The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar; The Book Review

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The Rules of Wealth, Richard Templar’s 3rd publication, offers us a look into the mindsets. And patterns that make the wealthy who they are. It invites us to participate in that life elevating journey. A “personal code for prosperity,” if you will. We are introduced to what can be done to make money, make more, and recommend spending and enjoying it.

I was given The Rules of Wealth as a gift from my mother at Christmas time, 2015. An exercise in cultivating my financial literacy. I’ve only recently finished the read. Before then, I had scoured other sources of information, online and offline, about financial wellbeing. A lot of the concepts the author presented aligned with what I was practicing and had been exposed to. 

The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar; Understanding Concepts

I realized how much the author had to offer, and it significantly improved my concept of abundance and wealth. I was sold. In this article, I’ll be highlighting some of the strong points of The Rules of Wealth. Also, I will explore the writing style, informational content, and practicality.

Templar’s writing is snappy, witty, and straightforward – with twinges of humor scattered throughout. Each “Rule” is laid out on two pages, breaking down information into bite-sized pieces, for simplicity. The book is written practically and descriptively, outlining actionable ways to achieve financial goals, such as thorough research, knowing the importance of reading the fine print, committing to goals, knowing when to quit (and when to say no), and understanding clauses in contracts.

The author does not go out of his way to insist on a one-size-fits-all approach to building wealth but makes non-negotiables such as forming clear goals, budgeting and investing very clear to the reader.

The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar; Style

The style of writing is best suited for the curious mind. The author makes no promise of life transformation or guarantees of success. He reminds readers that it is up to them to build their lives and cause change. Do the grunt work, a critical feature that separates Templar from his contemporaries. The practicality of it all, the light humor and blend between no-nonsense honesty and gentle guidance.

It took me a while to complete the read. Notwithstanding poor time management and actually forgetting it was lying about in my room, there were some concepts I couldn’t grasp at the time due to the lack of a personal relationship with money.

After the passage of time, taking responsibility for my financial life, developing healthy, consistent financial habits, and talking to people who were better with money than I was, I could wrap my head around some of the rules in the book. Before, I just scrolled through, focusing on finishing it rather than understanding and applying what I was reading.

The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar; Intellectual

An additional feature of Templar’s work is that The Rules of Wealth is intellectual. It should come as no surprise – it was published by Prentice Hall Business, after all. It goes beyond patronizing readers and giving them circular logic or get rich quick schemes that go nowhere, as is commonplace in financial self-help genres. The book did not insult anyone’s intelligence either. It challenges its readers to step up to the responsibility of taking charge of their financial lives.


Overall, The Rules of Wealth is a highly informative, light-hearted read that serves as an excellent introduction to financial literacy for anyone who wants to get their foot in the door. It challenges negative beliefs about money, invites hopefulness and courage about one’s financial journey, and opens up a conversation about building wealth in a sustainable way that expands one’s life, further contributing to a sound mind, community, and liberation.

If you’d like to experience this book for yourself, I’d recommend grabbing a pen, a highlighter, a notebook, and a cup of your favorite beverage. It’s loaded with value. 

Did you enjoy reading The Rules of Wealth? Share what you liked most about it in the comments below.

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