Success! What does it mean at all? Success is very relative and subjective and depends first of all on the individual and their believes so let’s not delve into such a tedious line of analysis but rather pay attention to the keys to being successful to whatever you consider to be what defines your success. Maybe we can talk about that someday (seems like another good article to write). The fact is that though the definition for success is a widely varying issue in terms of the opinions as to what it is, how to become successful is generally agreed on and it boils down to a few keys. These are the most urgent that we should deal with. After all who doesn’t want to know how to be successful?
To be successful doesn’t require many physical possessions. Know this from the start. Success depends on your ideas and how you ply about your journey to achieving them. There are people who literally have gold but think it can only be found elsewhere. Its starts from the mind. This of course is very abstract. It’s all in the mind, and so what?

Men are ruled by their desire and their vision for the future.
Vision and the desire to make these a reality determines the inner force which constantly pushes you toward the outward realization of your vision emanating from your imagination which I basically your dreams. Desire is the foremost requirement in becoming a successful person.

Faith is the evidence of things perceived in no other sense but the mind.
The believe in what isn’t physically seen but what the mind’s eye portrays as possible is called faith. This is something all great achievers have. They dare to dream beyond imagination. Though it is not possible to dream beyond imagination, there’s is no limitation to your dreaming capability. It is simply endless. To be successful, you must dare to try these ideas out and they stick with most of these ideas long enough to make them work.

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The only limitation to your success is your vision and imagination power
Imagination determines your vision and that determines what your dreams are. What you can perceive, that imagine in your mind’s eye and believe that it is possible is almost a reality. The final ingredients are a pulsating and burning desire to make it happen and actually outing in the work to see it become true. The fact is, we all have imaginations and we all have dreams but not everyone makes these dreams their utmost desire that they can’t go a day without doing something to make this dream come true let alone going against their family, friends and basically anyone who thinks they’re insane to even think such things. We basically have dreams, what we lack is courage and enough desire to chase these imaginations and dreams.

Commit to an endless, continuous learning habit. That is self-education.
A genuine desire for knowledge is one of the most beautiful things to happen to people desiring to be successful. If Curiosity isn’t in your tools, kindly develop it now! To achieve this, the process is simple yet it takes much dedication and commitment that most people are not able to keep it up to the end. They lack persistence. The curious person doesn’t brush off new ideas and therefore knowledge. Being open minded to new concepts and listening to proponents of such concepts with rapt attention. Conducting your personal research to be able to make a personal opinion on the issue at hand and never resting at the fact that you haven’t been able to figure something out, constantly being hungry for knowledge and to learn new things. Knowledge and practice is the best way to develop skills. It’s one thing to know how to swim and to actually be able to swim. Being able to absorb and fully understand that statement will do you much good than reading the best literature and research and theses on skills development. To be able to learn quickly, you must be able to fasten your learning cycle to accommodate new skills and concepts as fast as possible. This will enable you to be among the top in any field of your choice because you are able to master any new development in that field and hence you become an expert.

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Your Success is just one more day of persistence away!
It is one thing to have the courage to start another and it is equally another thing to be resilient to failure, to move from failure to failure without losing an inch of your enthusiasm. Most people are usually quick to start with an idea which captures their attention, but very few stay to the end. Very few people are often willing to give up their full their jobs to dedicate all their time this single idea. History has told of many great people who have often persisted and they are proof that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Thomas Edison being the most recurrent in the leaves of books written about such great people. Thomas Edison was an American inventor who invented the light bulb. He had an idea to light up the world at night. He tried several hundreds of times and yet never gave. It is reported that he tried more than a 1000 times. The question is why would someone do this if they do not believe and have faith in their dream? Another classic example of persistent people is J.K. Rowling, the writer of Harry Potter. She first conceived the idea for Harry Potter while in a train. She then wrote the first part of Harry potter afterwards. She visited as many as 12 publishers who all refused to publish her book. She did not relent. She proceeded to the 13th publisher who finally supported her dream to come true. Hackers have a saying that “It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of how”. This is a powerful saying. It implies that hackers don’t think there’s something they can’t hack, it’s just about when they will get there. This mindset is a very powerful one and must be adapted to all fields of life especially when we are after success.

What you need is to stay long enough to make it happen.

Success is a journey, a process and whoever wishes to be successful must go down their own path because the success highway isn’t a one-way road. Success is also a process. One basic reason most people fail is that they aren’t just persistent enough, they aren’t a little more imaginative, they aren’t strong-hearted to take the difficult decisions and they expect success to come too early. I’ve realized most youth have taken this mentality hence they go into all sorts of things like sakawa, scamming and several other dubious ways to make money. MONEY ISN’T SUCCESS AND IT TAKES YEARS AND YEARS OF WORK, PERSISTENCE AND SELF CONFIDENCE TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

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