Your presence here means you are willing to succeed. I am too and that is why I put this together so we could all learn from it. The issue of success has been one that has been widely talked about. One of the most important factors that hastens the success process is love. Love has a very important role in your journey to success.
The bible states categorically that love conquers all. Which means one cannot talk about success in anything if there is no love in whatever he or she does. Success starts from love. You can’t succeed if you have no love for what you do. Loving what you do brings out the best in you.

Why is this the reality?

A lot of people are unable to make progress because we do not attach emotions and feelings to the things that we do most of our time and funny enough the things we do most of the time are things that do not conform to our dreams and aspirations. Sometimes we get results which are good but those results would be great if there was enough love. When you love what you do you work hard to attain levels you have never attained before. You work late in the night to know more about what you do. You might get good results anyway if you add hard work but if you don’t love doing it, the products or results become useless. So many of us don’t see what we want to see because we don’t love what we do. We see the things we love as not valuable and as such, these things do not merit all our time. We see them as unimportant bits of our lives.

What’s your passion

Your passion for painting, writing, singing, drawing, acting or anything would be extraordinary if you could add more love to it. Just like you wouldn’t tell a woman you love to go away, you need not side-line the things you love for things that do not effect any emotions or feelings in you. They are the things that God gave you. If you love it, you would be patient enough and add value to it to make something great out of it. Don’t see the things you are best at or the things you love as unworthy, because it is good to die knowing you did what you loved than doing something that you would regret later. In the workforce today, a lot of people hate what they do so much that they hate Mondays too.

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I see how people talk about Mondays and how uneasy they feel when it’s Sunday evening. I used to think it was only adults who had worked for more than 20 years and above who complained about their jobs but the youth these days complain and hate Mondays more than the people I expected. I always wonder what at all could have been the cause of this sad and unfriendliness towards such a day. Maybe it is because they are not ready to get back to work or just maybe they don’t like what they do. They hate Mondays because it is the start of another week of work and the beginning of something they hate. You can only make progress and attain higher feats if only we realize what we love and do it. Until we start working on the things we love and not just follow the dreams of others or the opinions of others, our growth and development would slack. When you grow out of the love you have for your work, your purpose, or the things that takes up a lot of your time, success would be far from reaching. This is the case with a lot of people in the world today. A lot of people hate what they do.

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How about writing yourself a letter?

I once wrote a letter to myself telling me about the fact that I take charge of my life now and that from that day all decisions about my life would be critically examined by me and not anyone. I believe it might be of a lot of benefit to you too.

Dear you,
I write you this letter with all seriousness and urgency. I have to admit, you’ve been a great companion and the best critic of my whole life. I know you would be surprised to see this letter but you shouldn’t be, because at a stage in every man’s life, he has to decide who, what, where and how he wants to travel the journey.
The main reason for this letter is to bring to your notice that, your admission in my life has with immediate effect been nullified and terminated, and hence you cease from this very minute to be a major stakeholder in my day to day activities. From today you cease to decide for me what I can do and what I cannot do. You also cease to be the one to tell me where my potentials, capabilities, abilities, strengths and creativity ends. You also cease to dominate a larger part of my imagination.
From today I take hold of my life; my whole life which includes the functions you used to play, with the help of God.
Thanks for your company and may it be well with you in all your daily endeavours.
Yours sincerely.

This is a letter you are writing to your disproving thoughts, the people that are so negative in your life and your own self. Today you are terminating their jobs in your life because you are taking hold of your own life. You know you can manage it better than they did. It is your life, take hold of it now.

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Start what you love to do. Do it with all the feelings you can attach to it. If it is not what you love then you should quit unless you feel you can develop the love for it. Love is a very essential thing in the success equation.

how to develop your skills
how to develop your skills

So how do you develop the love for what you do?

So many times we talk about doing what you love and following what you love. It is difficult to suddenly quit what you are doing and get into another thing though you are in love with that thing. It’s not any easy task at all. You get scared doing that because you might lose everything or both. We don’t want to get out because we feel it is difficult getting started and the risk of losing everything stares us in the face. I wish you could understand me and just believe and follow your dreams. You really have to do what you love.

I wish you could see Mondays as great days to start all over again and not as the beginning of a new week to hustle. I wish you could understand that the biggest risk is not quitting and starting anew but being human. Being human is the biggest risk ever. I wish you would open your ears and heart to listen to what your soul demands and yearns for. I wish I could just tell you to start over. If you don’t like it just start over. No law binds you to stay there till death. You always have the opportunity to start over. I wish you would just know that you have potentials and believe in that. I wish you could harness the potentials in you for the current generation and the ones yet unborn. I wish I could speak to your conscience and to tell you how much I believe in your dreams. I know you can always do whatever you think of doing.

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What does it take to love what you do?

Love is getting up eight times after falling seven. Love is going to work with a smile to develop yourself and to bring out the best in you. Love is knowing what you are capable of and doing exactly that. Love is knowing your limits and still pushing it hard. In the Bible, God loved humans so much that even after man faulting him a number of times: disappointing him, failing him and all, he still allowed His beloved son to come and die for us. Love is keeping hope intact. When one loves what he or she does, it becomes difficult to stop him or her. When a person is in love you wake up in the morning and do not think about anything but focus on the goal. The goal is his or her greatest challenge and it pushes him or her on.

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Even though I’ve been using love…What then is love?

I love what the bible explains love in I Corinthians 13:7, “love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”. When one is love, they hope and believe and endure to the end. In the Army, endurance is one of the vital elements that every soldier must possess. If one can endure the pain of waking up early, reading that particular book, going the extra mile, going another step, or even pushing a little harder, then nothing can stop such a person from achieving success. That is what love is.

The role self-love plays in your success journey

It is very important to note that love for what you do cannot only cause the miracle you expect. You should love yourself too. A lot of us love what we do but dislike ourselves and so when we make mistakes it becomes very hard for us to forgive ourselves. Loving yourself means you take time to develop yourself and accept that mistakes makes us better and not bitter. Love for yourself builds self-esteem.

Every individual born of a man and a woman with blood and water flowing through him or her has faults. That is why we are called human beings. We are in a continuous process of becoming perfect and so we are bound to make mistakes in every little step we take. The greatest person on earth is one that finds his or her human nature – making mistakes, and working on it. The true meaning of life is to accept your faults when you make them. Ask for forgiveness. It doesn’t cost anything. Strong people are those that realize their faults and pardon themselves for it. They know when they have made a mistake and ask for forgiveness. Saying sorry doesn’t take anything away from you. It doesn’t make you less of a person. It rather makes a great person out of you because you accept you want to attain excellence by correcting your errors. A lot of enemies have become close friends today because one realized he faulted and asked for forgiveness.

A time came in my life when I hated myself because I was dark and all I could do was nothing but just to make others laugh. I felt I was incapable of the “bigger things” some people were doing. I felt I could not past anyone at the age. I hated myself so much that I refused to build anything in me. I refused to study in school, keep touch with this world, tidy my room and even eat properly. I could not speak English properly so I lost my self-esteem and begun building inferiority complex. This continued till I completed high school and one day I saw a book written by John C. Maxwell entitled Thinking for a change. It was through that book I realized I had a lot in me and that if I could take time and build myself, the love for me would increase so much. I then started reading and reading. I starting building and believing in myself. It was a conscious effort. When you love yourself, you wouldn’t depend and listen to the negatives people say about you because you become conscious of the fact that you are human and whatever you do people will get something to say. A man that loves his woman sees nothing in no other woman. He focuses on building his woman and so all other things become blur to him. Just know that love propels passions and focus.

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Heard of Warren Buffet? Here’s his story

The story of Warren Buffet is one that inspires me so much. It is told that he loved numbers so much. Even from the time he was a child. He was so fascinated by numbers that he went on to learn and study the trends in the stock market. He bought three stocks for himself and three for his sister at the age of ten. Warren did not start doing business after University like most of us think should be the case. He also bought a 40 acre land at the age of 15 and the money used was money accrued for previous businesses. At a very tender age this man was earning two thousand dollars a month. An amount that would be three times the salary of someone.

Inside the head of a genius

This guy knew what he wanted and he loved what he did. His love for numbers opened great doors for him. The most important thing here is that, Warren Buffet never could have achieve the feats he has achieved so far if he never loved himself. He would not have become the greatest business man if he had hated himself or hated what he did. Warren rose in academia because he was fascinated by his love for numbers. He could easily recall numbers without so much trouble and he loved it. Today, because of the love he had for numbers, other people love and appreciate him. One of my favorite quotes by Warren Buffet is that “the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.”

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text image with truth written and lies seen through a lens

The SECRET lies in making a concrete decision

So the question is, are you ready for success? Are you doing what you love? If you are ready for success and you are not doing what you love or loving yourself then you are not ready. You’ve got to love what you are doing. You’ve got to be in love. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Do the things you love doing, always seek to improve yourself in every way you can. In John 3:16, God had to send His one and only son to come and die for the same people he had made. That is the kind we should have towards our goals. God had a plan and until there was an appeasement for the things he had created, he would lose everything and so out of love he gave the only personality he could call son to die in a shameful death just to make his goal of drawing all that he had created back to Himself a reality. Be like what the bible says in Songs of Solomon 6:3. Make the goal part of you and also be part of the goal yourself.

This article is published here on wordinspired with permission from the original author, Alexander Owusu Asenso, as an excerpt from his book.

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