Have you ever wondered how or why on earth some successful people choose to wake up early even though they can wake up at any time of their choosing? The 5 AM Club is perhaps the most persuasive modern-day book on the subject of waking up early. Robin Sharma gives some pretty compelling reasons why everyone needs to start waking up early if they want to conquer their mornings and win their days. 

If you are looking to grow your powers and constantly rise above your limits, you need to adopt the 5 AM Club method to wake up early. In our increasingly busy world of technology and social media, it helps to have a few hours free of distraction before the world officially awakes. 

The 5 AM Club Book Summary

If you are familiar with Robin Sharma, you know his books are precious and rich in knowledge. Robin is a gifted writer and a dedicated person, and this book is an embodiment of his ideals and wisdom.

He uses a fictional style to share age-old knowledge in a modern setting. In the book, an entrepreneur and an artist meet a wretched older man at an event. The older man turned out to be a billionaire member of the 5 AM Club who invites them on a journey to learn the secrets and the method of the 5 AM Club. 

Their first lesson is, waking up early will give their brains an advantage to perform at maximum, distraction-free. The author explains the science of this phenomenon. “The brain’s prefrontal cortex, or that part of you that makes you worry or analyze things over and over, is temporarily shut down in the peaceful early hours”

The Book continues to give a system for waking up early.

Sadly, the book ends with the death of the Billionaire. But his legacy, the 5 AM Club legacy, is left with the entrepreneur and her husband, the artist. 

Below are the book’s top ideas: The 5 AM Club; Conquer Your Morning, Elevate Your Life!

How to Wake Up at 5 AM or Anytime Early Enough; The 5 AM Club Method

The 5 AM Club Method

1. Understand the Success Formula of the The 5 AM Club

The book outlines a straightforward yet powerful formula for success in any area of your life or success in your entire life. The starting point of the formula is in obtaining knowledge that allows you to expand your awareness.

The first step is to Better Your Awareness. Our world is fast-paced, so must anyone who wishes to enjoy success. 

The next step is Better Choices. Knowledge is said to be power, but knowledge is only potential power. The acquired awareness from knowledge must be used in making better choices. 

The final step is Better Results. If you are equipped with the correct information leading to wise and better decisions, the apparent result is improvement in whatever you apply it to. 

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The 5 AM Club Success Formula

  1. Better Awareness
  2. Better Choices
  3. Better Results

2. Use The 5/3/1 Creed of the Willpower Warrior of the The 5 AM Club Method

The 5/3/1 Creed of the Willpower Warrior is a set of principles for building willpower and gaining control of your habits. Changing your sleeping schedule so you can wake up early in the morning to do great things will require a lot of discipline. The 5/3/1 Creed of the Willpower Warrior will help you build momentum, start stacking up your days and begin developing the habit of waking up early. Installing this single habit can change the course of your days and your life.

The 5-3-1 creed of the willpower warrior

The 5 Scientific Truths Behind Excellent Habits
  1. Truth #1: World-class willpower isn’t an inborn strength but a skill developed through relentless practice. Getting up at dawn is perfect self-control training.
  2. Truth #2: Personal discipline is a muscle. The more you stretch it, the stronger it grows. Therefore, the samurais of self-regulation actively create conditions of hardship to build their natural power.
  3. Truth #3: Like other muscles, willpower weakens when tired. Recovery is, therefore, necessary for the expression of mastery. And to manage decision fatigue.
  4. Truth #4: Installing any great habit successfully follows a distinct four-part pattern for automation of the routine. Follow it explicitly for lasting results.
  5. Truth #5: Increasing self-control in one area of your life elevates self-control in all areas of your life. This is why joining The 5 AM Club is a game-changing habit that will lift everything else that you do.
The 3 Values of Heroic Habit-Makers
  1. Value #1: Victory demands consistency and persistency.
  2. Value #2: Following through on what is started determines the size of the personal respect that will be generated.
  3. Value #3: The way you practice in private is precisely the way you’ll perform once you’re in public.
The 1 General Theory of Self-Discipline Spartans
  1. To regularly do that, which is challenging but essential when it feels most uncomfortable, is how warriors are born.

3. Build Your 20.20.20 Formula Routine

How To Build Your Personal Exercise Routine

The book is full of formulas for doing stuff. The 20/20/20 formula will determine how you use your victory hour. The victory is the hour right from when you wake up at 5 AM to 6 AM. It gives you a set of activities you can do for every 20 minutes in the hour. It divides the hour into three, each with a recommended set of activities based on science and best practices. 

Breakdown of the 20.20.20 Formula

  • Move (5 AM to 5:20 AM)Intense Exercise, Sweat Hard, Learn, Hydrate, Breath Deeply. Doing these activities cleanses cortisol and raises your dopamine levels, thereby elevating metabolism and increasing serotonin. All these are necessary to make you feel better, more active, and happy to attack the day by the horns.  

  • Reflect (5:20 AM to 5:40 AM) – Write in your journal, meditate, plan, pray, contemplate. Time to go into your inner self, reflect and connect with your core. If you are religious, you might pray or do your daily scripture readings. These activities boost your self-awareness, build your wisdom, help you feel better about what you have now, and make you feel more serene.  

  • Grow (5:40 AM to 6 AM) – Review Goals, read books, listen to audiobooks, podcasts, online courses. Here is where you grow in your craft, earn new skills and acquire more knowledge of your field. You will be able to grow exponentially if you do this for years. Make more money, make more impact and live your dreams. 
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It isn’t necessary to use 20 minutes precisely for each session. And you don’t have to do everything listed for each session. Choose what you would like to do based on the theme for the session and go with the flow. You can do the victory hour in 2 hours if you decide to wake up early. Move things around to fit what you feel comfortable with. 

4. Develop Your 4 Interior Empires of History Makers

Robin Sharma points out that you are made of 4 main interior empires that you must build and improve daily. Essentially, the 20/20/20 Formula is meant to help you do just that. However, you need to pay extra attention to developing them, and knowing them enables you to make the conscious effort to create them. He opines that all history makers master their interior empires, allowing them to set the world ablaze with their greatness and genius in art, industry, etc. 

  • Mindset – Mindset is essential in whatever you do. Success requires a mental resilience built through a conscious persistence in attaining the best mind frame. You can improve your mindset through reading, learning, watching, and listening to motivational content. 

Your mind can be fixed, or growth inclined. Having a growth mindset is essential in becoming a success. Doing the suggested activities will significantly improve your mindset and develop your psychology for success. 

  • Heartset –  Mental fortitude alone isn’t enough. You need to build your heart to become emotionally intelligent. We live in a society where interpersonal bonds are essential. Knowing how to work with people and how to treat them will be a huge determinant of how far you go in life. You can build your heartset by Meditating, Forgiving others and yourself, Practice Gratitude and Keep yourself happy by contributing to society.

  • Soulset – People have various definitions of what the soul is. However, whatever your meaning might be, you need to build it up. You can do this by pursuing what you love most, what you believe in, and doing things that make you feel fulfilled as a being. You can nourish your soul by doing these activities; Meditation, Introspection, or even traveling to distant places helps you feed your soul. Doing these will enable you to connect with your very being to see yourself truly. 

  • Healthset – Health is wealth, yet most of us sacrifice our health to get complications later on due to reckless health habits. Pay attention to your health. Eat healthily. Exercise and remain physically fit. Maintaining excellent health will enable you to pursue your wildest dreams.

  1. Commit to the 66 Day Challenge

Psychology says it takes an average of 66 days to install a habit and 90 days to integrate it into your life completely. Waking up early is a long-term goal meant to be backed by a consistent daily commitment. 

  1. Practice The 10 Tactics of Lifelong Genius

To enable you to adopt the 5 AM Methods smoothly, the 10 Tactics of Lifelong Genius are precisely what you need. 

The 10 Tactics of Lifelong Genius 

  1. The Tight Bubble of Total Focus – Robin says, “A distraction addiction is the death of your creative production.” You need to build a habit of having solitude each day when you can focus tightly on your core work without distraction. 
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  1. The 90/90/1 Rule – Don’t be confused by this formula. It only means dedicating the next 90 days to doing only one thing; your most impactful activity for the first 90 minutes of your work hours. If your most productive action is writing because your profession is a writer, you have to spend the first 90 minutes of your work period writing for the next 90 days. Simple, right?

  1. The 60/10 Method – Like the Pomodoro technique of time management, the 60/10 method means doing focused work for 60 minutes and then spending 10 minutes rejuvenating. 

  1. The Daily 5 Concept – The daily 5 concept says for each day, write down 5 key tasks you must execute. You would have completed 150 impactful tasks after 3 months!

  1. The 2nd Wind Workout – The 20/20/20 formula recommends you move and sweat in the morning to increase metabolism, raise serotonin and dopamine. The 2nd Wind Workout suggests you do a second workout in the evening before retiring for the day. This extra exercise will help you release the exhaustion of the day.

  1. The 2 Massage Protocol – This protocol requires you to take 90-minute massage sessions each week. Massages give you lots of benefits, including a reduction in the level of cortisol (fear hormone), increased dopamine (a neurotransmitter for motivation), elevated serotonin (a hormone regulating anxiety and promoting happiness), reduced muscle tension, and improves pain relief. 

  1. Traffic University – The traffic university tactic is beneficial and uses your commutes very well. You do this by listening to audiobooks, reading physical books, and doing other growth-related activities during your travels and commutes. You can earn the equivalent of a university degree after a few years. 

  1. The Dream Team Technique – Truth be told, you cannot do it all. You will, at some point in time, need to work with someone or a complete team. If you don’t need a team, your dream is too small and probably not impactful enough. 

  1. The Weekly Design System – Have a time you sit down weekly to assess your goals, identify your successes and failures and draft your schedules to achieve your goals. Best take 30 minutes on Sunday to do this. 

  1. The 60 Minute Student – 60-minute student is a tactic that requires you to take 60 minutes of each day to learn something you care about in your field or in a field you want to grow in. It could be a language, skills, or just reading an excellent book. 

The Importance of Waking Up Early

own your morning elevate your life
  1. Better Concentration, Focus, and Attentiveness
  2. Helps You Be More Productive
  3. Enjoy Personal Time of Solitude to Work and Reflect 
  4. Affords You a Distraction-Free Period Daily When You Can Perform at Your Best


Most people think waking up early is a luxury they cannot afford. While waking up early may not be for everyone, many successful people attribute their success to waking up before everyone else to get things done. You can also become an early bird if you follow the 5 AM method outlined in detail in the article. 

5 Key Takeaways For the Reader From the Article

  1. Waking Up early is a good habit. 
  2. To join the 5 AM Club, you need to start installing the 5 AM Club method.
  3. Building a habit takes up to 90 days!
  4. Productivity is best achieved first thing in the day
  5. Learn daily; Grow Daily; Build Your dream daily!

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