New years are always filled with so much optimism and that is a good thing. It’s a custom that we wish everyone we know a happy and prosperous new year. We can then go make a few resolutions just as we did last year and magically hope they come to pass cos it’s the new year.

You may have noticed article came late because most of you would have created resolutions already. Trust me, I’m not late and I know what I’m doing. This is the time you can think about your goals critically. For the record I don’t have much faith in new year resolutions.

What is a resolution?

Resolutions are often perceived to be a bunch of things you want to happen for you in the new year. As much as this isn’t a wrong notion, it shortcuts what very important aspects of a real resolution. A resolution is a firm decision (one you have thought about very well) fired up by the determination to solve an actual problem and comes with a detail, almost daily activity plan, to achieve the resolution. So tell me, why have resolutions been associated with new year? I’ve no idea whatsoever but that doesn’t matter now. What matters is how making a new year resolution just keeps you limited in what you do for a year and mostly never doing anything

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Resolutions huh? A few statistics!

This forbes articles says only 8% of people who make such resolutions actually achieve them. Also, anther research shows

The stats are clearly showing the fact that most people don’t pay much attention to their goals even enough to write them down.


Why I don’t believe in new year resolutions!

Resolutions are a good thing but new year resolutions have become a thing people simply do because it’s the time and season but not because they see the actual need. At new year, they simply come up with a few things they wish to change mostly without much thought of the root cause of their problems. Therefore, they tend to simply create goals which allow them to react and be proactive.

1. It’s just another way to conform
As mentioned earlier, most people set goals because they feel everyone is setting goals and it feels fun to join the movement and have some too. This steals the action-ability of the goals or resolutions away. This is because was simply following the tide and the tide may not be our flow. Perhaps we don’t even see the need except the fact that it’s time to have some resolutions and goals.

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2. Resolutions are decisions, most of us use them as tactics
From the definition of resolutions above, resolutions are meant to be decisions. This means we can make them anytime of the year that we see the dire need for resolutions. When we create resolutions because we see the need, we are more willing to stay the cause and implement them because we have a good “Why” to make them happen.

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3. Most don’t achieve new year resolutions
In fact, most people forget their resolutions in January. The success rates clearly show this, that new year resolutions mostly lack the desire and need to solve a problem aspect. They are created simply because of the fuss everyone seems to be creating about their goals to be better. Who would join a movement to be a better person?

4. It carries no meaning resulting into lack of action
New year resolutions lack the needed desire to move the goal setter to action.
When should you make resolutions?

I believe you have absorbed the point that a resolution must not necessarily be for the new year because mostly when they are made in the new year, they lack the need and problem aspect and flow toward just following the movement.

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1. So number one, make your resolutions when you need them

2. Make them smart goals

3. Create an accountability system as well as get an accountability partner

4. Create a reward system for yourself when you achieve them.

My desire is for you to create goals which make meaning to you, solves a problem and contributes to your personal vision.


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