There comes the point in our lives where we have too much to do or have too little to do. Cast your mind to the many tasks you may have to perform while at work or in school. Most of us get swamped with our work or studies that we get to the point of exhaustion. We get so stressed to the point that our jobs or studies become an unwanted nuance in our lives. Why wouldn’t it? 

In contrast, when vacation or leave comes around, you have little or next to nothing to do. It is funny how you might have been fervently waiting to take leave or to go on vacation. You promise to have the time of your life during this period but end up becoming bored.

Some people make these wonderful plans of things to do and places to go, but sometimes, all these plans don’t come to fruition. Others like me just while away the time doing nothing. We are that drained.

These twin problems of stress and boredom can be solved by creating balance in your life in the first place. We must try to create balance in our lives if we thoroughly enjoy the fruits of our labour. 

In this article, we will delve into the issue of the importance of balance in your life. Additionally, we will look at how to achieve this balance.

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4 Important Reasons For Having Balance In Your Life

1. Balance in Your Life is Good Health

Balance in Your Life is Good Health

In our quest, trying to “chase the paper”, we sometimes neglect our health. Our physical and mental health are pushed to the limits in this quest. We eat less. We exercise less. And we stress about meeting deadlines. 

Sometimes though, it gets too much. How can we enjoy the fruits of our labour? This puts into perspective what Ralph Waldo Emerson once said; enjoying the fruits of our labour fully first wealth is your health

To enjoy your wealth, you need to be healthy. Creating balance in your life helps you not to overwork your physical and mental capacities so that your work will not be in vain.

2. Balance in Your Life Decreases Stress

Balance in Your Life Decreases Stress

The balance will help you deal with the stress better. Sometimes, you are so stressed to the point where you can’t sleep properly or eat correctly. You miss meals. You sleep for two hours. When you are stressed, you are less productive. 

Your goal wasn’t to be less productive! Your goal was to get results. This is where having balance may prove to be beneficial. Even creating balance may eliminate stress when you are relatively more relaxed and get things done better and faster.

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3. Balance in Your Life Essential for Success

Balance in Your Life Essential for Success

Additionally, balance is very vital for having success with regards to achieving your dreams and goals. How many times have we studied throughout the night for an exam only for us to forget everything on the day of the paper? Or what about a project that you invested all your time, only for you not to achieve the desired results? 

Your failure might have left you very devastated. If you had a balance at the time, you would have been well rested for the paper. You would also have been able to analyse the project appropriately and choose the right approach. Inject some balance into your life.

4. Balance in Your Life Reduces Boredom

Balance in Your Life Reduces Boredom

As I have already alluded to, boredom is a real canker that could solve by creating balance. Boredom stems from the fact that we have nothing to do. If we had a balance, on the other hand, where we have a variety of activities that are well planned out and spaced out then we won’t only resort to watching just TV or YouTube videos.

Tips to Creating Balance in Your Life

1. Assess the Situation

Assess the Situation

You will need to do some self-examination of your own to identify your unique situation. So I suggest you take some time off. Go someplace where you can think clearly and identify what is going on in your life. 

Are you burning yourself out through work? Are you creating your boredom by not lining up things to do? Everyone’s situation is unique. Identifying your unique problems is the first step on the journey to finding balance.

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2. Pinpoint and Prioritize

Pinpoint and Prioritize

Now that you have figured out what your situation is what next? You would need to make a simple list. Don’t make your list about only work-related activities. 

Go ahead and throw in some fun activities. Choose whatever you want to do and do it. You can even have an off day where you just go out and have some fun, or read or write or meditate. In all of this, though, you must not neglect the need to prioritise. 

Balancing is not about neglecting responsibilities so identify those things that are the most important and accomplish those tasks. It would also be nice to a variety of things to do so that it does become too much of a routine. Spice it up!

3. Goal Setting

Goal Setting and achievement

Once you know what you want to do, you should be clear on what you want to accomplish. You should also set aside time for these activities. 

Set aside time to spend with your family and friends. Catch up with mum and dad and your siblings. Give them a call. Set a time to spend with your friends. Most importantly, don’t forget about yourself. Treat yourself with tender love and care. You deserve it for all the work or studying you put in.

I hope this article has helped you. 

In all things, be grateful to God.

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