Whereas confidence can take a whole lifetime to build, it may take quite some time to disintegrate into tiny bits. Being confident as an individual is dependent on the circumstances surrounding one’s childhood and doing the things truly confident people do differently.

Confident people are different from the masses. They carry a different persona, have high self-worth, and can convince others to dance to their tunes. People who are not confident are fond of shying leadership roles because they second guess their capabilities. They have excuses for gleaming opportunities and often don’t live up to their expectation and that of others.

Distinguishable characteristics of confident people

  • Appearance: truly confident people take pride in their overall appearance. They invest in quality outfits and accessories that make them feel comfortable and extra free. This doesn’t mean faking or forcing to buy ostentatious goods, but focusing on comfortability is key.

  • Tone confident people trust and believe in themselves so much that they don’t see the point in yelling at people to get their point across.

  • Firm confident people know themselves very well, therefore unwilling to sacrifice their personal beliefs and values for other individuals, whatsoever the reason may be.

  • Protect others remember that it is people who speak negatively about others who often feel the worst of themselves. Confident people protect the integrity of other people no matter the situation. 
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Things truly confident people do

  1. Read extensively: knowledge is potential power. Confident people have so much power mainly because they read extensively to gather accurate information on current issues. They read books that add more essence to their self-worth.
  2. They are very certain with their speech: confident people know it’s difficult to get people to listen to you if you can’t convince them enough. They speak with assertiveness. It is unusual to hear a truly confident person utter phrases like “I think” in a conversation.
  3. They listen more than they speak: truly confident people see conversations and arguments as grounds to learn new things instead of opportunities to prove their level of smartness. Confident people know that by attentively listening and paying attention to others, they are more likely to impact lives.
  4. Risk-taking: confident people are more likely to take risks and embrace new opportunities when they encounter one. Fear never grips them because they believe they have what it takes to soar through every challenge.
  1. They celebrate other people’s successes: unlike insecure people who grief at the success of people, a truly confident person cheers others up when they succeed. Confident people are never worried about relevance because their source of self-worth is from within.
  1. Their source of happiness is from within. To be confident in whatever you do, you have to be happy with who you are first. Confident people are happy and do not depend on externalities to be happy with life.
  1. They don’t judge other people: confident people don’t judge colleagues because they believe everyone is different and therefore, everyone has something different to offer. They don’t stab people to feel good about themselves. Confident people don’t waste time measuring people up and stressing if they meet up to everyone they measure.
  1. Attention: confident people are great at diffusing attention. When they receive attention and accolades for an accomplishment, they shift the attention to the team that helped in the accomplishment of the task.
  1. Seeking out small victories: confident people seek to challenge and compete themselves, even when their wins are very subtle. They feel fulfilled when they succeed in small tasks, while they anticipate big wins.
  1. They aren’t afraid to be wrong: truly confident people don’t scare to be proven wrong. They mostly put out their opinions to be evaluated by other people and seek to learn more from their mistakes when they are corrected. This is unlike insecure people who pretend to be perfect and swerve corrections.
  1. They aren’t afraid to ask for help: truly confident people know that asking for help doesn’t mean they’re weak or unintelligent. They know themselves very well and are aware of their weaknesses and they look up to others to fill in the gaps. 
  1. Exercise regularly: confident people have a daily routine, and physical fitness is a part of it. They are very consistent with their exercise regimen because they know that exercises increase their chances of staying active and increase their chances of living a happier life.
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To become confident, you must appreciate people who are confident in themselves and also read extensively on how to build confidence. Building confidence is a process and not a one-day event.

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