You might be frustrated because you hardly achieve your goals and sometimes find it difficult to set them, the PROMPT goal-setting model has the potential to take away this pain. Frustration usually sets in when one is very desperate to get the desired outcome and all their efforts seem futile. All these are issues you may face when you are poised for execution and determined for success. The question you may have been asking yourself right now is “what can I do?” or “How can I achieve my goals”. You may be confused about what to do or even feel very disappointed because of the past experiences that led you to failure. Be optimistic, you are going to sail through successfully by applying these tips laid down here. Worry no more. I will share these tips based on my own experience and other knowledge gathered.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is the cadre in every field you may find yourself in, being it spiritual, financial, educational, business and even engaging in casual activities. As a major component of personal development, it becomes thus a prerequisite that propels your vision, the essence of manifestations. One cannot achieve greater heights by ignoring the principle of goal setting which is greatly catapulted by using the PROMT goal-setting model. Like most social media networks (and KFC), goal setting is likened to a recipe that keeps the brand solid and consistent in the industry.

Why Set Goals?

Setting goals is very essential in the sense that it quickens proactivity and provides a sense of direction that thrills your hard work and relieves you from uncertainty and anxiety which can lead you to all sorts of problems and challenges. Quite often goal setting is very easy and simple as against popular perception to be difficult. In the consequent discussion, you are going to learn a simple way I recommend and you can use to enhance your goal setting strategy. As you know it is easier said than done, but don’t you think it is easier done when planned? Exactly!

As individuals and groups, setting goals involves an optimistic and positive mindset. The “I can do” spirit has to be the nature of one’s self because that is the foundation, you need to embrace the change you advocate at the end of the day. Pertaining to the future or even the present era, it is very prudent to decide what you want to achieve in life, not any success but a significant success is what we desire. Sometimes you may realize you put all resources into something but you don’t produce the desired results.

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Focus on One Thing Until Success

This is due to a lack of setting relevant goals and following one course until success, which is “focus”. Making up your mind to set a goal cannot be compromised hence nothing should be a hindrance, you have to get to the action. You may decide to set lifetime goals or even smaller goals either of them is prudent to consider. Notwithstanding, the personal decisions involved in embarking this journey is not rigid. Trends change each and every moment in the various industries, therefore you need to adapt to the newness of life. However, you need not forsake the basic concept underlying this theme PROMPT goal-setting”.

You have to create a big picture of yourself and identify the smaller pictures that ensure its completeness. This can be done by asking yourself some questions to awaken the potentials deposited in you and the essence of life. Examples of such questions may include, “what do I want to be in the next 10”, “How can I stay relevant to my generation”. When you start engaging your mind in these conversations, it begins to develop answers to the questions and helps you to develop a sense of focus and growth.

How to Get Started Now

Start by categorizing your goals. You can opt for the following categories -relationship goals, personal development goals, business or finance goals, professional goals, and others you can create to instill discipline. Understand that achieving these goals doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with consistency and determination, you are going to get to the end of the tunnel where there is light. Sometimes, you may lack confidence. Yes, it happens. The best way to handle this is to believe in your goal, yourself, and the significance of what you are trying to achieve.

Using the PROMPT goal-setting model

PROMPT is an abbreviation for a set of parameters a good goal must meet to achieve its purpose. Not wasting too much time, let’s delve into the meaning on the mnemonic “PROMPT”. In setting goals, the goal must be:

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Precise – PROMPT goal-setting

This is the foremost action to take when setting goals. This deals with drafting specific goals into a narrow scope to enhance effectiveness. For example, instead of saying, I have to travel around the world, you can follow this step and make more specific rephrasing your goal to travel around the world between two set dates.  The PROMPT goal-setting is designed to help you focus your goals on the topmost goals. One main reason this first step is that it equips you to create clear-cut routes to achieve your goals. Obviously, you must prepare in order to attain this desire or goal.

Relevant – PROMPT goal-setting

Some goals are not important to work on. Investing time and energy on such goals will create chaos and frustrate you. In the long run, it affects your journey to success. Focusing on goals that are relevant to your long-term vision will impose on you a spirit of discipline. It will further greatly aid you to invest your energy and resources into fruitful ventures. This gives you a sense of priority in life and direction towards the expected end results.

Open – PROMPT goal-setting

Your goals should not be too rigid and too flexible too. They should be open for review and changes as often as possible. Trends are changing, and one has to adapt to changes in society as well. There is a need to set goals that are open to revision so that you can stay up to current trends. However, this should not drive you away from your central focus and your motive behind the goal. Fit your goals to suit yourself and avoid comparison with the results of others which can harm you in the end.

Manageable – PROMPT goal-setting

As the saying goes, “little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Small steps at a time to achieve your goals are very key. Note that success is not achieved overnight, but over a considerable period. Don’t be a jack of all trades and master of none, by setting too many goals for yourself. Multi-tasking is good but knows the limits because your mental health is very important. I don’t think you would want it to deteriorate. Set goals that are within your capacity though stepping out of the comfort zone is necessary. It should be noted that adherence to the PROMPT goal-setting model should yield goals you can manage.

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Practical – PROMPT goal-setting

One thing that we often tend to forget is that we don’t achieve goals just by listing them down. We have to make a conscious effort to bring them into a realization. What makes them practical is that they should have a direct link to an expected. It also meets the desired outcome or the specific results you want. An impractical goal would be something that you cannot achieve even if you were given all the resources of the world. The practicality of your goals will shape whether you get frustrated or not. If your goals are impossible goals, you would only be chasing shadows and get disappointed. Of course, you do not want to be in such a position. However, there is a caveat here. Your goals should also push and force you to grow. Design your goals to fit the balance between practicality and growth potentials.


The trackability of a goal is a pivoting point to achieving your goals. The goals you lay down for yourself should be confined within the boundary of time. Moreover, tracking your goals guides your progress and alerts you on how far you have gotten to. One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to set a time for them. It helps you to be consistent and encourages you to keep records. We live in one of the greatest times of self-tracking. Whether it is tracking your fitness goals, your diet, or nearly anything else, there are tools out there to help record your daily progress.

Conclusion on PROMPT goal-setting

Take time to think about what you want to do with your life. Utilize the PROMPT goal-setting as elaborated above. You could start by setting small goals that are easy to achieve. Work on them by going through the steps listed above. Enjoy them, have patience as well, because it will definitely take a while before you achieve your desired outcome. Don’t stay idle, engage yourself as far as it brings improvement. In the end, it will help you to discover yourself more.

The choice is yours, and I believe you are going to make the right decision.

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