Has life’s ups and downs ever hit you so bad? Or you’ve been waiting for the perfect time where things would get better and life would seem enjoyable. Well, this is all that you need; the power of positive thinking. 

This attitude of positive thinking may not erase your hardship or mess. But, it will at least help you walk through them as well as manage them.

Below are some of the factors to consider in positive thinking. They will help you to enjoy the benefits of it.

The Power of Positive thinking: Tips for Building A Good Life

Fill Your Mind With Confidence, Security And Faith

Dr Karl Menninger says “attitudes are more important than facts’’. Any facts that we are facing which seem so hopeless is not so much necessary than our attitude towards them. 

Positive thinking brings out your confidence.  As soon as you change your mind about that situation, you can restore your confidence.

Choose Your Words Well

Positive thinking helps you change your kind of words for good. The words you choose, both in conversations and in your mind, actually have a strong effect on our mindset

Positive self-talk improves your psychological states. It also helps you regulate your emotions. Remember that the words you choose in a conversation affect how people respond to you. 

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Take note of how you label and describe things in a conversation. This is particularly important with your own emotions.

Who Do You Admire? Think Of Someone Who’s Had A Deep Impact On Your Life

Who is at the top of your list of admirers? Who are those who inspire you? They could be a close friend, family member or someone you’ve never met. 

The person could also be a celebrity, professional athlete or renowned entrepreneur. What mottos or standards does the person live by? Have they been able to do great with their attitude of positive thinking? Well if they have then it is about time, you can tap into how they do it. 

You can have two or more quotes from them to help you with your mindset. I admire Tony Ribbons so much any time my mind tries to think of impossibilities

Whatever you hold in your mind constantly is exactly what you will experience in your life.

Focus On The Good Things

There will be times when things will get tough. These are parts of life. Anytime you are going through tough times, remember to look at the good side of it. 

No matter how small or insignificant it may be, try to focus on that too. For instance, if you failed a semester’s exams remember the good side of it. You get the chance to write the exam again and learn from your mistakes as well. 

Learn To Be Grateful/ Show Gratitude

Set some time for yourself. Think of all the things or people who surround you with comfort or happiness. Show some sort of gratitude towards them. 

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For instance, learning to be grateful to your mum. Remember she is the person who gets you dinner as soon as you come back home from school or work. 

Learn to be grateful to that friend. Be grateful for those who are always there for you. Express your appreciation to those who try to understand what you are going through.

Take Note Of Your Areas Of Negativity

What is it about you that turns to be more negative? For instance, have you been able to identify your negative habits? Well, do well to identify them and replace them. 

Don’t try to stop yourself from performing these habits, try replacing them as well.

Find Time To Spend With Positive People

Daily events in some way affect hThuse. Thus, it is always important to associate yourself with people of positivity. Do you see how someone’s sad mood affects people in a room? The same thing applies to someone in a very good mood, his or her effect can be very contagious. 

Find people who exude positivity. Find people who won’t make you feel intimidated. Stay away from people with low self-esteem. Instead, seek people who would lift you and help you see the bright side.

Produce Positive Self-talk

Sometimes when we go through certain hardships, we turn to beat ourselves up. We turn to be our worst critic. We need to be mindful of the kind of words that come up in our mind. We should try as much as possible to replace or respond with positive self-talk. For instance, instead of giving up after something didn’t go well, you can say, “I’ll try it next time in a different way.

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Start Every Day On A Positive Note

Practise is like religion. Always start your day with something that motivates you or keeps you going. This is what you can do; get some positive affirmations. 

You can write them on a sheet of paper or print them and then paste it on the walls in your bedroom or your home. Make sure you say them loud and clear to yourself. 

And believe the more you say, the more you become or it actualizes. Also, find some good music and listen to them. You can also learn to compliment people and be nice to them.

See Yourself As Winning Or Becoming Successful

Willfully create a lasting picture of you winning. Try as much as possible not to let that idea fade away or the picture fade away. The mind always wants to complete and develop this picture. No matter the circumstances, never allow the pictures of you succeeding or winning to fade away.


Note that positive thinking may not work like magic. It won’t instantly wipe away all your tough situations but can help you go through them. It makes you confident and proud of yourself that you have been able to maintain a positive thinking attitude.

Tuning your mind into always thinking positive is not going to be easy but, you might fall along the way. Always try saying some positive affirmations no matter the mood you are in. Most of these affirmations

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