Everyone has their point of satisfaction in life. We all see success in a different way. I can never be satisfied with what you have neither can you be satisfied with what I have. That is the beauty of life, it’s what makes life, life. 

Each day, every single day is motivation enough for one to push through what he calls the success of his life. The chance to see another day should be enough motivation for you and me. I said “should”, yes, “ should” because unfortunately, the complexity of the world we live in has set a standard, a standard of “self-worth” to be the source of motivation for one to reach the success of his life. Do I agree? No, the important question is “Do you agree?

Who Are You? 

First and foremost, I will start by saying that, it depends. Do you constantly feel empty, lonely? Do you need another to survive? Do you seek validation and approval for every step you take? Do you yearn for something yet you know not what the craving is for? Are you independent? 

If you find yourself facing any of these then personal development is essential for you. With most people, having nothing except their identity is motivation enough for them. But you and I may not be like most people. 

We need to own, create, help out, be needed, be indispensable so as to feel that we are headed towards the fulfillment of our goals.

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What Exactly Is Self Development

Don’t be surprised, but many people do not see the need to self-develop. It is a struggle, one which many don’t want to embark on. We all should. It is actually a must, one that many fail to acknowledge, hence, they find it difficult to find out the cause of their many failures in certain fields of their lives. 

Personal development is quite crucial, a motivational tactic to development. No matter how small or big the development you make in your life is, the end product is all that is relevant. It’s all about how you appreciate who you are, the urge, energy to strive to do all you want to do. The encouragement to be self-disciplined, concise and precise, determined, and persevere to making it and hitting your jackpot. The amazing thing is that the easiest said, but difficult to have for a reward of self-development will grace you and overwhelm you: Independence.

Independence: The Need To Be Personally Developed

I would start by asking what it means to be independent. But then again, I will say that our understanding of independence varies based on the situation, the circumstances we find ourselves in. So, to the simplest form, I will put it this way. 

Being independent is the ability to do something for oneself without any external help. Let us be real, no one wants to be with a needy person. 

A person who doesn’t know his self-worth. People will not come straight at you but deep down you will feel it. You will know when the people you cling to see you as a burden, a nuisance. You will become a nag, to your partner, friends, family. 

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The feeling of self-pity will never leave you. You have nothing of your own, nothing to be proud of. You will wonder if you even have a chance to succeed. Developing yourself will give you the confidence to be independent. The confidence to put yourself and your goals first. You can only be indispensable when you take a step from the people you rely on and a step to relying on yourself.

How Do I Tread On The Part To Self Development

Psyche your mind and know that if you are to fall back, you have no one to fall on but yourself. So, don’t even fall back, just keep on going. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that isolate yourself, shun anyone who is and has always been there for all because you are on a mission to develop yourself. Do not alienate yourself or anyone. Learn to not rub your goal in the face of your loved ones so you don’t sack them. 

However, be harmlessly self-reliant. Tell yourself that you are hitting your target no matter what and to do that, you need to make yourself strong and relevant enough to catch you anytime you fall. When you develop this mindset, you will give no room to self-loathe or self-pity. 

You will become focused no matter how huge or small your development is. To you, you are making something out of yourself and that’s all that should matter. Cherishing yourself is the aim of making it. You plan for bigger success each day because you never stop craving and wanting to do more than you are doing for you know what you are made of. You will not have a finishing line because you will never have the feeling of ever finishing, ever stopping. 

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There will always be more to do. More to achieve. Like I said before, we each have a different point or stage for determining our success. Self-development will heighten your level of success. This may sound funny….. but you will be oblivious of your level of success.

When Do I Stop

As you begin to personally develop yourself, one question which will be bugging you is “when do I stop?” Funny enough, no one starts to be self-reliant and just wants to stop and wallow again. There’s no stopping. 

Even though you may be reading many books, watching several videos to follow the steps to develop yourself, or encourage yourself, the moment you get engrossed in taking the steps to develop, it becomes your life. You live it, you love it, it becomes you. 

Every achievement becomes a part of your identity. One that no man can snatch from you.


The journey looks difficult, lonely, and scary. You will be afraid of failure. You wouldn’t know when to begin, what to start with. As I mentioned before, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. It’s all about how important every step makes you feel and the motivation it gives you to do more and make your goals possible. Start by doing the small things which make you feel valuable…the path will be clear to you.

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  1. I might be biased to say, this is the best article I’ve read from WordInspired. It really is a helpful article. One that challenges me to think about a lot of things.
    The only thing I don’t totally agree with the article is the first paragraph in the “Who Are You?” section. But, nonetheless, it’s a really inspiring piece.

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