Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. It is what causes you to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge.

Even the most skilled and efficacious go-getters in life need to be motivated every now and then. Several stratagems can be adopted to keep a person motivated to achieve success. 

10 Key Strategies for Staying Motivated

1. Set Specific Goals

When you set goals or targets, it propels you to achieve the success you desire. Whether it is to win a 100 m dash or get a high score in an exam, setting goals specifically tailored to the outcome you desire will inspire you to put your best foot forward to attain your goal.

2. Create a Plan of Action

An action plan aids in planning and setting achievable goals. It serves as a guide and inspires a person to achieve the success they want to obtain. This helps a person to stay focused and not lose sight of the goal or target they want to achieve.

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3. Accountability Partner

Someone who will hold you accountable for your actions and inactions that will either lead to your success or failure is an accountability partner.

It is usually a peer who understands your goal or what you’re trying to achieve and therefore, they can encourage or criticize you which motivates you to do better.

5. Reframe Negative situations

Don’t let your failures or setbacks hold you down or cause you to quit; rather use those moments to learn and get back on your feet.

There will be hard times in trying to achieve your goals but those hard times should not deter you from attaining your goal but instead guiding you towards your goal.

6. Relax

Sometimes you just need to stroll on the sandy beach late-night or sleep for a few hours to get rejuvenated and inspired to achieve success.

Taking a week to deal with mental stress or avoiding social media for a while can help relieve stress and tension. Try to have fun occasionally.

7. Do what makes you happy

Similar to taking a break once in a while, your goals should align with your interests so you don’t feel like it’s a bore or a chore to do.

If you like to make artworks, channel that activity into a business venture which could make you money at the same time, make you happy.

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If you’re good at math, try picking up courses or businesses that involve the math skill so it is effectively utilized. You will only succeed when you put your best foot forward to achieve your goals.

8. Prayer

This might sound religious, but no matter your belief or non-belief, prayer, and meditation helps to keep the body and mind calm; whether it’s a prayer to Buddha, God, Allah, or Ra, the effects of mediation and prayer are proven to inspire people and keep them motivated to achieve success.

An example can be of an author who gets inspired by the beauty of mother nature.

9. Reward

The reward, prize, or gift a person will receive upon attaining a goal is sometimes just enough to push them to do better.

Students in a class are the best example of this where students strive to get the first position to receive the benefits of their success (prestige, fame, prize).

10. Responsibility

Whether you succeed or not largely depends on you. You need to be disciplined and focused to achieve those goals to be successful.

You cannot imagine or hope for greatness without the responsibility to do what is necessary and needed.

The weight of responsibility can motivate a person to strive hard and put in their max effort to achieve the success they desire.

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Stayin motivated at its core comes down to making a few habits stick to your mind and life. Identifying these habits is the gateway to staging disciplined and motivated.

Being motivated each day of your life is helpful to enjoy your stay here on earth. Study and keep these strategies for staying motivated to your mind, heart, and life. Success will find you.

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