Success may not have a single definite meaning. However, it means different things to different people, such as acquiring an education, achieving your ambition and reaching your goal in life, making money, being fulfilled, happy, safe, healthy, and loved.

Success in life is not achieved by being “ordinary.” It is achieved by being “different” and emulate other successful people. This brings us to some of the things really successful people do differently that puts them on the top. 

15 Things The Successful Do Differently

1. Successful People Have Passion For What They Do

Successful People Have Passion For What They Do

The billionaire-mindset expert Peter Diamondis says, “passion drives progress which becomes success”. 

Also, Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious” he is crediting passion as the power of his success. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. 

Passion is the energy that catalyst success, and constant passion leads to skills and skills that develop into your profession. With your profession, you earn a significant profit, feel fulfilled and become successful. 

 2. Successful People Are Curious And Love To  Learn More

Successful People Are Curious And Love To Learn More

To be successful, you tend to be curious. Always have the eagerness to learn more, including new knowledge and skills. 

Never stop learning, improving and honing your skills and knowledge. Mark Cuban dedicates about 3 hours every day to reading.  

It was discovered that one common thing wealthy people do is that they spend some of their leisure time reading and learning.

3. Successful People Are Action-Oriented People

Successful People Are Action–Oriented People

Those who spend almost all their time thinking and talking about doing something will never succeed. 

You might know of people who have the potential or take about big games but acquires or accomplishes nothing in life. Successful people are doers and not talkers. Have the practical mindset, not theory and book knowledge. 

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Also, procrastination should not be your style of life.  “The man who wakes up and finds himself a success has not been sleeping” Wilson Mizner.

4Successful People Are Generous Givers

Successful People Are Generous Givers

When it comes to giving, billionaire Warren Buffett comes to mind. Since 2006, the Berkshire Hathaway boss has donated €24.3 billion to The Gates Foundation and Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson has many charitable purists and spends his time and money bringing smiles on the faces of many needed people. 

The successful is a generous giver. 

You have to understand the “secret “ of the more you give, the more you receive, and you will never lack if you are genuine about your gifts.  

Live by the principle embodied by Zig Ziglar’s quote, which says, “you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”. Money should not be only the thing you give; give time, space, love, expertise, etc.  

5. Successful People Maintain A Positive Attitude Towards Work

Successful People Maintain A Positive Attitude Towards Work

The successful are always optimistic about what they do.  A positive mindset can give you more confidence, improve your mood, and even reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as hypertension, depression and other stress-related disorders.

6. Successful People Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Successful People Live A Healthy Lifestyle

A famous proverb says that “Health is wealth”, which is what the successful do differently. 

What you have to do differently is to value your health so greatly. You can accomplish this by making healthy eating choices, counting calories, exercise and getting enough rest.  

Nana Akuffo Addo, Ghana’s president, said in an interview when asked how he’s been healthy till now. He said that apart from God, he also ditched many unhealthy lifestyles like drinking alcohol and eating good food like kontomire. 

You did learn from this. According to Tom Corley, author of Change Your Life, 76% of highly successful people get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day and after a long and tiring day, make it a point to give your body and mind enough rest for the day ahead.

7. Successful People Love To Network And Connect With Great People

Successful People Love To Network And Connect With Great People

Another thing the successful do differently is creating networks. In this life, sometimes it is all about who you know. 

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You cannot succeed alone. 

To be different, spend your time building and strengthening your networks to increase your chance of achieving tremendous success. Opt to attend networking events and seminaries to meet people and build genuine relationships for business successes.

8. Successful People Are Relentless

Successful People Are Relentless

Additionally, they are relentless in what they do. Being relentless is a state of mind that can give you the strength to achieve, survive, overcome, and be strong when others are not. 

It means craving the result so intensely that the work becomes irrelevant. Relentless people do not get satisfied with being great; they want to be unstoppable. They stop at nothing till getting the result of excellence.

9. Successful People Plan Ahead

Successful People Plan Ahead

Successful people understand the value of planning; they go through their calendars to ensure they know what needs to be done and where to go. 

Also, they create a to-do list of things that they follow to accomplish the day ahead. Planning is essential. Without a plan of what you need to accomplish, you might find most of your day getting wasted on unnecessary things which do not lead to productivity.

10. The Successful are Courageous

The Successful are Courageous

Most successful people in the world are people who exemplify great courage. They overcome fear and are willing to take risks, even if they fail many times.

11. Successful People Meditate  

Successful People Meditate

Whiles researching his book, star podcaster and author Tim Ferris found that about 90% of the 140 top performers he interviewed successful people from very different fields engage in some forms of meditation. 

This 90% of top performers are swearing that meditation is the tool for their success, which I also believe there must be some truth behind it. Meditation has a lot of benefits that can help to achieve more success at work. 

Meditation improves your brain function, improves your attention, processing information and decision-making, and makes your brain better at forming memories.

12. Successful People Have Good Character

Successful People Have Good Character

 A person’s character is key to success. When you have good or positive character traits of working hard and being conscientious about what you do, you are more apt to achieve your goals. This helps in increased confidence in your ability to achieve those goals. 

The successful have good  characters like integrity, he or she is honest, trustworthily, and truthful in all dealings.

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13. Successful People Have Good Self-confidence

Successful People Successful Have Good Self-confidence

To be successful, you have to trust yourself.  Have that unshakeable trust in yourself. Confident people behave differently in being successful.

And more importantly, they believe in their ability to succeed. Confident individuals set the bar high and aim high. Lack of confidence leads to weak goals, setting the bar too low, and mediocre results. 


14. Successful People Love And Obey God

Successful People Love And Obey God

Success is sometimes seen to be out of religion. But truth is, religion can fuel success. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10 Wisdom is inevitable in life. The scripture also gives us a clue on how to get this successful. 

It says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom which leads to success. Do you want to rise to the top? You need wisdom. Do you want to make more money? You need financial wisdom. You want your relationship to go to the next level?  Do you want to be successful in your career? You cannot do without wisdom. 

You see, not operating in wisdom is one reason why many people fail in life. When you don’t apply wisdom to the things you do, success will forever remain an illusion.
That is why you must seek to acquire and apply wisdom.  Until you grow in your level of fear or reverence for God, you cannot grow in His wisdom and prosperity in life.

15. Successful People Love To Spend Time With Family And Friends

Successful People Love To Spend Time With Family And Friends

Finally, successful people also understand that their work is not everything. They know the importance of spending time with family and friends, and they schedule the time after work to nurture and strengthen their relationships with them. 

They visit their parents, show love to their spouses by taking them on dates, taking their kids shopping and many more. 


If you sincerely want to have a successful and achievement filled life, you need to get serious about doing something differently. I trust that, after reading about the 15 things the successful do differently, you have gained some insight, understanding that success is never what you are, but what you do differently.

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