Kwame Despite subtly resides in the back of the heads of more than half of the population of the nation Ghana and beyond. Dr Osei Kwame, known by many as Kwame Despite or Despite has become the motivational speaker’s premium example, and the typical Ghanaian youth’s go to for what the future can be like, starting from the bottom to the “now we here’s.”

Who is Kwame Despite? Background

Born in 1962 at Agona Wiamoaso in the Ashanti region, his educational profile has not been much to write home about but has certainly justified that a man’s end is more important than his beginning in that regard.

Today, he holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Human Resource from Canterbury University, Honorary Ambassador of Business Entrepreneur in West Africa (Ambassador) and Honorary man of the moment, Ghana, West Africa, not necessarily out of an academic effort, but by sheer recognition of impact.

How It All Started

A peek into Dr Osei Kwame’s mirror of the success destination most seek to reach, at this point, shows us a reflection of light somewhere in the middle of the tunnel, even before the end; this, that while education is invaluable, the few who press on in life with the right mind-set and principles, in the face of challenges in gaining access to it, and or completing the needed cycles, can prove to reap even more rewards than those who go through the mill.

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Another image we identify with from the mirror of this humble yet successful business mogul is the reflection of adaptation and attention to what works.

Returning to Ghana from Nigeria in 1983 with only a chainsaw machine and a trident cassette player, (after an attempt to seek greener pastures), he broke first into the timber industry.

Interestingly, his most important and initial capital, his faithful chainsaw, was crushed by a falling tree on the very first day of starting that business. Not allowing that to deter him he turned to his last remaining asset, his cassette player and ventured into the cassette and tape-recording business.

His hustle paid off and grew into what he later called Despite productions, distributing audio/ visual cassettes and CDs.

Breaking Out

After his success in the CD and tape distribution industry, he noticed an opening in the radio industry and ventured in there to help further the advancement of the radio industry, with a social burden to use this means to further education to the public through immediate access to wide relatable information.

While all radio stations existing at the time broadcasted in the English language, Kwame Despite decided to do things a little differently. In 1999 he established the now-famous Peace FM at mile 7 junction in Accra, broadcasting in the Akan language.

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This changed the entire phase of radio as it were in the entire country, propelling him to seemingly sudden success.

Now A Man Of Many Businesses

Today, Dr. Osei-Kwame, considered an excellent businessman, is the owner of the Despite Company Ltd which is a trading company with subsidiaries in the media industry namely, PEACE FM, OKAY FM station, and NEAT FM, all found in Accra, with HELLO FM stationed in Kumasi. He also co-founded the United Television (UTV).

Kwame Despite is also known for his non-media establishments such as NEAT FOODS LTD, ANTONA FOODS LTD (producing the ever-popular THIS WAY chocolate drink and other flavours including the Motherlac cereal for children), as well as a Salt mining company located at Winneba, producing such products as U2 Iodized salt.

Despite is the co-founder and Vice-Chairman of Best Point Savings and Loans Ltd, a renowned financial institution in the country.

In 2013, he was awarded the Best Entrepreneur for Multimedia by Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industries. Despite is a strong and devoted Christian, married to a lovely wife with children.

Kwame Despite Networth

Kwame Despite is reportedly worth $1.6 Billion. However, the constituents and source of this valuation isn’t very clear.

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For Dr Osei Kwame, with the right planning, investments, persistence, dedication and the right spiritual foundational principles, everything is possible under the sun. This invaluable hand-made mirror of an example of a man shows us an incredible yet inspiring image that you can make a name for yourself when you combine practical solutions with knowledge.

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