It is often said, you are addressed based on how you dress. Because a first impression is usually non-verbal. You must be ready for critics and turn them into favour. The authority commanded by the way you dress portrays much about your self-image, it can either shrink you or expand a wide range of possibilities. 

For, most of us the clothing we pick is just a matter of habit. Apparently dressing for success is just more than a catchy motto. Published studies show that people make a judgment on us in just three seconds. 

Better still if we dress well, they’ll assume we are confident, much successful and a higher earner. They are however grey scales. Our choices may be wrong or right. Let’s get rid of them and keep a clean sheet:

How To Dress To Win At Your Job

1. Prepare, Prepare And Prepare

Failing to prepare means you are prepared to accept failure. Choosing attire from a pile of clothing could be a daunting task. You don’t want to be standing in your room, surrounded by your clothes, crying that you have nothing to put on. 

This is advice for interviews, as well as your usual workdays. Take time to think about what to wear, try several options a day or two ahead. You may even opt for two solid outfits lined in which you can switch between. Spending the night thinking about the demands of the job is quite a prerequisite, not fretting whether you have your shoes in place.

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2. Work On Your Body

Choosing what to wear often boils down to two major things; the company and you. You complement the preparation by working on your body. If you need to lose some weight, get your hair shaved, spicing up your looks will also pay a lot. 

Of course, you should do your best to picture the company you are working at, but another thing is: feeling your best. This helps you to radiate your maximum energy. If you hate being in suits and you force into one, you end up adjusting and tucking all day. You then feel restricted and that prevent you from exhibiting your best as well.

3. Think About The Company

As earlier stated, think about the expectations of the company. When it comes to the company, picture the tone and colour combinations but leave room for your personality. This will increase your likelihood of winning. 

To get this into detail, pay heed to the clues they’ve set. This can be included in the interview process. What can you find on their social media pages? Most of these companies have Facebook and Instagram pages that portray their culture, you can find pictures of some employees. What is their office dress code? 

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4. Gestures And Body Language

First impressions from a lasting impression and it is very much a truism when it comes to your body language and approach. How you communicate is another dressing though it doesn’t necessarily mean putting on a physical attire. This is how you carry yourself about to others in the company. 

Remember, the overall success of the job is not dependent on only you but the welfare of other co-workers. Putting on smiles, extending a helping hand reflects a well inner dressing about your personality. Because if you don’t strike the right chord when you smile, you’ll definitely have a long road ahead to convince them they were wrong.

5. Consider The Weather/ Season

You earnestly want to win at your job, right? Then also pay heed to rain or sunshine, this will influence what you to choose to wear. You don’t want to appear odd and uncomfortable among your co-workers during a meeting. 

This increases your level your confidence whiles feeling powerful since you appear in the prescribed clothing at the right time. You’ll never those you will meet or the opportunities you can miss because you didn’t dress well. You can never go wrong by being the well-dressed person in the company.

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6. Pay Attention To Details

The goal is to win at all cost, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. A study showed that not only do we form impressions in the shortest possible time but it can take 20 successive experiences to change that first opinion conceived. 

Colour combinations of outfits are much of concern to both yourself and your manager. Avoid multi-coloured shoes. Make sure you match your footwear with the other attire. Overall, it is best to focus on neutral shades than bright yellow, pink or orange. 

7. Make It Simple

Putting on accessories is an extra but shouldn’t be distracting either. If they overwhelm your appearance, then you can trust they will overwhelm your personality. Avoid baggy jacket or too tight ones. Check the use of perfume, not to overwhelm but to compliment.  Understand that dressing well is more than putting on clothing. It is an essential part of your personality and it shows a sense of humour. 


Dressing for success is far easier than you think if you follow these guidelines. You can achieve success if you dress for it. Start today by dressing for success in your various workplaces and you will captivate the winning spirit. Share in the comment section, how this article has re-organized your thoughts for dressing in the corporate field. 

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