Bernard is a down to earth generational thinker who inspires the Wordinspired team greatly hence this great feature of a compilation of all his top personal branding quotes we could get our hands on. He is a true gem, an uncut diamond and a shining star to our generation. We salute you, Sir!

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Thought-Provoking Powerful Personal Branding Quotes From Bernard Kelvin Clive

  1. “Instead of overly seeking to get more ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ on social media seek to build trust lasting relationships” — Bernard Kelvin Clive
  2. The world is fast-changing and until you learn to adapt and adjust to stand out from the masses, you will fade into oblivion – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  3. Branding is to constantly create a perception in the mind of consumers that there is no product like yours – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  4. Innovation invasion is a brand’s wheel that turns fortunes – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  5. How people perceive your brand will determine how they will receive your brand – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  6. Every connection you create either helps or hurts you – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  7. The success of your personal brand is hooked to your character, not your brand tangibles – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  8. Without sense of purpose and clear direction of your life, you will only be building a fake brand of you – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  9. Don’t seek to be the loudest voice in the room, but seek to be a clear distinctive voice. – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  10. Be abnormal; being normal is too predictable for your brand – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  11. Strong brands are not built through shortcuts and copycats – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  12. Any Brand that does not bear good fruit, will fade away and die! – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  13. Don’t dilute your core message burning in your spirit just to satisfy the masses. – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  14. You must come to grips with yourself and settle in your spirit that not all open doors are meant for you and not all favors are friendly. – Bernard Kelvin Clive
  15. A number of people have stopped playing the game (Living their dreams) and instead cheering with the crowd (following the masses Just because they missed a penalty, a chance, an opportunity). Let nothing stop you! Its time to start playing again, its your dream, make it happen – Bernard Kelvin Clive
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About Bernard Kelvin Clive

Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author, Speaker, and Trainer, Africa’s foremost authority on Personal branding. As a speaker & trainer, he has been known to simplify complex ideas about branding and life and present them to audiences in clear, actionable steps. He has over a decade of experience in digital publishing and has globally consulted and trained thousands of entrepreneurs, pastors, and people like you to write books and build brands. He hosts the number one ranked Career & Business Podcast in Ghana. Source:


Personal branding has become very important in our world where a lot of things demand our attention. Attention span is dropping low and low. People need to build strong personal brands to remain relevant to the people they want to attract. Bernard is a genius branding trainer and we hope you learnt a lot from him. 

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