How to Use Technology to Increase Productivity

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Productivity and Technology

An increase in Productivity has never been an accident for those who have experienced it. Whoever talks about it refers listeners to their work input. 

Thus, their commitment to a particular project through intentionally adhering to plans and consistently applying effort over a given period. 

As part of our lives now, technology helps us with many apps which act as productivity tools. It is therefore our task to harness its power to maximize productivity in our daily ventures.  

This article is dedicated to helping you use and integrate technology into your daily productivity routines and work schedule. 

How does Technology Increase Productivity

In so many ways, the use of technology has caused man’s productivity to increase. So many apps and solutions available on the market or internet. When used efficiently, they could maximize one’s output. 

We vividly saw the importance of technology in the onset of the coronavirus that caused the world to crawl like a baby. For most individuals, businesses, and many countries, work had to be done from home. 

Families had to keep their distance for fear of spreading the deadly disease to their innocent loved ones. There were sayings like “if you love me, keep the distance” and many others just to protect one another from the virus. 

As if that wasn’t enough, a lockdown was declared in some parts of Ghana to prevent the spread of the virus. These measures put in place by the Ghana government really caused the secret cries of some individuals and businessmen to be heard. Some of their questions were, how do you expect us to feed our families? Workers shed the same tears. Cries were heard throughout the world. 

Technology Is a Force for Good and Productivity

But amid all these cries, some businesses thrived. Some individuals started and finished their long-time projects in the covid-19 lockdown period in 2020. Have you asked how this could have happened? 

They leveraged the power of technology. Many business owners devised ways to keep their businesses running. Remote working solutions became the order of the day and people started working from home. Even after the lockdown period, most people held on to working from home.

Also, when we couldn’t travel to visit or celebrate festivities with friends and family members, we resorted to apps like WhatsApp video calls and zoom meetings for family meetings and get together. These tools strengthened communication between loved ones despite the distance between them.

The Internet as an Enabler for Productivity

Provided you have an internet connection, you could communicate with others and work with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device no matter your location. Apps like zoom, Skype, Viber, google meetings, webinars, were preferred over the face to face meetings. And this increased productivity. 

For most employers, this really worked for them since they were able to interview more applicants within the day. If a video call wasn’t necessary, a phone call would have been enough for the activity. 

For most applicants, it saved them the trouble of having to wake up early, thinking of how to look smart in their attire, and having to go through the huddles of joining a Trotro just to arrive on time at the interview ground. 

The importance is that time is saved for more work to be completed and one is saved from a lot of stress to get a job done. Also, there is more energy to keep working which eventually increases one’s productivity. 

Technology Tools to Increase Your Productivity

1. Alarm Clocks

Most people prefer the use of an alarm clock to wake up early. That’s okay. But do you know the alarm clock could be used to do more than that? 

Sometimes, you’re so busy in the day that by the end of the day, you realize you were busy for nothing. We set targets for ourselves but before we know it, time is up and we have accomplished less or nothing.

Why don’t you plan your day using your alarm clock? Set time for a particular task and once the alarm rings, leave every other thing and get to work. Within the week, allot time for the particular project and resolve to zoom into it once it’s time. 

Make room for breaks so you don’t get bored with the activity. Also, reward yourself once you can sit through the activity till its time elapses. 

For instance, if you love to browse for romantic movies and at the same time want to improve on your writing skills, you could set 40 minutes for writing after which you reward yourself with 20 minutes to browse for your movies. This means that you could only browse for your movies once you’re able to work on your writing project.

A practical way to use an alarm clock is when you are using The Pomodoro Technique. The technique requires you to use a timer, and your phone clock is the best and most available device for that. Read about the Pomodoro technique and how you can use it as a productivity method for success. 

2. Google Calendar

Mastering the use of an online calendar is a great skill to increase your productivity. You ask how? Sync your calendar on your mobile device. That way, even if you use google calendar on your computer, the same events will show on your computer. Once you do this, you could set reminders for the following tasks to keep you balanced.

Frequent tasks: Do you need to work on some tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis? Add these to the calendar.

Due date: Have you fixed due dates for projects you are embarking on? Add them to your calendar. You could add a pre due date as a reminder. 

Follow up: Is there any task you have to follow up on? Fix it on the calendar and set reminders to keep you working. 

Meeting: If you need to attend a meeting, committing it to memory may be a dangerous thing to do. You could add it to the calendar. You could add the location of the meeting, a copy of the agenda, a list of info you need to revise before the meeting and if it’s an online meeting or training, save any link you need to access it. 

To use a calendar effectively, you need to add a little info so it keeps you doing the right thing at the right time. The use of the calendar effectively saves you time and allows you to focus on highly significant tasks. 

3. Trello

For those working remotely, task management apps could be your incredible solution. With Trello, every single task of a team member is managed, tracked, and shared with the entire team. 

For instance, after one’s assignment has been posted on a Kanban board on the app, the person responsible can tell their progress or inform the team if anything is blocking their progress in the assignment given. 

The due date keeps reminding you to keep working on the task. Once you’re done with the task, you move the Kanban board to the “done” heading.

Task management apps offer relief for those whose minds are overtasked. It also allows for communication to thrive among team members and keep startup teams focused on the most important tasks.

4. Clockify – Time Tracking Software

In addition to giving one an insight into performance in terms of productivity, the clockify time tracker also helps to keep track of time. 

Time tracking helps employees to evaluate how they spend their working hours and helps motivate them to be more productive as they organize their time well. 

Once you know how you spend your time within the day, you can aim at being more productive and more efficient. 

More productive work hours result in more work done and more work done leads to more money earned and saved. 

Once a team can track and know how they use their time, they can better organize and prioritize their shared and personal goals which could contribute to the team’s overall results. 

5. Zoom

This app is a solution for remote workers who want group video meetings and video calls. Zoom offers a full collection of video conferencing and communication tools for businesses. 

With zoom, distant teams can run video meetings and one-to-one video calls.  Even when face-to-face meetings are not necessary, one could run group or one-to-one voice calls.

It can also be used to host webinars, workshops, and learning sessions. Team members who are connected on Zoom can also share messages and files with it. 


In conclusion, we won’t be able to increase our productivity if we overlook the technology.  Technology has come to stay with us and as the years go by, technology tools will be upgraded. It behooves us that we harness the power of technology to enhance our productivity. 

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