Consistency is keen becoming productive, without consistency there cannot be growth. This article will take you through the formula for consistent growth which leads to productivity.

Productivity is commonly known as output per hour in science. It is obviously everyone’s goal to see results whenever a task or duty is performed.  Imagine a student without good grades after writing a paper or you working out for a month without any positive result?  

It would not be accepted. Parents expect their children to excel after schooling. Likewise, teachers are eager to receive good grades from students whom they taught. Basically, productivity cuts across all aspects people expect to see the outcome after putting in the effort, it’s organic and expected.  

1. Understand The Concept Of Growth 

Consistent growth must be understood and appreciated as procedural and a lifelong process. It does not come out of the blue; it has to be well planned and consciously adhered to things. John Maxwell said ‘growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will be better’- goals can be seasonal but growth is a lifelong process, it’s keen individuals prepare themselves for the whole productivity they are expecting.


Consistent growth is going to challenge you to change your status- quo, ideology and perceptions about particular issues. You must understand what you are going for and be willing to embrace the necessary adjustment when it comes. 

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 2. Be Intentional

To become productive, it is very important that you are purposeful in that approach, plans must be put in place, initiatives, as well as activities, are taken to the willingness to take the risk for the sake of becoming efficient.


The individual must be growth conscious about the set aim. The story of Multimedia group limited is a result of intentionality, the company began with just one radio station in a time when the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation was the talk of the day but with planned effort and mechanism the company can boast of more than five radio stations and television stations across the country with huge followings. This came as a result of conscious planning.


3. Appreciate The Process 

John Maxwell made a profound statement that happiness is growth that cannot be overemphasized. The attitude of constantly growing must be elating, exciting and an expected willingness to come back even in the face of misfortune. 

Whether the process is smoother than imagined it is important to applaud the little efforts toward that growth. Picture learning a new language be it French or Spanish without any motivation. How would you muster the courage to continue when you fail? A positive attitude even in the midst of uncertainty will help individuals in their pressing time to have a reason to be encouraged. 

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According to the Forbes report on things successful people do it was highlighted that all successful people are willing to fail in order to eventually succeed. They know it does not come easy however they are bound to fail more than they are will succeed at anything.


4. Set Aside Time 

One formula to meaningful growth is to dedicate time and effort to the cause. It’s one thing to know and another to have to make it happen, this will demand adequate plan, commitment, and a large time frame to work towards such. 

This will move the task from just speculating into writing down the specific timing and then meeting the target. Since it’s a long term goal, the time should be open to accommodate all circumstances. 

Research shows that if you spend a minimum of an hour every day on developing or learning a skill for a year, you will see results. That is called consistent and timely growth, try it and see. Benjamin Disraeli said that the secret of success is the consistency of purpose and this comes with a specific timeline and level of commitment. 

Businesses need time to thrive and prove their worth of growth and productivity, growth takes time and only time can teach us something by John Maxwell. 

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5. Grow

The more you are going through the process the more you learn that there is more you need to know and this comes with the attitude of resilience, open- mind and humility. 

It takes these virtues and many more of course to understand that consistency is not limited to only one school of thought or the other rather there are more ventures to learn what you want to grow in better. 

You must be willing to ask, admit your weakness as well learn to overcome them. That way you are not just assuming you know it all. Remember knowledge does not emanate from one person or source. 


There is no laid down approach for consistency in growth; rather, the little effort you put into a skill or anything you want to do plus making your mind for it will help you become productive in every endeavour you set yourself on. 

“The height that great men reached was not attained by a sudden flight but as their compatriots slept were toiling up in the evening. There is a price to pay if you want to grow to be productive in any area and that is a big sacrifice.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

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