A cover letter is simply a letter. It is mostly written by people who are looking for a job but there’s more to it. Join me as I share with you, my titbits about it. We are going to learn a lot.

What Is A Cover Letter?

It is a letter written to a potential recruiter or someone in a position to offer you a position or opportunity you are seeking for. Its purpose is to be added to your resume or CV in order to provide more information on your skills and experiences. You don’t have to necessarily add or repeat everything that is on your CV. The important thing is you write why you are the perfect person or why you fit for that particular job while stressing on the skills and experiences that make you most suitable. It is simply an introductory letter attached to your CV. 

Why The Need For A Cover Letter?

1. A cover letter is important to the candidate as well as the employer even though it is usually written by the candidate. This is because it gives you a rare opportunity to explain certain experiences, skills and entries in your resume or CV that aren’t so obvious. 

2. Employers use it to carefully study candidates who have applied for the job and the one they would like to interview. It throws more light on your resume and gives them further insights into how you can contribute to the opportunity you seek or how the opportunity will be of most help to you.

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The Necessary Factors To Consider When Writing An Effective Cover Letter.

1.Before writing a cover letter, you must have done a thorough research about the company you are writing too. 

2. A cover letter complements your resume or CV; it doesn’t duplicate it. 

3. It is also good if you know the differences between a cover letter and a resume to help you use the right approach needed in writing a cover letter. 

4. An effective cover letter, is one which has your motive for the company as well as your interest, for that matter indicating your most important skills or experiences. You can think of how competent you will be if you applied for that position considering your skills or experiences. 

5. It is important to read and keep in mind what the company requires and check if with the skills you have are a good match for the job description.

6. The letter is not actually about your personality but your qualification for the job you are applying for. No need to share your role or position in a family or anywhere else. 

7. If the company asked for your salary requirement or your working schedule, then you can add it but if they didn’t ask there’s no need to do that.

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What Makes Up A Good Cover Letter?

1. When you include the job title in the introductory paragraph of the introduction.

2. When you also include how you got to know about the job. You can also add referral if you have one.

 3. You need to state why you are the right person fit for the job (At this point no need to beat about the bush, just be specific)

4. Considering what you must have read about the job description, mission, goals, values etc you should state what you have in your capacity to offer the company and also why you prefer to work in that company but not any other company.

Guidelines To Follow

It is also necessary that before you start writing your own cover letter, you should have seen a sample of it in order to aid you write a good one or the required one.

Take into consideration the guidelines below;

1. Header

The header is made up of both the candidate and employer’s contact information as well as the date. If it will be in the form of an email, then all your contact information as a candidate should be at the end of the letter after your signature. The contact information should be made up of the following below;

Your Full Name, Street address, City,  Phone number and Email.

2. Salutation

Salutations should be in the form; Mr./Mrs. plus the last name of the employer. If it happens that you don’t know the employer’s name you can write “Dear hiring manager”.

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3. Introduction

Your introduction in the cover letter is going to be a self introduction. You should state the specific job you are applying for. Write about how you heard about the job and why you are applying. The purpose of the introduction is to draw the employer’s attention and why you deserve the job.

4. Body 

The body can be made up of at least two paragraphs which should consist of relevant information such as your education, skills, work experience and suitability with regards to the job description which is written by the hiring manager. You must indicate how your skills and experience can help you get the job. For clarity, you can write them in bullet form.

5. Conclusion

You conclude the letter by appreciating the employer for considering you for the position. You should make known how you will follow up.

6. Signature 

End the letter by signing followed by your full name typed but if it is an email then your name and contact is enough to be written right after you’ve appreciated the employer.


Then finally, make sure to read as many times as you can in order to pinpoint the mistakes you might have made and correct them. You can also send it to a friend or family to read it for you before you send them in order to prevent any mistakes.

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