Imagine this, a time with no end, no aging, no end of the day, no limit whatsoever! Isn’t that great or have I just lost you in the foreignness of no confines and inanimate state of formlessness? Though you have to admit limitless success is the best imaginable thing.
We have to start somewhere though, and that is, what success to you? Is your measure riches, health, career, family, servitude, all out pleasure? Or just all of them combined?

To some driving the latest cars, owning the most modern houses, dressing and adorning in the most expensive taste possible basically being able to afford everything they wish at will. To them, that is success and they are driven to achieve just that. When that’s not the case they are not successful.
To others being of good health is what they term as success and are driven to do whatever it takes to not only attain but maintain this. Their body is their trophy of award that no one can take away, they are successful as they come.
Career is the definitive factor for success for many across the globe. The higher you raise in your ladder, the greater the respect and accolades, the more successful you are. Advancing in education and whatever course is needed is but a stepping stone on their journey to success.

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A mother, a father, beautiful sons and daughters with aunts and uncles visiting the grandma and grandpa discussing “grownup stuff” as the cousins merry their games of choice – is the picture of success to many. The immortality such joy, such laughter, such togetherness is the depiction of the warmth of love that makes a home.
The ability to serve for a greater purpose, a higher calling is the definition of success to others. The ability to fully deny yourself of the pleasures of this world and through service bring joy to those that don’t have. To help expecting no wage, no paycheck to your name.
What if everything you so desired was at your disposal. I mean everything! Every little thing, that you’ve just thought of. Now isn’t that success? Yes, now that’s what others define as success.

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Not forgetting, to others it is all the above and then some. So is success limitless or confined? It is indeed not confined much as it may be confined to someone’s personal definition. By definition success is the good outcome of an undertaking. There begs the question is your life a success?
Understanding that life is a journey and like any journey there are steps to take, measures to undertake and a time for everything. Our picture of success seldom sporadically happens like the winner of the lottery. It is a voyage, a voyage of good fortune that requires us to embrace every failure as a lesson, every setback as a different angle of the view of our success and every merit on our way as a reminder we are on the right track. From that angle, success is limitless.

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