Is there a need for a good working relationship? Is Superior-Subordinate relationship something to be concerned about? 

How far does it have to go at the workplace before it can be considered abuse? 

Is it normal for us to have a working environment where one is mentally abused by comments from Superiors? 

The above questions and more always come into my head any time I have a general question on what are the ails in our environment as a people?

What is a Good Work Relationship?

A working relationship is a relationship between a boss and a colleague, or two colleagues.

As said in Indeed Career, although the working relationships may not be as intimate as the relationships we have with other relations, it is crucial.

A good or bad working relationship determines how effective that partnership will be in carrying out their job. It ensures or disrupts productivity.

It is imperative we have a good working relationship in any workplace. 

Good Work Relationships Improve Morale

Morale is something that drives the work we do. A sad person cannot produce happy work. In a situation where a worker is unhappy with the work environment, that worker will never give their all to their work. They just pass through the day, hoping for the working period to end.

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However, a worker who is happy at his work gives his all to ensure the highest output in work is made. A low morale working environment will always produce low or no productivity.

Good Work Relationships foster Personal Growth

In a workplace, we have experienced and inexperienced workers working hand-in-hand. As long as we are in a working environment where there is co-existence, parties can learn from each other. Knowledge can be shared. Lifelong connections can be made.

Good Work Relationships; The Role of Human Resources (HR)

In a civilized world, Human Resource (HR) is taken in the highest esteem. There is a Management in place to develop employees so they become more valuable to the organization.

As said in a GISMA Business School article – “The Importance of Human Resource Management”, Management has an obligation to ensure the organization is catering to the overall wellbeing of its employees. They help strengthen the employer-employee relationship which enhances employee satisfaction and productivity. They set up a work environment with a healthy and friendly culture.

These functions are of high importance because without them, the productivity and wellness of a worker are adversely affected. This is why it is a rule of thumb, every company with above 50 employees should have an HR Department. 

Do HR Departments Function in Africa?

A question that should be asked more often is, is the HR Department fully functioning in companies in Africa? Or is their function now solely based on recruitments?

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How many employees/subordinates would be willing to report a case of abuse by an employer/superior to HR?

The answer to that question lies with you.

It lies in the number of individuals who can proudly say they love their job not mainly because they get monthly pay but, also because they are in the best work environment.

It lies in the output of an Organisation. 

It doesn’t lie in how it appears when the public is watching. It lies in what employees say when somebody is listening or better still not listening.

One could say we live in a talkless society. Once it is taken as a norm for Superiors to talk down on Subordinates. Where it is “normal” for Superiors to use derogatory words to Employees based on their performance instead of giving Constructive Criticism on work done.

It is because of this “normal” most Organisations die out. Because, when employees or subordinates get the slightest of opportunities to leave, they do.

It is because of this “normal”, we go to a Customer Service, and we are treated as enemies instead of what we simply are, Customers. We have people taking out their frustrations on other people not connected to their issues.

It is because of this “normal”, enemies are made at the end of work completion.

It is because of this “normal”, we are in a spiral in our country and Africa at large. Going in a spiral of ups and mostly downs. People are functioning at their lowest mental states and producing poor results. Because of people’s desire to “get out” or “be free”, they do anything to “be free”, and damn the repercussions of their actions. 

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Even those who claim they love what they do, in the end, will not. Because they’d be frustrated along the line when they encounter a Superior with a bad work ethic.

Good work relations would not be an issue, but it is. A good work relationship is so important because people who work also have a place away from work. After work, they go to their families. In a toxic work environment, work stress will cause conflict and friction in families and other relationships.

It is no excuse if an organization doesn’t have an HR Department to manage or run its Human Resource affairs. As human beings, we have to do what needs to be done to attain the best overall wellbeing for ourselves.

What has Tough Love to do with it?

We can’t read minds to know “Tough Love” is the way to motivating an individual’s work performance. It is necessary, all the time, we approach each other from a “See Through Me” point of view. We’re not all functioning at the same pace, it is wise we do things that ensure employee morale is at a high. This will bring the highest productivity in work, and the highest mental state of the employee.

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