A minuscule focus on the caption—you’re making progress—can impart a vestige of hope that’ll help you make a headway; regardless, of the hurdles designed to hold you back. Progress isn’t that abstract as you may behold; resting on the idea that, it takes a long period of time to occur. The little progress you make each and every day add up to big results. Having this kind of mindset will aid you to appreciate the trivial advances you make in life, and as you will avoid the mirage you’ve created about progress

Where focus goes, energy goes.

Sometimes, you are inoperable; owing to the fact that, you have utterly failed to recognize the value of the little steps you take in life. Progress comes in bits, and when you see it this way, the tendency to focus on your dreams will always avail itself. Many people tend to give up on not envisioning the progress that they are making. They are forever and a day worried about being worthless, despite the change in seasons. They focus on the struggle, suffering, and sacrifice clipped to their goals and feel discouraged to hone themselves in quest of achieving them. Centering on such lame, and impotent excuses will only hold back your progress. You have to feel heartened to look forward to growing to suit our ambitions.

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Focus on the journey – Become familiar with what it takes

You can’t give up on your dreams as a result of not seeing how fast you’re moving towards them. Now, full disclosure: Those who give up will forever fail in life. Giving up will cripple your steps forward, and go miles and miles to impinge on the country and the world at large. Regardless, of the slight advances, you are making in life, you don’t have to lose hope. The noteworthy people in our country are people who didn’t quit when the storms of life chanced on them. Being on familiar terms with this, what happens if you concede defeat? You will obviously embrace full-blown failure. So, it’s time for you to buckle your belt against your seat and sail through the negatives of life with stillness in our souls. The tides will always be stormy; hence, you have to learn to breeze through.

You are an unlimited being

Hit your strides to empty fear in our lives because it operates as a striking point to your progress. The world is waiting for you to rubbish your fears for it to buttress the steps you are yearning to take. You’ll forever be pacesetters, should you rule out fear. You can overcome anything—be it, failure, limitation, or troubles when you quench the fire of fear. Do yourself a favor today, and step out of fear as it is on the verge of changing your life for good.  

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Put some passionate fight into the journey

You must also learn not to take flight from things that take stabs at intimidating you—stand and fight with all your energy and passion. Running away from them will sternly create despair which has the muscle to phase in failure. And you should also never pave the way for people to drain the little efforts you are assembling. Because, if you give your blessing to that, and fail; they are the same people who’d laugh and demean us in lots of ways. Ignite your passion and work hard—forgo naysayers!

Give yourself the credit, you are doing well.

It is high time; you appreciate the little progress you are making, in that, you’ll be spurred not to quit when things are becoming tough. Despite what the situation may be, come to know that giving up on your dream isn’t an option. Doors open and close as they see fit, and owing to this, when you see them closed, don’t turn back—keep pressing on. Our breakthrough may just be nigh; however, what happens when you renounce your dreams? They’ll bite the dust, and failure will strongly dawn on us.

Know this – Success is Personal and Self-paced

Let’s always identify ourselves to ourselves because each and every one of us is unique. It is in getting a better understanding of who you are, and what you are capable of, that’ll help you to appreciate the little progress you are making in life. You must figure out how to avoid living to fulfill other’s dreams; rendering yours, inconsequential. In reality, the result of that is pain, discouragement, and breakdown. Step out of other’s dreams; and dream of your steps—essentially, your aspirations and visions—for you to change for the better.

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Learn from the experienced

You’ve mirrored the lives of other people for a long time, and it is now time for you to cross such carpet, and be ourselves—the stage of our lives where you flaunt ourselves as you are; not pretending or playacting. You can’t be anyone: but you can be you. Learn from people you admire, but not imitate them, especially, in the area of how they talk, walk, or behave. Imitating will simply mitigate our abilities. When you get to know yourself better, you will not be hunted by the progress of others because passion will be acutely driving you towards your goals. You need your own time to travel your own distance; so, don’t compare your progress to that of others. Some vacate entitled to slow progress by no means regarding that slow progress is progress.


Allow yourself to be proud of ourselves and all the steps forward you have made so far; notably, the progress that no one beside us can get the message.

George Bernard Shaw affirmed: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

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