When it comes to success, the go-to persons to learn from is well, of course, people who have achieved success. Or people who have done amazingly great things. 

The surprising thing may be that most of them attribute their success to a certain mindset. They claim their ability to cultivate a certain mind frame and thinking patterns have been the single most impactful thing to their success. 

This leads us to conclude that success is largely dependent on mindset. But what is so captivating and powerful about thought patterns that make these extraordinarily successful people attribute their success to it? 

This article will look into the science and secrets of mindset. We will further break this science into simple actionable steps you can start using now to put yourself on a path to success.

The Science Of Reprogramming Your Mind (Subconscious Mind)

To understand what it means to program or reprogram your mind means, we, first of all, have to consider what it means to program. Taking a cue from programming (computer science), programming is basically giving a computer a set of instructions, often in the form of a software program, giving it the ability to perform certain functions. 

An example is the calculator program on the device through which you are reading this now. Someone had to program the instructions enabling the device to run it subsequently for the purposes of making calculations, complex and simple. 

Likewise, the mind works in a similar mechanism. Science has proven that when we write certain codes (mostly in the habits we cultivate), our brains can literally change on a physical level. This is truer for specific habits that involve physical movements. This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity. This, therefore, means you aren’t the same person as when you were born. And your brain has probably changed drastically since then. 

What is Neuroplasticity? 

We don’t want to get all scientific in terms of explanation. The purpose of this article is to help you understand and utilize the power of your mind. Neuroplasticity in the scientific world has no conclusive definition. 

There are, however, two (2) main camps. The main idea is that the brain has the ability to change, both physically by forming new connections and other forms. It is for this reason that your thoughts determine your reality. 

If you think you are a nobody, that begins to form connections. The brain seeks proof to support this assertion and further solidifies this belief. You will jump at any opportunity to seek reasons to believe this. 

This is because, as more connections are made and present ones are made stronger, you can literally create a bad reality for yourself. If you decide to focus on the good stuff, you can also create a positive feedback loop of good and healthy experiences. 

Reprogramming Is A Journey That Never Ends

The scientific study of habits has already shown that the subconscious mind never really forgets. Your lifetime memories, habits, etc. are all stored there. With good habits, you can be able to remember old memories and cultivate new healthier habits. 

The hack here is to focus on the new habits instead of old bad habits. You can never erase them. What you can do is to build new ones to override the old ones. If you are fun to read the newspaper each morning when you arrive at work instead of getting productive, focus on a new healthy habit. 

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Such a habit could be writing out your agenda or whatever works for you at that time. It helps to have it all planned out. And have a little reward for yourself such as going for lunch early each time you get your new morning routine right. It could also be as simple as getting a snack. 

Now this journey never stops. It never ends. Your mind is constantly adjusting and changing. You get to feed it how it should change and what it should change too. You do this through various ways which we will get into in a few sections to come. However, it helps to keep in mind that this is an unending process and that you need to constantly work on. Jim Rohn hit the nail on the head when he said: “Every Day, Stand Guard at the Door of Your Mind”.

“Every Day, Stand Guard at The Door of Your Mind” –

Jim Rohn

What Has Already Been Programmed Into Your Mind?

A good place to start to reprogram your mind is to consider what has already been ingrained deeply into your subconscious that needs to change? What needs to be further cultivated and strengthened? 

Now you may think you haven’t been programmed. Truth is, immediately you are born into the world, your programming starts. According to linguistics (psycholinguistics). You even start learning aspects of language before birth. As early as a few months of conception. But thanks to the power of neuroplasticity, you can make amends and begin to create the life you want at any point in time. 

It is relatively easier to make serious changes when you are young but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them when you are older. It just becomes more difficult as habits get more natural over time, good and bad habits alike. 

Your Thoughts Create a Feedback Loop of Thoughts

As already mentioned, what you think gets amplified and more of supporting thoughts, actions and feelings follow suit. 

If you wake up feeling bad, probably because of a dream or something someone did to you in the previous day, your day will seemingly be full of bad events. The opposite is true. If you wake up feeling good, thinking healthy thoughts (such as expressions of gratitude for the goodness of life), you will see more good things in your day. 

It doesn’t mean that your day changes to fit your thought pattern, but how you perceive the day is basically your reality. We all see the good and bad of life. But the difference is some focus on positive action and thought while others focus on negative action and thoughts. These invariably create emotions and feedback loops that create your reality as a product of your focus. 

Emotions, thoughts and actions have the ability to create feedback. By physically waking up early as planned, you will feel empowered to do more and follow through your plans. You can also wake up early because of an expected event during the day, a good thing you can’t wait to experience.

This could be a life event such as wedding, travel, etc.  

Your emotions are also a great source of feedback in your life. Having emotional intelligence is a necessity to relate well with others by managing your own emotions well.

Try this, intentionally tuning on sad emotions makes you feel dull, want to cry, and see events in a sad depressing way. Change this to a happy mood and the opposite is true. It is why newlyweds and other happy people seem to glow in our eyes. They are regulated by their emotions. 

How to Rewire Your Brain Using Neuroplasticity: Program Your Mind

  1. Avoid substances that offer undue highs (Stimulants)
  2. Exercise
  3. Don’t go to extremes. Too angry, too hungry, too tired, etc.
  4. Learn a new language
  5. Be more creative
  6. Workout puzzles
  7. Expose yourself to new environments (Traveling)
  8. Sleeping
  9. Intermittent fasting
  10. Using mnemonic devices
  11. Reading (Vocabulary, new perspectives, emotions, etc.)
  12. Repeatedly doing something

11 Ways to Program Your Mind for Success

1. Work on Your Belief System 

Your beliefs secretly direct your thoughts, actions and feelings. Some are active beliefs while others are products of your constant experiences and how you perceive them. Some say life is war because they perceive their failures, challenges, and other experiences as battles. 

If you perceive these same experiences are opportunities, you may believe that life is full of opportunities and not necessarily war. Beliefs either limit you or they help you grow. Question your current beliefs. Ask yourself If they are limiting you or helping you grow. 

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Watch how you perceive the events in your life. What subconscious conclusions do you draw from them? Are they healthy? 

2. Create a Vision statement or Purpose Statement

Life could get very busy that you never get to sit and consider where your life is headed. Taking some time off to think about your life in scope, what you desire to achieve and putting it all into a vision statement. Having a roadmap of how you want your life to turnout is a great way to stay focused, determined and psyched up for the work and challenges ahead. 

Visualize the achievement of your vision. Try to live in that world as much as possible. Relish it. You can even go further to create a vision board with cuttings of your favourite images that illustrate your dreams and vision.

Go as creative as you can on this. 

3. Write Affirmations. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Working with words is a great way to develop a super successful mindset. Words have power. Thoughts have power. What you tell yourself consistently soon becomes your reality. Words have the power to program the mind. You would notice that literally saying “I’m calm” repetitively has a calming effect. So does any word you use. 

It is advisable to create some affirmative statements which you tell yourself daily. “I am free” and “I am happy” are good examples. Affirmatives are used to affirm what you actually capable of. Repeating them creates the feedback loop needed to actually make it happen.

Muhammad Ali said he was the greatest before it even happens. He affirmed it throughout the years. This helped him psych up, do the work and all that was necessary to bring it to reality.

Recording these using your phone and playing them to yourself at specific times in the day works very well. Hearing your own voice aloud in that form serves as an opposing to the negative self-talk we occasionally have. 

4. Build a Strong Sense of Self-Awareness. Learn How to Manage Your Own Emotions and that of others

Self-awareness is a perfect way to build a mindset that fortifies you for success in all areas of your life. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence work well. You need to know yourself, others and how to relate with the people you meet and work with daily. 

Knowing who you help you avoid any negative feedback from people. It helps you know what you fall short in, making you feel less attacked when someone points it out. Knowing how to relate to others will help you get to the good side of people to foster your success and growth. You may have to deal with an angry person. 

Being able to manage the person and your own internal workings will help you to get the full benefits of the relationship without letting the anger get in the way of your success. 

5. Use Positive Thinking. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Positive thinking involves feeding your conscious mind positive thoughts that create feedback of positive feelings and actions in your life. It includes using affirmations as already mentioned. Positive thinking works with neurolinguistic programming as you feed yourself positive words and thoughts. 

6. Focus on What you want: The Law of Attraction

If your focus on how poor you are, you have less time and energy to focus on actually making money and getting out of poverty. This may sound confusing. Instead of focusing on how poor you are and what you can’t buy, focus on how to make yourself valuably positioned to attract money. 

Instead of seeking out all the bad events happening in the day, seek out the good ones and be thankful for those. It doesn’t mean ignoring the negatives. You need to accept negative events. But don’t dwell on them. Spend 10% thinking about problems and 90% on the solution. Of course, you need to understand the problem to solve it. But do not sink into the negativity of the problem.

You need to adjust your mind to see the good in things because the more you see good in things, the more of such things you see and attract. Truth is, the world is full of bad things. But growth and success aren’t in dwelling on them. It is identifying the good, acknowledging it and doing what will bring desired results.  

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“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

7. Express Gratitude Frequently in each Day

In life with positive thinking, the law of attraction and mindset building, make sure to identify good things in your life and be thankful. Yes, you may be going through tough times. That’s enough to dwell on. Find more reasons to be grateful. In most cases, you will find something worth being grateful for. The fact that you are alive alone is a miracle. Statistically speaking, we are in constant danger – germs, vehicles, robbery, etc. 

8. Engage in Calming Activities such as Journaling, quiet time, spending time in nature and Meditation

Pouring out your heart and emotions into something such as a book or a person is a great way to generate emotional balance. Keeping emotions locked in is only a recipe for disaster. You risk blowing up anytime the feelings become heightened. 

Find time to reflect. In our fast-moving world, it becomes a little harder to find time to slow down and think. And thinking Is hard. It needs time. Thinking will move your life forward in ways moving fast won’t allow. 

Exposing yourself to nature provides some sort of inner calm and feeling of freshness. 

9. Write Down Your Goals

Be specific about what you want. Clarity is power. Without a specific set of goals, your mind tends to make excuses due to the varied nature of the task given.  Embrace uncertainty, especially when things go contrary to plan. 

10. The Goal is not to fit in or fit-out, but to achieve fulfilment!

You may be familiar with “Not fitting in”. Which means you are probably fitting in and need to make some change. But have you ever considered which is good for you? Your vision has a good projection of what is good for you. True fulfilment comes from doing something that gives us self-actualization. That means it must come from the self. Not in or out but the self. Try to do what is best for you and your growth.

12. Know what is stopping you and what works for (team) and with (allies) you

Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities have often been applied to business and organizations in the SWOT analysis. However, I find this a very useful tool for self-awareness. Knowing these helps you identify growth areas. It also helps you know your natural deficiencies hence the need to adjust. So, you could get a team around your deficiencies. 

Two Types of Mindset: Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset

You can have one of two types of mindset: Growth mindset and a fixed mindset. The fixed mindset doesn’t recognize growth and constantly feels stuck. The growth mindset thinks life is flexible, and that you can learn to new things and grow. 

3 Steps to Reprogramming and Programming Your Mind

1. Decide (Commitment)

The first step to using the information is to decide the type of mindset you want. Of course, we all want a growth mindset. 

Start with asking yourself what your current programming is. Are you fixed or growth inclined? After figuring this out, commit to making positive changes to creating a better life and future for yourself. 

2. Plan (Action steps)

It may be overwhelming to try to use all the tips and strategies shared in this very article. Start off with a few manageable ones. Build habits around that. Ideally, practice them for not less than 90 days. 

Habits take on average 66 days for a new habit to be installed. Make up your mind to see this through. And do not resist the change by focusing on the little failings. Pick yourself up after you fail to follow through with your habits. 

3. Execute (Action and Biohacking)

After deciding on what to do, do it. Just do it. It helps to not overthink it. Just go with the flow. Use the minimum requirements. Focus on simply getting started. 

If you want to start running, to build your brain and mindset, you may get caught with attire, shoes and accessories that you never get to run. 

Use biohacking to facilitate your growth, Biohacking is using habits and technology to develop yourself thus “Hacking” your growth.


In the process of programming your mind for success, you need to take notice of a few things. Build habits, not one-time activities. Focus on positive things you want not bad. Use physical activity. 

Did you find this helpful? Let’s hear what you have to say in the comments section. 

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