20 Surprising Facts About High Achievers To Know

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There’s always a story, a secret, one would say a recipe or “the recipe” to the life of every high achiever. 

No one becomes a man of great substance overnight. Neither does he just wish and miraculously become a high achiever for wishes are not horses and beggars don’t ride the horse of high achievement. 

If you are lost or confused about who a high achiever is, don’t panic, this article will take you through who a high achiever is, and what’s so amazing about which makes them what they are. We will look at the top facts about high achievers that make them successful, famous, and influential

Who Is A High Achiever?

Before I give a rather short definition of who a high achiever is, I would like you to know that you are a high achiever, your family members are, your friends and loved ones are all qualified to be high achievers. 

I’m not sure if using the word “qualified “ is appropriate but any person of substance, vision, and goal-getter is a high achiever. 

There are no ranks or grades to define one. So guess what, you are one and that’s why you are reading this very article. Congrats. A high achiever is a person who is focused on making his dreams and plans into reality. The following paragraphs will thoroughly take you a few important amazing and surprising facts about every high achiever.

However, to put things into perspective, high achievers are always looking to do the best, be the best, and help others be the best. They basically aim higher than the average person does. And where focus goes, the energy goes as Tony Robins puts it. They put their energy into achieving the best. 

It Always Starts With An Interest

To set the path to be goal-oriented and focused, you must set your eyes on something, feeling and knowing that it gives you great joy and it would be the one thing that you would never want to give up on. 

This is not about the issue of competency, I believe that if all toddlers needed to be competent before they could learn how to walk, few would be able to walk. However, the interest they have in the happiness they get in starting up is the means to walk.

Steve Paul Jobs would have never have become the person he is now, the person you aspire to be if he hadn’t taken an interest in technology. Irrespective of misfitting his interest was in his era, he found joy and was motivated to bring his imaginations to the real world.

Now is the time for you to find yourself, and no, I’m not saying that you are lost. I am urging that you look for what makes you want to strive to be better than you are now. Take a pen, write down some of the things you always want to do or want to do. Starts from there.

Backgrounds Do Not Determine Success

Most success stories tell the hardships of the people. Life is not a bed of roses if you would agree with me. To make it in life, it takes courage and hard work. Courage to overlook where you are coming from. Hard work to push through to lift yourself to the elevation you crave.

High Achievers Work Hard 

Your background will have no power over who you want to be and what you want to do if you will succeed. Orient your mind to make no matter the obstacles and disadvantages your origin may impose on your plan. J. K. Rowling, one of New York’s bestsellers, though being a single mother worked hard to make her dream real and to be a mother as well. To reassure you, Steve Jobs, being adopted made it disregarding the circumstances of his birth.

Try Out

Write down your downs and lows, think of what got you through them all. Write down your background and issues which you feel are demerits in your life. Think, rethink and evaluate to see if they are worthy and strong to take you off the course of your goals.

They Believe Your Comfort Zone Is A Setback

If there is one thing that you should know is that nothing comes easy in life. Having an interest is key, it paves the way. Working hard makes you strong as it becomes a habit. But, staying home, shutting your work, your talent, your interest in the cardboard always keeps you at the same place. 

When Deepak Chopra found himself having an interest in modern medicine, he packed up and left his city for the United State. He left for the US with only 25 dollars on him and with one thing in mind, to go get his goals. I am not saying that leave home and travel or go stay on the streets in the name of becoming a high achiever. No, please. But if you are feeling too comfortable in achieving your dream, then you need to make changes.

Try Out

This exercise will aid you to know if you are too comfortable in your journey to becoming a high achiever. Write down certain risks which you feel you could take but haven’t. Anything that you feel you can do within your means to take a step forward becoming the achiever you wish to be.

High Achievers Know Rejection Is Not A Setback

We might never know the real stories behind all the high achievers we know now. But, one thing is certain. They faced rejections before acceptance. Not a rejection, but rejections from people whom they probably aspired to be. 

They might have gotten discouraged many times, but that didn’t set them back nor drive their dreams away from them. Joanna K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter got her work rejected twelve times by twelve publishers. But guess what, it never set her back. She didn’t see her talent to belittle and undeserving of exposure.

Try Out

Take time to yourself, and ask yourself. Are you good enough? Are you chasing after the wind or whatever you are doing is the real deal. Talk to yourself and ask if you can go through and survive everything which will be thrown in your path. If you can, you are good to go.

High Achievers Know Themselves

Every high achiever has one thing that no one can take away from him. Something which makes his efforts much easier to focus on and get his dreams. 

The ability to know yourself helps make your path to success easier. When you know yourself enough, it prevents others from pinpointing out your flaws and strengths. 

To become a high achiever, you must identify your flaws. Your flaws will help you know the people you are to associate yourself with to learn how to turn them into your strength. Your strength will also help you amplify your need not want but need to succeed.

Try Out

Ask yourself these questions and write down the first answers which come to mind. “Who I’m I? What are my weaknesses and strengths? When have my weaknesses been a strength to me and your strength a weakness? How does it affect my goals?

They Give Away

Generosity is the key to happiness if you ask me. It doesn’t matter the form or kind of it. It doesn’t matter what you get or would get in the future. To rise to the top, you must give away not giving back. 

Giving away is a habit of most high achievers. They give out their services, their talents whilst taking joy in it. This will help you to feel that you are making an impact on people’s life. 

High achievers learn and make it a habit to be generous to not lose such habit when they reach higher heights.

Try Out

Write down what you can use your talent to do. Now go ahead and write the names of people you think you can be generous. Write how you feel at the thought of being generous. After the exercise, write down how you feel.

High Achievers Have The Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is the gateway to every success story you wish to be written about you in the future. 

Success begins in the mind and the reflection is seen outside when you play your part. The wrong mindset prevents you from getting your goal. The right mindset is one amazing fact of high achievers. They believe in what they work toward, they believe in it. Achievers don’t hope that what they want to be, wants to become. They know, they don’t hope.

Denzel Washington knew that being one of the few African Americans in the movie industry meant a lot of hard work and one would say luck. However, he had the right mindset. He wanted to be the best and he fulfilled his dream. Steve Job’s goal was to change the world. His plans sounded ridiculous but he knew what he wanted and had the right mindset. The mindset to change the world. Today, Apple computers are used around the globe.

Try Out

What mindset do you have? Write down what you think of the talent you have, the goals of your life. Write down a prediction of the endgame based on the mindset you have.

High Achievers Have “The Driver”

One amazing thing about high achievers is that they just don’t have a drive. They possess “the drive”. 

A drive is something that keeps you moving, acting, and pushing through. External motivation is required in the life of every high achiever. Family and friends play an important role in their lives. 

However, high achievers are highly encouraged intrinsically. For you to climb up to your success. There is always a story be it sad or a happy one, which gives every high achiever the momentum to push through. 

A girl from a rural town in Kosciusko Mississippi, a victim of sexual abuse from several men rises the ladder to become the first Black Billionaire. I believe that Oprah Gail Winfrey was intrinsically motivated by her childhood experience, making her want to be more than a helpless abused girl.

Try Out

Write down what motivates you to be a high achiever. Check whether it’s a bad or good experience. Whether it’s a person or something. Write down your understanding of the relevance of it in your life. This will be a reminder for you to be encouraged whenever you feel lost.

High Achievers Learn To Cultivate

It’s a law of nature. When you have something and you are incapable of taking care of what you have to see its full growth, wishing for more in vain. High achievers do not wish for more talents, more skills, or more intelligence. 

They know and understand that it’s not how much you have or how much you know. But rather, it’s about what you can do the little you have or know to do. 

High achievers grow their talent to see it fully ripped to be able to yield proper results when put to work. Whatever talent, a skill that you have that will aid in achieving your dreams, develop it to its full potential.

Try Out

Write down the growth that you feel that you are lacking in your skills or talent. Jot down what you can do to improve on what you already know or can do. If you need to read more, watch more videos, be punctual, anything which will help develop you to become a high achiever.

High Achievers Are Indispensable

To be indispensable, one must prove to be the best, hence needed to survive. Every high achiever is who he is today because of his ability to be irreplaceable in every situation. 

This comes with a lot of benefits such as immunity.

To be a higher achiever, you are out of the ordinary, one would call a misfit as Steve Jobs and his dreams friend were called. 

Bill Gate made by age thirty – had become one of the most needed men on the planet. This was a result of his knowledge and skills in creating software. 

Mark Zuckerberg also made himself indispensable by making himself the genius that he is now.

Try Out

Write down what you think about being indispensable. Ask yourself, “How can I be irreplaceable?” Write down what came to your mind.

They Have Time For Yourself

Every high achiever has his moments, a period he sets aside to relax his mind and body. A time where he does nothing but hang out with family and friends, creates memories, exercises to keep good health. 

Being a high achiever does not necessarily mean isolating yourself emotionally and physically or being tied up constantly. There will be no use of the benefits of your success if you have no one to celebrate it with. 

Another important thing to know is that ideas easily come to most high achievers when they are relaxed and having time for themselves. Naturally, it’s easy to process one’s thoughts when relaxed. Joanna K Rowling grasped the idea of “Harry Potter “ when she was on a train traveling. Have time for yourself.

Try Out

Write down the things which give you peace of mind and happiness. It could be a hobby or hanging out with particular people. Whenever you feel stuffy and tight up due to the goal ahead of you, do these things to relieve yourself of tension and stress.

They Don’t Settle For Less

One fact which I find amazing about high achievers is that they don’t settle for less. They know their value and worth. They agree that their reflection of how they value and cherish what they can do is equivalent to how people will cherish and value them and their work. 

If they for a second think that they will settle for what is being given to them then it means that it is enough for them. The most amazing thing is that when high achievers settle for what they are given because they like it’s their worth, they have people to snap them out of it and say “No, you deserve more than that, and I’m going to make sure that you do”. That’s the joy of being a high achiever. 

They have people who believe in them so much. This is one of the reasons why you need to have time for yourself and give away as a high achiever.

When Kevin Harts began his career as a comedian, what he did first was to get a manager. One who believed in the talent. The first contract he got would have earned him a lot of money. He almost accepted the offer. 

However, his manager told him to hold his horse saying that he would get a better offer. Kevin was surprised that what he felt was his worth wasn’t to his manager. Guess what he got better offers thereby setting his standard globally. He made his worth known publicly. You might start small now and will rumps and potholes on the way, but never forget your worth. 

Knowing your worth is what makes you a real high achiever.

High Achievers Work To Complete

The ability to finish the job is what makes one a high achiever. As a writer, I know how difficult it is to end a story. In the beginning, I bring smiles to yourself because of all the amazing ideas which pop up in your ever-active mind. 

However, you get tired, frustrated in the middle and it takes a lot of courage and zeal to finish the work. High achievers have one thing in common; finishing hard and well. They are obsessed with finishing everything they begin. 

Steve Jobs was obsessed with changing the world with his Apple computers; he barely had time for himself. Denzel Washington was obsessed with starring in every movie where he would be the winner in the end. He was engrossed with getting awards by finishing as many movies as he could. 

As a high achiever, you must be crazy about your work. It’s the kind of madness that is needed to succeed.

Try Out

Ask yourself these questions. “Have I ever been obsessed about something? Can I be obsessed about my work?”

High Achievers Stay Humble

One thing that many achievers lose on their way to success is their humility. However, humility is one of the most common traits of high achievers. They never forget where they began and hence, they do not lord themselves when all work in their favor. Greatness is seen not imposed. 

When Bill Gates made a record as the youngest billionaire in the world at age thirty-one, he didn’t enjoy public appearances because he was more of a reserved person. 

However, his humility was seen and sensed by many due to what he was using his money for. People didn’t see him as some rich guy who just wanted to flaunt his wealth. They saw him as a blessed man who was trying to give back to society by being in the spotlight. I am not saying that as an achiever hide or be reserved. No. 

We all have our temperaments. I am urging you to maintain your humility in your way. God’s name is better than riches.

They Never Give Up

The message I have to relay through my work all along centers on you not quitting in your path to your success. There will be a lot of storms, the tides will toss and turn you and try to drive you mad. 

But never give up because high achievers are not quitters. You may lose loved ones on your way, your biggest motivator might leave you. But never give up. The moment you give in to failure, you will live in regret for the rest of your life. 

I could tell you stories of high achievers and what they want yet stood their ground. But that would not guarantee that you will not think of quitting. It’s a decision you have to make.

Try Out

Take time to think and reach a decision. A decision which you will pledge to keep until you get what you want. This is an exercise no one can help you with. Start now.

They Do Not Envy

The moment you give room for envy and jealousy you begin to lose your confidence and that will be your doom. High achievers are confident about what they can do and cannot do.

They understand that they can do everything so they stick to their cultivated talent and be the best in their field.

High achievers acknowledge other achievers and their success. They don’t engage in the childish scramble for fame and publicity. Instead of being envious of their fellow achievers, they are intrigued and ever ready to learn. As a high achiever, you must get rid of all unnecessary jealousy and stay true to yourself and what you can do.

Don’t Let The Heat Consume You

As a high achiever, you are the only one who knows when you can fully work to your maximum abilities. People will always want more of you, expect more from you. You will feel pressure as you would want to up your game and meet the standards your fans, family, and friends wish for you to be.

Don’t let the heat get to you. If it does, find a way to cool down. As a high achiever, you must always have an escape. Something will help you to get immersed and stressed by the demands of society. High achievers perform best at their own pace. Therefore, find your escape.

J K Rawling found her escape when she felt the heat from the public making a toil on her. Her books were being classified as average and below her standards. To get away from such expectations, she wrote another book using the pen name “Robert Galbraith”.

Try Out

Write down the one thing you can do to keep calm. The one thing which helps you to still deliver at your best when expectations are too high for you. Find that one thing and you are good to go.

Move With The Right Crowd

Most high achievers we see today didn’t start their journey alone. They had a crowd. Some moved with the wrong crowd but they never lost their purpose. Others also played safe and mingled with the right crowd. A crowd that always supported them and kept them in check. Many lost companions along the way because of the crowd they moved with. They all have a story and regrets. 

Save Yourself

As you grow to become a high achiever, irrespective of where you find yourself, do not ruin what you have and what you can be. It doesn’t matter if you are in a bad neighborhood, broken home, or facing any kind of ordeal in your life, stay out of trouble. Some mistakes are irreversible and they will come back to haunt you.

Have An Appetite

Always be hungry. Hungry to do more no matter the level of your achievement. Be passionate about what you are doing and take delight in the impact you are making in the world. I don’t if this is a good example but you should be aware of it. Steve Jobs didn’t want to stop. He had a boundless appetite, so much that it took deteriorating health for him to finally resign from his position as CEO of Apple. Don’t be alarmed, easy, easy. I am not implying that you should work till you get sick and be stuck with a medical issue. No. After reading this article, you will know better to take care of your health and still stay hungry to create more and do what you do best.

Enjoy It All

Enjoy the fruit of your labor when you finally become what you want to be. Don’t be busy doing more when you are not taking time to live and enjoy your success. With all their achievement, one thing that high achievers are aware of is that life is short. So live in the moment, don’t let any opportunity to pass by because tomorrow is unknown.

A Little Gift

Life is not a smooth path, but we all write our own stories. We have the chance to choose our endings if not our beginning. You might have wasted many chapters of your life due to factors unknown to me. There’s no going back to rewrite the wrongs in the previous chapters. But remember that you can continue from where you are and write a magnificent epilogue. One that you will be proud of. Starts now…life waits for no one.

Almost everything, all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure- these things just fall away in the face of death. Leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way to know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart”.

Steve Jobs

“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be”.

Oprah Winfrey

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