The greatest project in your life is yourself, you are your life’s greatest project. So if your life is your greatest project, then working on it each day can improve your life and only make it better. You don’t need a complete makeover of your life to get the best out of it and give your 100%, here are 15 things you can do each to improve your life.

1. Learn A Little Bit Everyday

You need to take responsibility for your own development and start pursuing the things that you require to improve. Learning a little every day, whether that is reading a book, listening to a podcast, taking an online course or watching a video can tremendously improve the quality of your life.

The more you learn, the more you are exposing yourself to knowledge. By reading one hour every day, you would become a world-leading expert in your filed or any chosen filed in 7 years. It is also shown that 20 minutes reading every day collaborates with brain stimulation and stress reduction. 

You can become an expert in any chosen field in less than 10% of your life if you start now. It definitely requires commitment and consistency but should be easy if you already know how to read.

2. Plan Ahead Everyday

Before you end your day every day, make a to-do list for the next day and start your day with it. This will help know what you have ahead of you and help you to effectively manage your resources and be organized and focused.

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3. Learn To Say No Without Looking Back

You can’t be everything, you can’t accept everything and everyone into your life. It reduces the quality of your life. So learn to say no to the things that don’t matter so that you can say yes to the things that matter to your development.

4. Remove Distractions 

Just like saying no, learn to remove distractions out of your life, being it a thing or a person. Unwanted things and people steal your attention and disrupt your progress in life. Unrelentingly remove them so you have enough focus on the things that matter.

5. Count Your Blessings

Appreciate what God has given you in life. Being thankful for the things we have on a daily basis yields a lot of benefits. You are more satisfied, focused and you become physically healthy.

6. Create A Room That Inspires You

Your environment contributes a lot to your development. It affects your mood and tone for life. If you have a room that inspires you every day, you will have the needed energy to do the things that matter. So clean your room daily and order it to complement the life you want to live.

Doing this yourself helps you to be organized in other areas of your life as well. So don’t just leave it to chance or do what you feel like doing at a time, pay attention to every detail in your room.

7. Exercise Daily

Daily exercise can help discipline yourself. To be the best of yourself requires that you have the best physical state. Exercise improves your character and self-esteem. It reduces stress and anxiety and prevents you from diseases.

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8. Don’t Waste Time

Something that you are supposed to do in 30 minutes that ends in 37 minutes weekly will cost you 12 hours of your time a year. Your time is sacred, protect it and know how to manage it to meet your targets. If you fail to protect it, you will end up paying for it when the time comes.

9. Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Real growth comes out of discomfort which is a collaboration of hard work and efforts of the time. Comfort will not help you grow, it only makes you unyielding. Notice your comfort zone and if you can do some reshuffle exposing yourself to new environments and challenges. This is where you grow and learn the act of performing or surviving in a new environment.

10. Compete Against People Better Than You

Being in an environment that is superior to your abilities will expose you to the strategies you need to become better. Competition is a great way to grow, and apart from competing against yourself, try competing against others who are superiors. You’ll learn news ways and spot hints that will help you improve your own performance.

Being in the midst of rookies or people you are better than or on the same level with don’t give you any competition and in most cases will not help you grow.

11. Identify Your Blind Spots

Sometimes in personal development, identifying your own weakness helps you to identify the areas in your life that you can improve and continue to develop. Pay attention to all things, events and even people that represent your weakness or your blind spot and put in the work to improve.

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12. Ask For Feedback

Even in doing your best, we still have areas you would need to improve. When you request for feedback, we look at the situation from another angle and we get more objective views you may not notice on your own. 

13. Unmercifully Pursue Your Dreams 

As the world moves towards a more diverse future, diversity of skills is required to benefit more from this world. Spending 1,000 hours on 10 different subjects is far more rewarding than spending 10, 000 hours on one thing in order to become world-class. The diversity of your skills will lead you to new unimaginable opportunities.

14. Keep A Diary

A diary will help you put your ideas and thoughts down and give you the opportunity to get an inside look at your own thoughts and to refine your ideas. This is a practical way of learning about yourself and when you know yourself, you can improve yourself to become the best you want to become. 

15. Put Yourself Out

Step out, attend conferences, seminars, meet new people and reach out to them. Grow your desire for new experiences, don’t stay put, and don’t be too comfortable in your comfort zone. 

Reach out for new challenges and try your hands on them. Try new hobbies and make the best of your lone moments. Go outside, visit the beach and relax, do things that you have never done before.

Bottom Line 

Start designing the life you want today, choose a step and work on it, the results will not come immediately but as you persist on them, your life will take a positive turn. And if you develop in a particular area, you can help others to achieve the same, this establishes anything you learnt.

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