How to Create Productivity Goals in 8 Steps

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t get things done on time or why you can’t do anything productive with your time? You are not alone. There are millions of people all over the world in the same predicament as you are. 

I bet Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and some of the most incredible people of our time at one point in time struggled to manage their time and wealth, but how did they tend to be productive and successful people in their careers? Maybe they indulged in magic, or some secret formula is known to only a select few? 

Some people may go so far as to suggest that successful people join cults and other secret organizations to earn the wealth they’ve acquired. 

In this article, you will learn some of the ‘secrets’ successful people have taken to achieve the wealth, fame, and success they have acquired. 

Productivity goals are targets to increase the amount of value you create in a unit of time, such as an hour or month. 

8 Steps To Create Productivity Goals Towards A Guaranteed Successful Life

1. Write it Down

write down your goals and dreams

Before you set out to purchase items, grocery, or other household needs, you make a list of items and the prices against your budget, don’t you? 

In the same way, creating productivity goals entails writing down the targets, plans, or achievements you would want to make within a specific period. Simply thinking about it or dreaming about your ambitions will not aid you in achieving your desires. This is a crucial step towards achieving the goals you want to be fulfilled. 

By writing or stating your targets for the hour, week, month, or year, you are sure to create productive goals that would make you successful in your career. 

2. Study or Improve Your Knowledge

study and improve your knowledge

Studying helps you to gain knowledge and improve as a person. When your knowledge is improved, comprehension is more effortless, and that enables you to complete your work on time. 

Remember the times you didn’t study for an exam or test versus the ones you learned for? It was enabling much easier for you on the ones you studied, wasn’t it? Knowledge about the goals or targets helps you to complete the goals or tasks on time. 

This is how you create productivity goals; by studying to analyze and comprehend targets and execute them.

3. Technology 

improve your productivity with technology

Another way of creating productivity goals is through the use of technology. Over the past decades, we have since the evolution of technology for the advancement of humanity. 

The use of technology, like event planners, weather forecasts, and communication devices, can help us create productivity goals with the touch of a button. 

You can schedule meetings, make calls and appointments at your convenience and even communicate delays to others immediately. 

The resourceful and effective use of technology is a great benefit in creating productivity goals for a successful career.

4. Outsourcing

outsourcing work to be more productivity

Remember the advice on studying to gain knowledge to create productivity goals that will aid in attaining a successful career? You cannot always acquire all the knowledge and skills necessary to reach the goals you want to achieve. 

Time, although ‘measured’ as unlimited, is minimal. There’s not much you can do to attain all the goals you may want to be achieved at a certain point in time. 

Also, accidents and other unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from creating productivity goals to boost your ambitions. 

This is why you should outsource some of your targets to experts to work on them for you. This way, you can meet deadlines and achieve the targets needed for that period.

5. Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills for productivity

One cannot stress enough the importance of time management skills which are essential to creating productivity goals. Managing your time will enable you to effectively create targets that can be achieved within the allotted time. 

When setting goals, time is a crucial component and must be allocated and regulated to each task carefully. There is an urgent need to proactively manage your time to create productivity goals to achieve desired results. 

If you want to succeed in your career, learn to manage your time efficiently.

6.  Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses

To create productive goals, one must tackle their weaknesses and identify their strengths. If you had to identify your strengths and weaknesses, what would they be? 

Write them down and find ways to combat your weaknesses and improve your strengths. This will enable you to get a better understanding of yourself. Knowledge of oneself is essential to goal setting for productivity. This will allow you to make proactive decisions beneficial to set productivity goals that will advance your career. 

Knowing these strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize them (your weakness can be a weapon, too) is essential in setting productivity goals for a successful career.

7. Reward Yourself For Your Efforts

Reward Yourself For Your Efforts

Everyone can attest to the fact that we all enjoy being rewarded for our efforts. The famous quote, ‘Hard work pays’ is one which should not be regarded lightly. 

The feeling of receiving a reward for your hard work motivates you to put all your effort into succeeding by using the means available to you. The reward does not have to be huge. The satisfaction of receiving an award and the completion of tasks or targets is euphoric. 

Getting a refreshing hot cup of coffee or some sweets you relish after achieving the goals you have set worthwhile. This will motivate you to set productivity goals and successfully achieve them due to the reward you will receive at the end of accomplishing the targets. 

8. Practice 

practice your art and work

Practice makes perfect. This means the more you are consistent at something, the better you become at doing it. The more you keep practicing setting goals or targets, the better you become at creating effective and proficient plans while completing them. 

This will also promote your knowledge and skills, which will enable you to complete tasks on time. This method will take a lot of time and probably money to learn skills and improve upon skills. Still, the result of the practice is what will enable you to create productivity goals that are beneficial to your career and general well-being as a person. 


Setting productivity goals is crucial towards our development into becoming successful people. Acquiring knowledge and skills are essential to reaching our targets or desires. A successful career, project, task, or shopping list can be attained or executed when creating productivity goals suitable for the task, project, or career.

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