Making maximum impacts by Collins Harry Chamba – Book review

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Making maximum impacts by Collins Harry Chamba – Book review

The self-development industry has seen dozens and dozens of bestsellers and even more which have never yet been written. Most of the authors try to teach something which can help the reader make their life better. This is exactly what Collins Harry does in one of his latest books – Making maximum impacts.


Collins H. Chamba is a student at the premier university in Ghana, the University of Ghana. From the lines making the various chapters of this book, he beautifully weaves his passion into workable advice useful to anyone willing to go down memory lane as someone who has impacted lives. The author hails from the Volta part of the country. He studies marine science.

The book contains 8 chapters of content all about how you can make whatever impact you have always wanted.


Chapter one starts with how visionary God is. Taking us through the creation story, the author shows the visionary principles god exhibits in creation. The chapter deals with all aspects of the vision and purpose of God for creating us. It answers questions like what is vision and explains why our vision must not be just about us or our families. We are made for more, therefore we needn’t limit ourselves to mediocrity and underachievement.


The rest of the 7 chapters will take you through diligence, discipline, determination, courage, character,  charisma, and revolution.


5 Things I’ve personally learned from This great book.


1. You must have a vision

The author starts the book on this theme I believe because of its immense importance to making maximum impacts. Without vision, you wouldn’t start in the first place. This is because most often we are fine just in our comfort zones. When you possess a very big vision, your current state sort of makes you want to achieve your vision even more and more. I see a vision as a hunger for more. The author uses How God created the earth and a very good illustration of the power of vision. It was a vision which allowed God to create us. Creation, therefore, stems from vision.


2. Never underestimate the power of diligence in ones work

Work is something which occupies a huge part of our lives and also takes most of our time. Come to think of it, if something has such a big role in your life why would you want it to be something you don’t Like? You need to love what you do. This will enable you to apply the needed diligence in doing the work. With diligence comes achievement and impact. The author clearly states that work is serious business Therefore it must be approached with the needed seriousness in order for success to be gained.


3. Go beyond the normal. Be the revolution

It’s often the case where we pay much attention to the current standards that we forget to raise the standards. The author advises the reader to go beyond the norm and do what lies within him instead of trying to conform to already set standards. It’s okay to be different and it’s okay to try out new things. Go the extra mile to raise your standards.


4. Without persistence, you can only come close to your vision.

Almost anyone can start something but it takes more to keep going. This is particularly true for endeavors which are problem-filled and there are challenges at every corner of the journey. Persistence is what will keep you going when these challenges become too burdensome that you wish you hadn’t started in the first place.


5. You need God along the journey.

The author and finisher of our works are the one and only who. Why would you neglect the author of the blueprint you are using to construct your dreams? God has given us the assurance that it won’t be easy, this goes to mean that he has a plan for us even though it won’t be easy. But why bother if we are assured of a good ending? What comes in between doesn’t matter as much as the end. The end is something good as promised by God. So as you go about your day to day activities, do not forget that there is a bigger force working for you and with you.



These are my top 5 takes from the book. It has been a nice experience reading this book and i would recommend you do so too. Get a copy and read the amazing story of the author, how he wrote this book in only a week and other amazing things about the book.

Kindly do leave your comments about your favorite of the 5 lessons from the book. If you finally get to read the book, do leave a comment about your own top lessons from the book


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