Our everyday life is bandied with the idea of getting the most out of everything we do, living a productive life, and chasing fulfilling. Sadly, we almost always find it difficult to effectively do that. Life can be full of so routine that we become used to doing things the same way, which creates a ripple effect of getting less and less done as the days go by. Almost everyone wants to experience and maximize his or her day, so that much can be accomplished within the 24-hour window a day. Being human, we normally think things are going to work out but truth be told, things don’t just work out, success and productivity are as a result of intentional steps and actions taken diligently.

10 Steps To Living A More Productive Life And Achieve Your Goals

A productive life shouldn’t be targeted for businesses/career purposes only (which most of us do), but it should resonate on every aspect of your life especially your personal or private lives. It’s really fun and fulfilling knowing that as you go through each day you inevitably will make your life more productive in every aspect. Take a careful read, as you consider the following ways of making your life very productive especially in times like this.

  1. Have Laser-Like Focus on your Goals

Desiring greater and more impact on your daily life to be productive demands having a single-mindedness to the very things you want to achieve. You might be wondering what connects focus to being productive. A focused mind has a clearer vision. This ensures that you ignore other things and concentrate on a single goal until it gets achieved. Your productivity depends on how focused the goals you want to achieve are. As you go through the week, concentrate your attention, energy, and ability on what you want to achieve first!

  1. Create A Plan Toward that Productive Life
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Next to focus is the need to have a plan. Productivity, whether in your personal life or business, can have a great boost in your life if you add a solid plan to it. We normally plan for the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the recreational places but don’t really plan for the most important things in our lives. Planning gives you the opportunity to assign tasks for a time yet to come. The truth to the cliché, “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail” makes it clear that we normally plan our failure without planning our productivity. Jumpstart your day by planning. This will prevent unpleasant occurrences and a great loss of time, money, and energy.

  1. Make A To-Do List

The very idea of making a to-do list is to serve as a navigation tool for how to go about things in the day. Making a to-do list can be so overwhelming that we almost always don’t really make one. Preferably, we have to make a to-do list a night before the day it will be used. This makes you confident to jump-start the next day with a clear sense of purpose as to what we want to achieve.

  1. Start A Little Earlier

There’s a feeling of fulfillment you get when you start your day early in the morning. Waiting till later in the day to do the things you want to achieve means less attention and energy will be dedicated to the very important things. Doing assignments in the evening can be very discouraging that you may either end up doing little of it or none of it at all. Start your tasks a little earlier, living each day at a time.

  1. Tackle The Seemingly Difficult To-Do List First
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Following your to-do list keenly can be discouraging at times especially when there are some tough tasks on your to-do list. There’s a good remedy! Start with the toughest tasks on your to-do list first. This will help especially with tasks that are time-sensitive.

  1. Prioritize

 A to-do list can be followed accordingly especially in the very order planned but here’s the trick, prioritize the items or tasks in your to-do list by indicating the ones that are urgent, important, and necessary. Some tasks might be important but not urgent and some can be necessary but not important at the moment. Prioritizing will set the focus on what to be done at the right time.

  1. Be Accountable To Someone

It’s normally said that a problem shared is half solved. But this isn’t any problem! Truth be told, we normally relax especially when for a few days we gear our energy into achieving some of our goals. Having an accountability partner will help you stay on track, focused, and also ready to achieve your goals. This could be someone you trust, who can be monitoring your progress.

  1. Check Time Consuming Activities

Your productivity can be short-lived by some time-wasting activities. This normally happens when we take a break on our activities which end up in additive time-wasting activities like games, browsing on social media, using our smartphones, and watching television or movies. There has to be a clear balance, so taking a break you don’t waste too much of your time on these things. Instead, have a time limit on how you will spend your breaks and how to use social media.

  1. Do A Reality Check
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Performing a reality check will spare you the time and energy of not wasting time on certain activities. Truth is, things don’t really go as planned or the way we would like them to happen but you have to be real to yourself. Having a to-do list and following it keenly are two different things that have to be clear to you. Performing a reality check should tell you when to take a break if need be but not to give up completely.

  1. Be A Goal-Setter

Making your goals clear is very paramount in being productive. There’s a clear relationship between the level of clarity of the goals you want to achieve and almost everything you achieve in life. Step up your game by setting goals that are clear enough based on your terms and understanding.


A productive life is well within your reach. You can live each day feeling fulfilled and successful at the end of it all. It all starts with practicing these strategies shared. It isn’t a one-day thing and it’ll take time to build the habits. This will benefit you immensely to stick to the discipline and routine to become a productivity beast, goal achiever, and live the life you truly desire and deserve.

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