Most often we are glued to our dreams forgetting our days are numbered. To keep hiding behind negativity and procrastination exempts one from living life fully. While others live some just exist on the surface of this Earth, why because, they make up their mind to get into action and generate the most out of their day giving time and chance as an offer. Until you get into action, you are merely a fan of your dreams, and with this attitude, you are cut short of your expectations. Getting into action may seem to be a “Herculean” task but you need to take charge and make the most of the day. 

“Until you get into action, you are merely a fan of your dreams” – Richmond Kwame Frimpong

8 Tips on How To Make The Most Out Of Your Day 

1. Set your Priorities

Write down your goals.

Priorities give a sense of direction in that they clarify your purpose and aids you to complete tasks in an effective manner. Before you go out to the mission field to embark on any action, ask yourself, what are your priorities, identify them, and focus on working them out. You can do this by drawing up a scale of preference, with your urgent wishes on the top, or a to-do list to schedule your activities in order to guide your day. Your priorities could be anything that is geared toward the desired result. It can be completing an assignment, learning a skill, or visiting a friend.  If you don’t remind yourself often about why you need to set priorities, it will push you away from focus. Avoiding this step, then it is easy to let days slip away or to spend too much time on less important things.

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2. Wake up Early

This at first sight may seem difficult, but you can do it. Set an alarm and don’t hit the snooze button. If you need an extra 15 minutes, set the alarm later so you can wake up right away. This allows you to have ample time to leisurely enjoy breakfast, do some physical workouts and prepare enough for the daily hustle. Energy is gained and thus refreshes your mind so that you are kept on track to achieve your best.

3. Be optimistic in your decisions

Always get up from bed with a positive mindset, enthused with a winning spirit in all situations and you are on the right path. Though there will be negative feelings, shooting at you, don’t allow it to ruin your day. Don’t forget having a bad is not an assurance of a bad life. Reading books, listening to podcasts will keep the positivity rolling every day. You can even sign up for some positive alarm apps or newsletters to make things easy.

4. Stop trying to score points

Energy is a resource that is very vital in everyday life. Sometimes we engage in fruitless arguments with people in our quest to score points and convince them by browbeating. It is not the best usually. To generate and maximize your yield in a day, one must pay close attention to where and how much energy he or she invests in tasks. One easy way that most often drains our energy is by engaging in arguments that are pointless. Excuse yourself from such situations and always remember that it is better to stay happy than to be right.

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5. Be yourself

Being yourself sometimes poses a threat to the self-esteem of others. But that should not hinder you from achieving the best in your day. Don’t live by the opinions of others, strive to be the best version of yourself, it boosts your confidence and encourages you to overcome failures, and embrace success. Though it is an intentional and deliberate decision to stand out, you become exceptional when the risk is taken. It also opens up your strength and weakness, equipping you enough to concentrate on the goals and achieve your maximum best in action.

7. Take a break

Though our daily schedule sometimes doesn’t allow us to have a great time for leisure. We can’t spend every day in a leisurely state of bliss. Taking a break in between a hectic day allows you to rejuvenate and revive your soul to flourish and handle the rest of the day’s tasks with ease and joy. Step away from your workspace and take a short walk, stretch, or go for an apple for the next 15 minutes. Do whatever will revive your soul during the break, keeping track of your goals and priorities set for the day as well. 

7. Check yourself and review your past

Your past actions can shape how you react towards the present and the future. Review your efforts and re-evaluate your actions if you realize that the current course of action is leading you to a troublesome situation. It is advisable that you do a daily, weekly, or monthly review of yourself to visualize your progress and decide on the necessary changes to make concerning your schedule for the day. If it needs to be reduced or maintained or even increased. It increases your chances of winning in the day as you are not likely to repeat the mistakes committed previously.

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 8. Be kind and build a network

Sometimes, to enjoy your day to the end, the best once can do is to offer a helping hand. In as much as, there is a desired outcome to achieve, don’t neglect others and work alone. Building relationships and networks can bring you many opportunities that can even make the completion of daily activities easy. In offering your hand to others in need, try to be specific. An accountability buddy can help you to stay on track and to keep acting towards your goal or dream even when the initial enthusiasm has dissipated. These little things bring huge differences.


Get to work, all has been said, the tips are there to guide you get into action and maximize your potential in achieving your best in the day. Change your perspective on the things you are doing and may have procrastinated on for some time and you will experience consistent progress in your journey.

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