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Time management is something successful people pay much attention to. Some very busy people even have assistants who manage their itinerary and what they do on a day to day basis. The question is why that much attention time management? Time is a resource we often take for granted. Have you ever considered that you have the same time as these successful people? Why do they get much done in a day than you get done in a week? Time is something you can never regain once it’s lost. Unlike money which can be made again if lost. Action brings results and results bring success and achievement. So how you manage your time affects the direction you are headed for in the future. It’s about time you started paying more attention to time management. Now, what is time management?




What is time management?


What is time -  Time is money
Is time really money?

Time management is the efficient allocation of time for productive purposes. It involves planning and controlling what you use your time for. As you get busier, you may need to plan your time down to the minute. Proper time management comes with less stress with more getting done. You also get time to do things you would normally think you haven’t got time for.



Benefits of time management (Why time management)

Time investment pays
Time investment pays

1. Less stress

I believe you would appreciate a bit of stress relief from your day to day activities. What if I told you it’s totally possible and it all lies on you. The truth is, with proper time management more can be done with less time which means you can take more relaxation time if you want to. This kind of freedom allows you to go about your day knowing what you must achieve in the day. This will allow you to move with less stress because you have everything already planned out. All you need to do is act out the script you have already written for yourself.

2. More done in less time

This is obvious but it’s very important. Time is there for us to be able to do things and make our dreams come true. So with proper time management, you can get more done. Most of the time, we get less done simply because we lack direction with what we are doing. With a time management system, you can take a birds-eye view of your goals for the long term and distribute what needs to be done according to the days you have to achieve that.

3. Ability to explore new opportunities

As you get more done, you would have more time to explore new opportunities and areas for growth and achievement. We are all capable of great things. This is possible if we pay a little more attention to how we manage our time and what we do with the time we have.

4. Achieve your goals and create the life you want

I am a strong believer in the fact that we are all successful and all that is left with is for us to embody that success and act it out. Your dreams are possible. Paying more attention to time, planning ahead and being disciplined with how you manage your time would allow you to embody that success by achieving your goals and dreams. You may even surprise yourself by hitting targets in less time than you thought before. It all lies in the discipline of proper time management.



Negatives side of bad time management


Negative effects of poor time management

1. Loss of control over your life

As to dos pile up, it gets to a point that each and every day runs you instead of you running the day. You lose control of what you are doing. Procrastination is one of the big causes of this tendency in most people. I hope you learn to beat procrastination. Gain control over your life by properly managing your time. Once you lose this, your life becomes a chaos of ups and downs with little control because your life is basically your time here on earth. So make the most of it, manage your time.

2. Loss/Waste of productive time

Let this sink deep. Think about it. Each minute wasted is a wasted opportunity to be productive. It is a wasted opportunity to work on your dreams and make some impact on the world. When we die, the years we walked on this earth in inscribed on our graves. This period indicates the time we had. No matter how long or little the time, what we use that time for is what matters. That time is what dictates what people will say about us when we are no more. Think about it…

3. Poor reputation.

Have you ever had an appointment with someone and they arrived late or never showed up for some reason? Emergencies aside, the biggest reason for this is poor time management. This because time management takes into account things like commuting time etc. Once the time is not managed well, we tend to miss appointments, submit reports late, do work late or never get them done. All these consequences of poor time management create for you a bad reputation. People will tend to note you like that person, and no one would like to deal with that person.

4. Lose out in the goodies of life

One thing proper time management allows you to do is take those vacations, breaks, etc that you so need. It helps you to have a much relaxed time where you determine when to do things and not things determine how you should live your life. Don’t miss out of life’s goodies, be a good time manager.

5. Poor quality in work

As already mentioned, poor time management puts lots of pressure on you that you have less productive time and getting less done. With time, your whole work schedule would become clogged with lots of things which should have been done long ago.



Top Time management apps

Samsung smartphone with apps display
Time management apps
  1. Any.Do is one of the best apps for time management available and you can use it with Android, iOS, and Chrome, either on your own or with a team.

The Moment is the reason why this app works very well and would be great for you. You use it by reviewing each of your day’s tasks every morning so you never get ambushed by your own time schedule.


Related article, check it out!  The 5 AM Club Method: Morning Routine for Success is one of the few apps for time management that can actually help you to train yourself into forming new productive habits.


2. Evernote

Evernote is not an ordinary note taking app which is why I recommend it. It is useful for taking notes, creating checklists, writing memos, etc.


It allows you to add images to what you are working on. If writing on pen and paper is good for you, you can write on paper and take a picture for Evernote.


It’s so cool and easy to use.


3. Focus booster

Based on the Pomodoro Technique, Focus Booster is a time management app that helps you stay focused and refreshed for the day by reducing the anxiety that comes from distractions and leads to procrastination, a very huge problem for time management.


By using easy time-tracking and a simple dashboard to aid visualization, Focus Booster helps you limit distractions and evaluate where time is being wasted.


The Focus Booster is one of the best time management apps for procrastinators and is great for people wasting lots of hours on distractions and trying to gain focus again.


4. Grammarly

Think you are not great at spelling? Or grammar? Or you just tend to make several mistakes when writing? Grammarly has got you covered. Let Grammarly do the dirty editing work for you while you concentrate on being more productive.


It is hustle free. Write without worrying about making mistakes.


5. Do it later

From scheduling calls to emails and text messages, this app is great for scheduling stuff you would have to do later yet you aren’t sure you would have the time or remember and then actually doing it.


All you need to do is write your email and schedule it using Do It Later and you are good to go. The app will deliver it within your chosen period or the exact time you choose.


Isn’t that cool?

6. Google calendar

I am adding Google because most people are already using google and the calendar allows you that seamless experience as you move from device to device.


Create schedules and manage events, all from your google calendar



Time management tips and strategies

time management strategies system

1.Set Your Goals

Without goals, you are basically directionless. Goals determine where you want to go and what you want to achieve. These will then determine the activities you must take. Activities are basically your daily to do stuff. Some may be recurring and some may be periodic and others once in a blue moon. With goals, you can track your actions and check if you are actually getting closer to your dreams and if necessary make changes. So make sure to write down your goals and make sure to generate them according to the SMART criteria.

2. Prioritize: Difference between urgent and important

Your goals and daily activities could be urgent or not urgent and important and not important. As you go about your day, it is best if you know what each activity is. This will allow you to give it the right treatment. Without that, you may end up doing things which are urgent but not important to your long term dreams and goals. Urgent things are often not helpful in the realization of your long term goal.

Things like replying to certain emails may seem urgent but aren’t important and not exactly relevant in your long term dreams and yet you waste much time replying them. WhatsApp is one of those apps which also take quite a lot of time yet may not contribute to the real goals that you have. What you should look out for is important and at the same time, not urgent activities. These have been observed to be the main contributors to the realization of long term goals. This time management system was designed by Stephen R. Covey, who is a leading leadership and productivity expert

Stephen R. Covey's time management matrix
Stephen Covey’s time management matrix. Source: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

3. Set time limits with breaks in between tasks

Most often it is easy to catch up in the time scheduling fever that you feel pumped up to do everything in a day. This kind of thinking will lead you into leaving little to no time for rest and breaks. This will eventually lead to burnout and some bad emotions popping up about the time management thing. Don’t get caught up in that. Allow time for some good rest and breaks to replenish your energy for even more productive work.

4. Plan ahead

Overall, plan your time ahead of your week and day. Do it even before the week starts and the day starts. This will help you have a relaxed time to do all the planning you need considering long term goals and deciding what is important and what is urgent. Ultimately, you will be able to better tell what must be done from what should be done.



Obstructions to proper time management

  1. Procrastination

Procrastination and pre-crastination, the opposite of procrastination have both been covered in our blog already. I’m sure you have heard that procrastination is the thief of time. If time is a resource I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lose your time to a thief, right?

2. Adding unplanned and unnecessary activities to your list

Taking shortcuts and cutting things you feel are important at the moment isn’t the way to go. This is why you have to plan everything beforehand so you don’t have to make an impromptu decision which will cost you in the future.

3. Being too strict and less flexible.

Nothing is promised of the future as it is often not predictable. Although we have our plans for life, you can’t be too flexible. You would at some point in time have to change your daily plan and schedule due to circumstances beyond your control…


In Conclusion…

I believe this has been helpful. Take note that reading without implementing these would render reading useless and even less productive since you spent precious time reading this.

Leave any comments that you have and I’ll be sure to respond. I’d appreciate questions as well.


Kindly share.

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    • They aren’t just Fixes. For instance, research shows setting goals and working with a list makes the average person more productive. It works if you keep it up. When you stop, it doesn’t. So based on your question, they last for as long as you use them and act on them.

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