Goals are also plans of execution. Plans are of the mind, right? It is very common that we make resolutions to do something, maybe new year resolutions and in the end of the year, we have either forgotten that we even made a resolution in the first place or we have badly performed in implementing that resolution.
In writing down our plans for our day, week, year or life or even a project we are working on, it’s prudent and proactive on our part to make them SMART. SMART is simply an abbreviation for smart, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. I got to know how to set smart

It is common for us to set goals for ourselves, be it daily, weekly or goals for an area of our lives such as education or finance.

You may decide that you will, with immediate effect save money for future expenditure and unexpected happenings which require financial commitment. Though this is a well-meaning goal, it’s highly unlikely that you will implement the line of action needed to achieve this goal. It’s better to resolve that you will save 10 percent of your monthly allowance, starting this month and go ahead to tell your dad to deduct that amount and put it in the bank. For those who have bank accounts, it’s even easier. You can setup an investment account which automatically deducts this amount from your account to the investment for the period of each month.

Why set goals?
One may wonder why it is important to set goals. Look at the lives of great achievers and you will find that all of them set time bound goals and work with all their strength and might to get them achieved. If that is not enough, setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Though goals are for the short term execution, they serve a higher purpose of directing your short term actions for future gain. The fact is that setting goals and writing them down is a good way to deal with goals because will be able to Measure your successes, take pride in your achievements and raise your confidence levels. Now these are big influences to greater achievements. Once you are able to cross each goal out, you get a feeling that the rest are just a matter of time and persistence.
The SMART way of creating and writing goals is a proven strategy. This popular strategy simply involves considering five areas your goal should qualify for before you start to implement it.

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When goals are not specific, for some reason, we are less bound to achieve them than when they are very specific. For example, when you say you want to make money, what you are actually saying is very vague and less specific to be achieve. You can’t just say that. It’s better to say you want to make a certain amount of money. This way, your mind will be able to calculate the kind of ventures you will need to take to make that amount of money. Your mind will immediately begin to strategize on ways and means to get this new task it has been given.

The specific nature of goals will allow them to be measured in terms of how successful you have been in getting them done. If you say you want to make a certain amount of money, you can easily tell whether you have been successful or not. In complex goals, you will be able to set monitoring and evaluation plans beforehand to help you better measure your goals.

Now sometimes we set insane goals for ourselves. If your friend says he wants to overcome Bill Gates in wealth within the next 2 years, he will definitely sound like a crazy person to you, right? Though goals should be ambitious, we should make them logically achievable. They shouldn’t promise castles in the air which cannot be achieved especially within the time limits of the goal.

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We have all got dreams and aspirations and as such we have short term goals and plans to eventually get to achieve that one overarching dream of ours. Our lives are ones of contribution to the world. We cannot take anything to our graves, so our target must be to improve the people we will leave behind, our contribution to them is what matters. The fact that goals are small pieces of implementation of a one big goal, they must be relevant to achieving that dream or overarching goal.

Time is the greatest asset we have in this life. How we use our time determines the number and value of the goals we are able to make a reality. There are different classes and we happen to be born to one of them but whether we rise above that class or fall below or even stay at the same class lies in how we use our time and how it impacts our lives. Goals must be time bound so that it doesn’t take forever to work on a single goal while there is more to be done. This also sets a time clock in our minds which tells the mind that you have to produce results before a certain date. This allows the mind to process ideas in line of the goal you are working on. The mind is put to a sort of ”Panic mode” and a strong need to create results. As time approaches, results will be produced by the mind.
Goals could be set for various areas of life like financial, education, career, family and physical. It doesn’t matter which of them you are setting the goals for, you can always use the SMART goals method to setting your personal as well as business goals. It works anywhere and with whomever.

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Golden rules to goal setting
Goals are largely dependent on one thing. The SMART method is there to help you in that regard. Goals will only remain things of the mind if they are not worked on, if they never get implemented and if they are made to die a premature death. That’s why the SMART method is there to help you narrow down your goals to thins which will help you in your life’s endeavors and things which you are passionate about. This way, you have to inner will power to execute the goal to the end as well create the necessary checks in order to ensure that you achieve the goal no matter what.

I challenge you to go out there and create SMART goals for yourself and more importantly, implement them, work on them and create a better life for yourself and your community.

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