Opinion: On The Sexual Objectification Of Women

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God in his wisdom, created both man and woman (Humanity) in a peculiar nature. In creation,  God distinguished human beings from other creatures. In the human race, God gave each individual IQs, talents and ideas. Human beings become rational, decide on what is good for them; and pursue this path. 

It is humanity that tells us to respect every individual. Be kind and generous to the vulnerable. And show love to even those who persecute us.

What do We Collectively See In Women?

For this reason, one would expect that for both sexes. We’d respect the strengths and capabilities inherent in every human being. Unfortunately, wommen tend to be appreciated for their bodies than their potentials. 

We do not see them for their capabilities but for their looks and appearances. Though some men experience this, it is women who suffer most at the extreme end. Hence, women are pressured to be of certain body types and shape, just to please society. 

Some have even had to go through surgery just to have a particular type of shape. These body types are the expectations of how the physical appearance of a lady should look. All these are happening because, in our societies, women are not appreciated for what they can offer with their brains. But rather their bodies. It is for this reason that in music video clips, male dancers are usually well dressed. While vixens, aside from their dancing skills, have to go the extra mile of exposing their bodies.

The Objectification of Women

Women are not respected as they are supposed to. Instead, they are seen as objects created to satisfy one purpose – sex. Yes! It becomes heightened when women are seen as sex objects. And solely for the sexual desires of men and can be discarded after use. Sexual objectification. Some men have even gone to the extreme to marry, just because of sex. It is just like buying a cat not as pet/friend but just for the purposes of catching mice, without which, it is of no use. 

Objectification of Women; The Case of Ghana

Sexual Objectification has become so common and accepted that women have been harassed for resisting; a situation worsened by the silence of society.  

Interestingly, society has found a way to protect the perpetrators of these heinous, shameful acts. 

Whenever victims have come out to openly complain against these big men in society, society has always found a way to defend them. We rather urge these people on by attacking victims who boldly come out to complain about the ills of the society. Unfortunately, that is the system we have built: a system designed to support wrongdoing.

Objectification of Women: A Systemic Problem?

Our system makes it almost impossible for young ladies to earn a decent living without being sexually harassed at some point. We have intentionally put in place structures that will prevent these ladies from easily realizing their goals, so they will be pushed into the nets of these big men in our societies. This is achieved by simply making our system anti-women. Every year, over 60% of graduate churned out are women but only 30% of formal sector employees are women; even in the informal sector, men still dominate!

This has empowered some men to take undue advantage of these voiceless young ones in our various institutions and workplaces.

Job Seekers Aren’t the last of victims

How many times have ladies been denied jobs and promotions because they refused the “big men” sex? How many times haven’t we heard nurses have been posted to remote areas as punishment for turning down sex advances? What of fresh teacher trainees whose salaries are delayed because they said NO to IPPD coordinators? As if beauty is a crime, some Lecturers are even failing students just for saying no to their advances.

Some are even bold enough to tell them that “until you say yes, forget about passing my paper.” Some lecturers even go to the extent of failing male friends they perceive to be the boyfriends of these ladies. If you are from a poor home and you find yourself in such a situation, what would you do? Do you continue to “fail” and face the wrath of your parents or give in to these individuals and have “your peace of mind”? This is the dilemma most of our ladies find themselves in every day! 

Here’s a real scenario

In October 2018, I was with a brother at the emergency unit of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) for a few days. I was elated to see very young, beautiful medical Doctors that were going by their duties without the supervision of men. 

Notwithstanding, I have seen “educated” men and women who have directly or indirectly referred to women in top positions as harlots; because to them, they couldn’t have gotten there if they did not offer sex. Really? So people still think that aside from sex, women have nothing to offer? Of course, there are a lot of intelligent and hardworking women out there who are making women proud and need commendation. 

There are a lot of women who are more intelligent than a lot of men, and when given opportunities, would perform wonders. In fact, research has shown that women perform better when they are in leadership positions.  

The Culture of Silence

We are all aware it happens but we have kept mute and pretended nothing of sort is going on. We all know it is killing the sate but no one seems to care!  Those who care too have little or no resources/voice/platform to fight this canker. Given the chance, a lot of people will come out and narrate the ordeals they go through every day at the workplace/school. But because of how society defends these nation wreckers, they’d rather keep mute and suffer in silence. Many intelligent ladies couldn’t reach the climax of their academic/professional lives due to sexual harassment.

Some, out of frustration, either resigned from work or stopped schooling. Some also gave in, became bitter, and are punishing others for the sins of people they probably might not ever see again.

For what I know and have seen, beauty does not prevent one from being intelligent. There are a lot of pretty women out there who are equally intelligent. Instead of name-calling, you should pray you or your children get of such of ladies to marry. 

Let’s Normalize Women Taking Up Roles Due to Merit

What we should know is that the many women we have denied opportunities because of sex could have changed the fortunes of many families, and the country. Just as men can attain higher positions without offering sex, women can achieve that and even more without offering the same. 

Women may not be physically strong but that has nothing to do with their IQs and mental strength. There is even research to the effect that a child’s level of intelligence is determined by the mum. How then do you underrate the very people who determine the level of your IQ? Why then do you reduce them to sex objects? 


As a society, it’s about time we provided women with a lot of opportunities, and assess them based on their performances, instead of their beauty and stature. Instead of the vilifications and verbal attacks, when our mothers and sisters are able to rise to the highest levels in their profession, let us appreciate and celebrate them. After all, we are because they are.

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