Have you ever asked if there is a simple and short formula or steps to success? That is exactly what John Maxwell’s steps to success are. They embody the success journey for anyone to be able to follow through. This article will delve into these steps and explain them for your understanding.

John Calvin Maxwell (born February 20, 1947) is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership. Titles include The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader. His books have sold millions of copies, with some on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Maxwell is a leadership expert, speaker, and author. He is the founder of INJOY, Maximum Impact, The John Maxwell Team, ISS and EQUIP. EQUIP is an international leadership development organization working to help leaders, involved with leaders from more than 80 nations. Its mission is “to see effective Christian leaders fulfil the Great Commission in every nation”. – Source: Wikipedia

John C. Maxwell’s Seven (7) Steps to Success (+ Tips)

1. Make A Commitment To Grow Daily.

When considered, success is really a conscious commitment to do well no matter what happens. It isn’t enough to “wish for” success and it isn’t enough to want it. You have to desire it to the extent that you are willing to commit to it fully. 

Success isn’t a passive sport; you have to play actively and do so full time. Your commitment must show each and every day in your decisions and subsequent actions. 

This commitment should be about growth.

Truth is, most people are growing in age but aren’t necessarily adding to their skills, knowledge, qualifications and experiences. Do not live one day for 80 years but live each and every day in those years as different days with unique experiences and your life would be full of success and beautiful memories. 

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2. Value The Process More Than Events.

I agree we all want that prestigious award, honour or accolades. We all want to be celebrated for our achievements. Sadly, this can only happen after we have achieved something worth it. 

You can easily lose focus when all you seek is awards and the end product thus success. This is because it takes the love of the process to be able to endure all the work, disappointment, failures and all the woes of chasing success. Without a strong resolve and love of the process, you would quit. 

Hence, the event of success needs to have a personal definition for you, beyond a singular event such as a gold medal which may happen probably once in your entire. You are far more likely to achieve success when you follow your passion and value the process. 

To be able to do this well, you would have to understand the journey. This includes knowing where you are headed, why you are headed there, what it takes to get there and what you are willing to sacrifice to get there. 

It is sad that many families are broken because one or both parents sacrifice their relationships for the pursuit of success. You might be able to achieve success this way but you may not be as happy as if you had valued the process, slowed down and followed the process. 

3. Don’t Wait For Inspiration.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was to keep trying everything until I found what I had a love for and wanted to pursue.

I volunteered, committed myself to organizations, and finally found that I was interested and had a passion for inspiring people, doing business and marketing. Yes, this took time. But ask me if it was worth it and I say “I’d do it again”. I didn’t wait for inspiration. I got into action and got myself busy.

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That way, I finally found the inspiration I was looking for. If I had waited, I may never have found what I was looking for. There is this wonderful quote that says we only find ourselves losing ourselves in the service of others. 

Now, that’s profound. Chances are that inspiration will never come if you wait, but you are sure to get more than necessary inspiration if you dip your hands in the mud and get into action. Do!

4. Be Willing To Sacrifice Pleasure For Opportunity.

Let’s talk about this because it matters. Sacrifice has already been mentioned. However, special mention needs to be made of pleasure and sacrifice. 

We instinctively yearn for pleasure so it gets difficult when we have to choose between pleasure and going for an opportunity. This instinct sometimes makes opportunities seem like problems and challenges. 

In reality, opportunities often present themselves in challenges and problems. Some of the biggest organizations and successful business were created because they found a solution to a problem.  

5. Dream Big.

No one knows your limits, even yourself. That is because if you check, anytime you give yourself a limit you soon find out that you can defy it. Dreaming is free and you won’t be billed for dreaming. 

So, dream big and don’t forget the other steps by John C Maxwell. Remember they work together. A good practice to dreaming big is to take your current plan and multiply it by 10 and aim for that. 

Grant Cardone calls this the 10X Rule. Everything you want to do, 10X it. This pushes you beyond your perceived limits. You may not be able to hit the 10X but you will in most cases exceed your initial 1X. Wouldn’t you be happy to have 5X what you wanted? Next time you have a dream, think 10X. 

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6. Plan Your Priorities.

Knowing what you want to do is great, writing them is even better. Moving into action is super. But when you start to execute them, you may get overwhelmed by the amount of work. You may even doubt yourself. 

Confusion may set in because you don’t even know which one you were supposed to start with and how all your plans and goals work together. All these problems, wasted time and resources can be solved by first setting your priorities. 

This simple activity will reduce your execution problems and enable you to have the full benefits of planning. 

7. Give Up To Go Up.

There are only so many opportunities you can take up and do well at a time. You will be exposed to many opportunities, some good, some others not so good.

However, the question is, how will the opportunity help you go up and not down? Will it help you achieve your goals without hurting your good record?

In certain situations, you are already working on something and a new opportunity comes by. You need to be willing to give up to go up in such situations. 


Success isn’t really complicated as we often make it. Success lies within each and every person on earth.

There is abundance for everyone to be successful and achieve their life’s purpose. These steps are the starting point. Use them, share them and embody them.

Your success will be profound. Don’t forget to keep them in mind daily as the first step By John Maxwell says.

Don’t wait for inspiration and make sure to set your priorities. In all that you do, value the process, dream big and when giving up make sure it is to go up.

What do you think? Your turn. Share your thoughts and experiences below.

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