Success and Motivational Quotes from Nana K. A. Quansah

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Nana Kofi Armoo Quansah is a Ghanaian writer, who has a strong desire in motivating the people around him. I take delight in writing motivational and inspirational quotes to influence people to make an impact in their lives. I am on a mission with a vision to leave a legacy that millions of people will emulate and, in the end, it becomes a mark worth success story. This quote compilation will give you a glimpse of how to achieve success for yourself, drive, and ignite the passion within you.

Success Quotes By Nana K. A. Quansah

  1. A revenue for success is an avenue for hard work. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  2. Finding a vision that imposes discipline on you is the foundation of success – Nana K. A. Quansah
  3. Always let your inner conviction supplant your outward appearance, remember those who learn quickly care about their progress, not reputation. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  4. For you to dominate in times of challenges, make sure your mental strength is preeminent, then you are ready to succeed. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  5. The drive to succeed is not by accident but it involves a deliberate decision to cause such an incident, back it with an action-oriented mindset, and when you feel bored get on board and start something to avoid personal resistance. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  6. For significant success, we need some significant others. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  7. Consistency always wins but what determines your end result and fate is what you are consistent in. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  8. We don’t measure success with the results of others, we measure success with our purpose. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  9. Don’t waste resources in your quest to change people’s opinions about you. Work on yourself because your success lies within you, not others. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  10. The future is not ahead. Free yourself from such a mindset. If we see the future being ahead, we can grab it. Vison the future as now and within your boundary and you are on the path of greater works. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  11. Your destiny will dictate your decision and will determine your destination. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  12. Victory comes from an inner consciousness and cannot be restrained by outer circumstances. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  13. At the foundation of success lies a heap of failures, your ability to climb past it determines your end results. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  14. The temptation to procrastinate reflects a strong intrinsic desire to terminate. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  15. Your efforts in achieving success may seem like a threat to others’ self-esteem but when you transpire your ideal personality is showcased. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  16. To possess a success friendly mindset, you have to live the hard way and embrace uncertainty. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  17. There is a difference between an idea and a vision. Until an idea dies it cannot become a vision. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  18. Always work on the process. God recognizes process, man recognizes results. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  19. The day you will make up your mind to be discipline is the day you will embrace discipline. This is the pivot of success. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  20. Your mind is the drive of your life and the fuel for success. Always remember you are a product of your thoughts, “for as a man thinketh so is he”. – Nana K. A. Quansah

Motivation By Nana K. A. Quansah

  • We are hoping for things to return to normal. What is normal then? The 9-5 job, the rat race, looking into a smartphone rather than smart future. Life will return to improvements and new discoveries. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • For some of us, living in the world is comparable to a throw of dice, time and chance does the bidding. But ask yourself is that your perspective of life. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • In as much as we have free will, our actions and inactions should be confined in the walls of morality, we have to be sensitive to the needs of others. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Sometimes you have to treat your efforts as experiments, they may produce the results you want but if they don’t, they can help you discard the efforts without letting you feel like you failed.
  • It is not humility not to know yourself, avoid the complacency of ignorance.  – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Your life is not an experiment to test which result will hold. No test is meant to fail you but because you deserve a promotion. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Great men are men of many impacts and meetings. Don’t use excuses to stop your progress but use such encounters to upgrade your experiences. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Forgiveness should not be a want but a need, we have to see it a such.
  • God does not need your ability; He needs your availability. The former sprouts out when the latter is well accessed. Be a vessel to attain a new level.  – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Stewardship is not about ownership, but will and desire to submit because your will today is your power and crown for eternity. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Your past is a portion of your not an option for you to quit. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Sometimes you have to treat your efforts as experiments, they may produce the results you want but if they don’t, they can help you discard the efforts without letting you feel like you failed. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • I win and lose, but I have realized in “win” there are three letter and four in “lose”. Naturally we would for what is easy so I choose win! – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Always exhibit a joyful mood, because it makes you feel like putting on all black, signifying funeral to your worries and burdens. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Planning for life before death is wisdom and acceptable but neglecting life after death is disastrous. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Free yourself from the limitations of your past experiences, present circumstances and self-imposed doubt. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • The lack of vison is the enemy of distinction. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Working on a goal that is incongruent with you makes you lose twice. First is the unnecessary suffering and second is the opportunities that could help you generate better results with less efforts. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • You don’t money to achieve your dreams, time is the currency you need. Because in times are the opportunities and in the opportunities are the wealth you can receive. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • We all possess the aptitude but what we lack is the attitude to unearth this potential. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Leadership is about influence. Influence is fueled by inspiration. Inspiration involves turning your viewership and listenership into followership. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • We know it is easier said than done but I believe it is easier done when planned. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Your value does not decrease base on someone’s inability to see your worth.  – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Reminding yourself that some things are not up to, should actually. become a source of comfort. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Taking things for granted can make you stop putting enough to maintain them, this increases the risks of losing them. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Be assured that no one cares about your failure. Those who laugh at your attempts are often worried about how they look mindless in your sight. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Now is the time to stand and stare but, what are we staring at, it must help you to discover yourself and improve yourself. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • The more you hear the word of God, you are transformed, the less you hear, the less you are informed. If you don’t hear at all, you become deformed. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • In building and maintain a strong relationship, focus on their behavior not character, because you look at what they do not who they are. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • God does not give prosperity as a gift; He trains us for it. Submit yourself to be trained and mentored. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • If you see nothing about your life, you will become nothing. If you see something about your life you become something. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • Learning and knowing about something are two different things. Learning involves education, knowing involves revelation. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • If you have never been under anyone, you will never be on anyone. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • The truth is that people give in to vision not to your personality. If you have a vision, people will support. – Nana K. A. Quansah
  • You serve the world with your mind, you serve humanity with your ideas to solve problems and overcome challenges. – Nana K. A. Quansah

Reflect on these quotes and I believe these inspiring messages will push you higher in achieving your goals and help you to bring your vision to reality as you embark on the journey of success.

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