Are you disturbed about what to wear for your sales? How to attract more people and continue to keep them? Well, there’s no need to be perturbed anymore because you’re at the right place. Physical appearance matters a lot in a sales job. 

Your style of dressing tells who you are within and without. It also depicts the kind of people around you. As the saying goes, “Show me your friend and I will show you your character”. Also, “Birds of a feather flock together.” 

Your attire also determines how others treat you. In the sense that it influences the amount of respect that they should have for you.

Though you might be a different person from what you’re wearing, but then, what you wear is a language on its own. Your clothing and styles speak volumes even when you haven’t said a word or planned to. 

How you dress determines whether to draw people to you or drive people away from you. And if it’s the latter, then you’re no salesman or saleswoman because you’d lose all your customers. Now, I would be taking you through the dos and donts, the wear this and don’t wear that. In short, the following are how to dress for sales.

How To Dress To Win At Your Sales Job

1. Know Their Culture

Every job sector has its own dressing code. How the dress is their way of life – culture. When you dress like them too, they feel as if you respect them. Ask the employer about their dressing codes and follow them as expected. 

In dressing for sales, you must be strategic. Here, you’re going to deal with people from all walks of life. In a sales job, you’re not only advertising your product but yourself as well. 

How you look or dress influences others to buy your product. When you dress well, your pitch is more convincing and compelling. This will propel others to check out your 3roduct.

2. Don’t Be Boring

A good sales outfit is one that portrays a sense of friendliness. It makes you look like a typical extrovert though you might be an introvert. You must not let your dressing do the talking alone. Be interesting enough to converse with. That way you’d be friends with your customers.

3. Go An Extra Mile

A good salesman should have a command over his outfit. He dresses to relate well with his ideal customers. 

For instance, if his customers dress casual he must dress casually too, if they wear a suit he must wear suits too. If they typically wear shorts and T-shirts: a three-piece suit will make you overdressed or stuffy. 

If they wear jeans and T-shirts, choose nice slacks or chinos and button-up. In short, wear things similar in the style and taste of your audience. That way they feel at ease to buy a lot from you because they see you be one of them. Hence the trust you better.

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4. Stand Out

Standing out is all about being different and unique to be able to give them what they need and want but have never asked. Being unique and different is the only way you’d offer something valuable.

If you’re at a high formal place, wear a dark suit and conservative ties are a must. Add a coloured pocket square instead of a white one or plain oxfords. This is to break the rules a bit but for a reason, and that is to get people’s eyes on you. With that said, never break the rules too much.

A metallic lapel pin works wonders and also a potential way to slip in another message. For instance, if you’re selling particular equipment for a particular organization and you get a pin of that organization, putting it on wouldn’t be a bad idea since it would give you better chances with them.

5. You Must Have a Connection With Your Audience

Here, dress in a way to flatter your body type. Personal attractions go a long way in building instant positive alliances and feelings. 

Warm colours and earth tones are more preferred than cool colours and stark blue and white. A dark brown suit is much more preferred than a dark blue one and a red tie is better than a green tie. Wear things similar in style and taste with your audience.  

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Men can invest in black pinstripe and neutral suit with a few solid conservative shirts and colours. 

Women should invest in a selection of black or neutral and patterned pants or skirts suit with solid coloured tops. 

Always choose a well-fitting suit to show your attention to detail. Anything contrary would make you seem lazy and uninteresting. Wear some ensembles for the typical workday environment or travel situations. 

Reserve others for the important sales meeting. Always remember that looking your best is key.

6. Things To Avoid

Avoid cargo pants, torn jeans or too tight skinny jeans if you’re a man in a professional sales environment. If you’re a woman or a lady, don’t dress inappropriately or revealing low packed tops. Excess makeup and jewellery isn’t a good idea. 

If you want to have made up, a little will do. Don’t wear miniskirts or thin straps. Both genders should have a general steer clear of T-shirts and sandals. In short, a good salesman must be presentable.


Improving one’s physical appearance isn’t all about personal or environmental hygiene.  But also about the way one dresses. Consumers are very concerned and sceptical about whom they buy from and what they buy. A good salesman who is ready to win at his sales: must know and respect the culture of those he is going to sell to

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