effective factors. In embarking on the next project you can be fully prepared for that. One of the lessons of failure is that it helps you realize how strong you are.

Sometimes you even become amazed at how you could go through all those pains. Trust me, realizing how you could endure that pain of losing, makes you believe more in yourself. It helps you appreciate that you can do more, if only you develop the mindset of not giving up.

Failures help you realize your bad habits too so we can work on them. Whiles trying to identify those lessons, you would realize that one or two habits might have caused that failure. Such a discovery can literally speed up your goals and help you crush them earlier.

For instance, you couldn’t handle some works because of the pressure coming from people. You need to accept that as a weakness and start working on them. You can do this by seeing a trusted counsellor or reading books on your own about managing one’s emotions. It is very important that as in individual you develop yourself. So as to believe in yourself and not be moved by the negative things people say. 

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3. Understand that life is a matter of time and what you know:

A lot of people believe in the saying that ‘’my time will come’’. Or “it’s just a matter of time” forgetting that while time runs one need to acquire knowledge. You may have started a project. And you expect it to be big in the next few months or years. But it looks like you are stacked, nothing is moving forward as you have planned. It’s about time you learn new ways of doing things.

You can start researching people who have made it in your field. Look out for how they managed work and their personal life. Don’t be scared of their huge success. Sometimes the success of some people in the field that we want to further scares us. We sometimes think we don’t belong here, but NO, never have that mindset.

Just imagine if they had given up based on that ideology. I’m sure they wouldn’t be existing and flourishing like we see.  You can also decide to further your education and learn something new. Start fresh and ready to face all the obstacles and still make it. 


Finally, allow yourself to see failure as a way of developing yourself. As a path to the betterment of your dreams, project or work. Always remember it also in hardship that you can identify or realize your weakness and strength. This helps you grow into a better person. Just do your best with the little knowledge and strength you have. Live in the moment and if you have to learn from others, do so. Embrace failure as an opportunity for extra-ordinary greatness and avoid blaming yourself and others but concentrate on developing yourself.

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